Mollie Payment Gateway Feature for Booknetic

Mollie Payment Gateway Feature for Booknetic

Add-on: 19.00$

Booknetic offers the Mollie payment gateway integration, which is a popular payment system in Europe known for its simplicity and reliability. Mollie provides a wide range of payment options, making it an excellent choice for businesses with customers worldwide.

Integrating Mollie into your Booknetic system is a simple process. You need to go to General Settings › Payment settings › Payment methods and enable the Mollie payment gateway option. After enabling the option, you will need to enter your Mollie account information.

Once Mollie is integrated into your system, your customers can choose from a variety of payment options to make payments for their appointments. After completing the payment, the system will automatically record their appointments.

Booknetic's Mollie integration also allows you to set specific payment methods for specific services, providing a tailored payment experience for your customers.

Using Mollie as your payment gateway can help you expand your business globally and provide a reliable payment option for your customers. With Booknetic's Mollie integration, you can manage your online payments with ease while providing a high level of security and convenience.