Custom Appointment Statuses

Custom Appointment Statuses

Add-on: 29.00$

With Booknetic's Custom Appointment Statuses add-on, you can now create custom appointment statuses that are tailored to your business needs. No longer are you limited to the four default appointment statuses, as you can now create new ones that are more specific and relevant to your services.

This functionality provides a number of benefits for your business. For one, you can more easily track the progress of your appointments, as you can create statuses such as "Pending Payment," "In Progress," or "Completed." This allows you to easily see where each appointment stands in the process, and take appropriate action if needed.

In addition, you can use custom appointment statuses to communicate better with your clients. You can create a status such as "Waiting for Client Response" to let your clients know that you are waiting for their input before moving forward with the appointment. This helps to keep the lines of communication open and can lead to better client satisfaction.

Moreover, you can customize the icons and colors of your appointment statuses, making them easy to recognize and understand. This visual aspect can help you and your clients quickly identify the status of each appointment without having to read through long descriptions.

Finally, you can also choose whether a custom status occupies a time slot on your calendar, which can be useful for showing when you are unavailable for other appointments or bookings. This feature helps to optimize your schedule and reduce double bookings or scheduling conflicts.

Overall, the Custom Appointment Statuses add-on is a powerful tool that can help streamline your appointment management process, enhance client communication, and improve your overall business efficiency.