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Wordpress appointment booking plugin


Booknetic is best appointment scheduling plugin for WordPress that allows customization and automation of online bookings. Through comprehensive booking forms and payment gateways, WordPress appointment scheduling plugin helps to boost occupancy and enhance customer service.

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robot You automate your business online

By using Booknetic, you will be able to fully automate your business online. You accept online bookings, automate sms, email notifications, reminders, and digger integrations to automate processes.

union You will save your time and money

By using Booknetic, you can automate processes and get rid of the tasks you will have to do manually. In addition, your booking system will be open to your customers 7/24 online.

database You gather your customer database

Your customer base will be collected in the Booknetic system, and you will be able to search for the customer you want in this database at any time through a wide range of filters, export the database, and so on.

report You will receive a detailed report of your booking

With the wide-ranging report module, you will be able to watch your business, sales report online, and make comparisons.

Why Booknetic

Booknetic appointment plugin works like

Feature will make your designs shine in a new light! Create full presentations using the Slides feature or quickly annotate and mark up your design using the Markup tools.

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Key features of the Plugin

Feature will make your designs shine in a new light! Create full presentations using the Slides feature or quickly annotate and mark up your design using the Markup tools.

Fully customizable booking widget

Fully customizable booking widget

The booking widget is the top layer of the funnel to turn leads into customers. Booknetic’s modern and user-friendly UI\UX enables you to customize booking widgets based on the requirements of your business. The information in the booking widget is classified into different groups. You are free to reorder the steps, disable needless ones.

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Dedicated admin dashboard with modern UI\UX

Dedicated admin dashboard with modern UI\UX

Plus to the appearance of the booking widget, the appointment plugin for WordPress has a separate back-end dashboard dedicated to the staff and the management. Zero-level code implementation will not distract busy staff members and the administrative team from their main tasks. Well-designed structure and intuitive UI/UX will add a SaaS feel to your software.

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Reporting module

Reporting module

Booknetic appointment scheduler’s extensive reporting module and multi-layer filtering capacity allow you to validate the effectiveness and position of your business. By running a comparative analysis, you can differentiate business accomplishments based on location, staff, or services. This will help you to weigh up the most fulfilling services, define the best performing staff, and spot the lacking areas.

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Form builder

Form builder

Finding the right fit clients is no more a problem! Booknetic plugin appointment booking allows you to request clients to fill in the information you need to know. Built-in form builder enables you to remove unnecessary fields that make the scheduling process complicated and keep the ones that are necessary for your business. With the help of drag&drop technology, you can design different booking forms specific to each of your services.

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Unlimited operations

Unlimited operations

Everything is unlimited with the best WordPress plugin for booking appointments! Yes, you heard it right! Using Booketic, you can add as many services, locations, employees as you want. Throughout the years, you can increase the number of service categories, add new locations to the line without any hassle. This gives professionals endless opportunities to widen their services, grow their business with a lifetime investment.

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What customers say about us


These guys deserve a huge pat on the back. I've tried other social media sharing plugins for WordPress, but none of them are as easy to use or provide as many social media sharing options as FS Poster. I share WP posts to 11 different accounts automatically, including 2 x FB and 2 x LinkedIn shares. It took a few weeks to get my LinkedIn Profile and Company pages both working, but the level of support I received was simply outstanding. Just when I thought it was never going to happen (and I suspect them too) - it finally worked. Great job. Deserves six stars.


Just install and connect your social media accounts. Very fast and convenient. All settings are already made in advance. I had a question and support responded within half an hour or so - I didn't expect it to be so fast. The plugin is very convenient and easy. I like it.


Listen, If you are looking for something to manage your social media stuff... YOU NEED THIS PLUGIN. Seriously, some of the best support I have come across on Code Canyon. I message for some help and sure enough, I receive TRUE support. This plugin is one I've been searching for, for years. Does all I need it to do, and more. Buy the plugin and support this developer.


Hello everybody, If I could rate this plugin 10 stars over 5 I would... I was formerly using one of the monthly fee payment sites to schedule my posts and I paid a lot for that until I saw FS poster which is a cheaper and a better option for any kind of social marketing. I recommend it to everybody. Thanks a lot for this wonderful plugin and rocket fast support. Don't even try the other similar plugins. This is the one !!!


The plugin is simply magnificent, light fluid and does its job better than you could think of. the documentation is perfect, thanks to it I created for the first time a facebook app that has been approved and works perfectly. the support is kind and prepared. I am convinced that this is the best plugin for social sharing, and if they continue with this support I believe it will remain so for future years. congratulations to the developers continue like this


I recommend it, it is one of the best plugins to automate publicity that I know in the market, has a complete and easy documentation, explains step by step everything you need to be able to connect to social networks. Quality support always responds quickly and accurately. strongly recommend


I LOVE this plugin (and the quick support received from fs-code). We use this with Woocommerce and an inventory of around 600 in-stock products and this plugin saves us so much time by just putting it on 'auto' and letting it post away. The author even implemented the option to only post in-stock items within a week of asking if this was a possibility - brilliant and thank you :D


I have tested and bought a lot of theme and plugins from my 50 wordpress websites...And trust me, FS poster is one of the most amazing. I was stuck with SNAP social networks not working with facebook, poor support,...and i waited 3 years to test another plugin...which was FS composer. And i was shocked to see how design and easy it was compared to my old plugin. Great job from the developpers ! Congratulations guys !


This is by far the best plugin for posting to social media groups. Not only does it post to Facebook pages but it posts to groups too. Something most of the other plugins can't do. The interface is very easy to use and setting up the post schedules etc is a doddle. Of course this posts to all the other social media platforms and I have no doubt the setup and functioning of the plugin will be just as good as the Facebook option is. Before I end this I would just like to mention the support. Support is seven days a week with tickets being answered on a weekend. You can't ask for more. Also at this price, it really is a solid investment. Five stars all day long and a big well done to the team. Fantastic plugin :-)


Designed for the modern techs

notification SMS, Email, WhatsApp notification.

By using Booknetic's 2-sided synchronization with Google calendar, you will be able to easily synchronize your views with 2-sided. Your booking will automatically move to the google calendar. In the same way, the times you are busy on the Google calendar will be busy on the booknetic calendar, and customers will not be able to book for this time.

google-calendar Google calendar 2way sync

By using Booknetic's 2-sided synchronization with Google calendar, you will be able to easily synchronize your views with 2-sided. Your booking will automatically move to the google calendar. In the same way, the times you are busy on the Google calendar will be busy on the booknetic calendar, and customers will not be able to book for this time.

payment Payment gateways

The booknetic system has native integration into Paypal, Stripe and Square payment gateways. In the same way, you can get your payments through local payment. In addition, by using woocommerce integration, you will have integrated booknet into 99% of payment gateways around the world.

zoom Zoom integration

By using Booknetic's zoom integration, you will be able to fully automate your online appointments. You can read more about Zoom integration here.

Business types

Booknetic is suitable for which business types?

Gym, Sport and Fitness sport
Medical and Healthy heart
Beauty & wellness beauty
Spa salons spa
Repair centers repair
Private salons salon
Personal services personal-service
Educationals education
Consultations consultation

Questions & Answers

I have some difficulties related to the plugin. What should I do? plus

Feel free to contact our support team, if you need any assistance related to Booknetic. Our support team answers within a working day. If you are lucky, you will even get an answer within a few hours.

Please check the following before you create a ticket:

- Make sure you are running the latest version of the plugin and the latest version of WordPress;

- Check our Documentation for the answer to your question;

- Disable any additional 3rd party plugins you may be using to see if it fixes the issue. Mainly, issues happen because some other plugins do not release updates, and it arises plugin conflicts on the website.

What Does Support Include?

Our support includes help to use the plugin correctly, configuration, and any bug fixes that may arise. Unfortunately, we cannot provide support for customization or 3rd party plugins. If you need help with the customization of your plugin, then you should look for a developer.

How can I move the plugin to my new domain? plus

Please note that when you activate the plugin in a new domain, your data may be lost. That's why you need to backup your Booknetic data first. To move the plugin to a new domain:

  • Go to Settings to Export Booknetic data;
  • Go to WordPress > Plugins menu;
  • Deactivate the Booknetic plugin on the current website;
  • Delete the plugin;
  • Reinstall the plugin on your new website;
  • Then Import the Booknetic data back.

Can I translate the plugin? plus

You can translate the booking form using the built-in feature, visual translator. You can also translate the plugin back-end using any free translator plugins.

How can customers register? plus

For creating usernames and passwords for your customers, you will need to get SMS or Email Notifications.

When you enable the Access to Customer Panel notification action, this action will send Username and Password to your Customers. There are two shortcodes. {customer_panel_url}, {customer_panel_password}

The first one is for the URL of your Customer Panel. The second one is the randomly generated password for their username.

Once they log in to their account with the password that is automatically generated by the system, they can change their password. Also, their email will be their username. So, please keep the email tab as a required field at the Booking panel. Your customer can log into the system using the WordPress login page.

I have a suggestion related to the plugin. plus

You can add your suggestions to our suggestion system. We first add the most elected suggestions to the plugin. If you add your email, you will receive a notification when the suggestion is added.

Is the license for a limited time or a lifetime? plus

The license is for a lifetime, and we provide lifetime updates with 6-month free support from our support team for technical issues. You will be able to get updates and use the plugin forever.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to create a ticket on the support system. Our support team will help you as soon as possible.

Does Booknetic support WordPress multisite? plus

The plugin does not support WordPress multisite; however, you can use the SaaS version for the same purpose.

For using the plugin as a multisite, you need to use the Extended version. You install the Saas version on one website. After that, when people register on your website, people have a subdirectory on your website. They can also add a booking panel to their own website with an iframe code.

How can I extend my support period? plus

Please go to CodeCanyon/downloads page to extend your support for the Booknetic plugin

How many websites can I install the plugin on using a license? plus

A license can be installed on a website. You need to buy a license for each domain you want. It is an Envato policy, and we cannot change it. Envato provides licenses.

Booknetic License Type

How to get a discount? plus

We do not have the opportunity to give a discount to our customers individually. However, Envato provides discount campaigns for special occasions from time to time, and you can buy the plugin with a discount when there is a discount campaign.

What is the difference between Booknetic and Booknetic SaaS? plus

If you want to use the plugin for commercial purposes like creating a platform and earning money using the plugin, you need to buy the SaaS version by purchasing the extended license of the plugin. If you need to use the plugin for only a single client or yourself, you need to buy the regular license.

Demo SaaS Admin

Demo SaaS Tenant

Demo Booknetic

You can also check the Video tutorial.

Click the drop-down button to select the extended license. When you activate the plugin with the extended license, the SaaS version will be available for you.

Booknetic Extended License

What customers say

Talks about the Booknetic

Feature will make your designs shine in a new light! Create full presentations using the Slides feature or quickly annotate and mark up your design using the Markup tools.

Wordpress appointment booking plugin

Booknetic is a simple yet powerful plugin for accepting online bookings & payments on your WordPress site.

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