Wordpress Appointment Booking Plugin with Taxes feature

Wordpress Appointment Booking Plugin with Taxes feature

Add-on: 29.00$

Looking to simplify tax management for your business? With Booknetic's Taxes add-on, you can easily add taxes to your services and streamline your invoicing process.

Our Taxes feature lets you create custom tax rates based on your country's requirements. For instance, in Germany, taxes are known as MwSt. and set at 19%. With Booknetic, you can add this percentage to the price of your service and accurately calculate your total earnings.

What's more, you can apply taxes to specific locations and services with ease. Simply set a filter and our system will automatically apply taxes only to the selected services and locations. No more manual calculations or mistakes!

If you need to add multiple taxes to a single service, Booknetic has got you covered. Our flexible system allows you to assign multiple taxes to a single service, so you can ensure accurate tax calculations for each service you offer.

With the {appointment_tax_amount} keyword, you can easily display the total tax amount on invoices, Google Calendar events, Workflow actions, WooCommerce order descriptions, and more. This makes it easier for you to keep track of your taxes and ensure compliance with local regulations.

Say goodbye to the headache of manual tax calculations and start managing your taxes with ease. Get started with Booknetic's Taxes add-on today!