SMS Notifications

SMS Notifications


How to Set up Twilio Integration in Booknetic Appointment Booking Plugin

To set up the Twilio integration in the Booknetic Appointment Booking plugin, you will first need to register from Twilio. You can reach the Twilio registration page by clicking this link.

On the Project page after registration, click Explore Products and select Phone numbers from Super network.

On this page, you first need to specify which country you want to obtain the number from. For example, numbers belonging to the USA are available at the price of 1$ per month.

After selecting the number to buy, click on the Buy button.

Copy the number you purchased from Twilio and paste it together with API Credentials to the Booknetic General Settings > Integrations settings > SMS Twilio.

How to Buy SMS Notifications Add-on in Booknetic?

Step 1: Click on Booknetic

Click on Booknetic

Step 2: Go to Boostore

Go to Boostore

Step 3: Write the name of the add-on to search bar

Write the name of the add-on to search bar

Step 4: Click add to cart

Click add to cart