Customer Panel

Customer Panel

Add-on: 29.00$

The Customer Panel feature is an essential tool that allows your customers to manage their appointments and profiles with ease. With the Front-End Customer Panel, your customers can create profiles, make changes to their profiles, reschedule, cancel, and delete appointments.

Enabling the Customer Panel is simple - all you need to do is add the [booknetic-cp] shortcode to the page where you want to configure the customer panel, and enable the option in the Booknetic settings. Once set up, you can customize the authority level of your customers and determine what actions they can take regarding their appointments.

The Customer Panel also allows you to create a new workflow to send notifications to your customers whenever a new account is created. With this feature, you can easily manage your customer accounts and send them a random password to log in to the Customer Panel.

By using the Customer Panel, your customers can manage their appointments and accounts independently, giving them more control over their bookings. This can lead to higher customer satisfaction and increased trust in your business.

Overall, the Customer Panel feature is a must-have for businesses looking to streamline their appointment management process and provide a more personalized experience for their customers. Try it out today and see the difference it can make for your business!