Local Payment Feature for Booknetic

Local Payment Feature for Booknetic

Booknetic offers a unique payment option that allows your customers to pay in cash for their appointments or services. This payment method is ideal for businesses that have customers who prefer to pay in cash and do not have access to online payment options.

With Booknetic's local payment method, you can expand your customer base and cater to a wider audience. Offering cash payments can help build trust with customers who may be wary of online payment options or prefer to handle transactions in-person.

The local payment method is also ideal for businesses that provide services in areas where internet connectivity may be limited or unreliable. By offering a reliable cash payment option, you can ensure that your customers can make payments even when online payment systems are not available.

To enable the local payment method in your Booknetic system, you need to go to General Settings › Payment settings › Payment methods and enable the local payment option. After enabling the option, you can set it as the default payment method or use it for specific services.

With Booknetic's local payment method, you can offer your customers a convenient payment option that suits their preferences. Whether they prefer to pay in cash or online, you can provide a seamless payment experience that helps build trust and loyalty with your customers.