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Notifications module of Booknetic. Multi-purpose Appointment Booking Plugin For Wordpress.


With the Booknetic plugin, you can send email notifications about any actions to your customers and staff. You can set the title and content of these email notifications with specific keywords as you want.

email notifications booknetic

You have to set each option individually for Customers and Staff. Firstly, you need to activate the action with the Switch button in front of it in the tab of staff or customer accordingly. If you want to send notifications to both customers and staff, fill in the subject and body separately for staff and customers.
If you would like to send a test notification, you can send it to your email address in the opened window after clicking on the SEND TEST EMAIL button.

You can send email notifications in actions with the Booknetic plugin:

  • New Appointment - When a customer adds a new appointment;
  • Appointment rescheduled - When the time or date of appointment is changed by the manager;
  • Appointment approved - When the manager confirms an appointment;
  • Appointment pending - It is used for sending notifications for pending appointments;
  • Appointment rejected - When an appointment is rejected by the manager;
  • Appointment canceled - When an appointment is canceled by the manager;
  • Reminder before the appointment - Used to remind your customers about an appointment by sending a notification before the appointment;
  • Reminder after the appointment - You can send a notification to your customers after the appointment is over;
  • Access to Customer Panel - With the help of this notification action, a user is created for your customers, and the password is sent to your customer's email address.

Notification Tabs

With the help of the Notification Tabs feature, you can send specific notifications to your customers and staff according to staff, service, and location. You need to create a new tab by entering Notifications and clicking the green plus sign.

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After creating the tab, this tab will appear in the Notifications section, and you will be able to send individual notifications from this tab. The notifications you create in these tabs will be sent only to the service, staff, location you selected.

Also, if your site is multilanguage, you can send notifications to your customers in the language your site uses. If you select a specific language while creating the tab, this notification will be sent if your customer uses that language.

email notifications booknetic