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Email settings

In order for email notifications to work properly, you must first set up correctly.

Two methods are used for sending email notifications: WordPress Mail and SMTP

The most preferred of these is WordPress Mail because there is no need to make any settings. If you just add [email protected] to the email section, it will work without any problems. This method cannot be used on servers that do not support PHP Mail.

The other method is SMTP. Booknetic supports SMTP for sending e-mails. If you type in your own SMTP information, emails will be sent via your SMTP. Our plugin works with all SMTPs, but it is recommended to use Gmail SMTP for this.

How to set up Gmail SMTP?

If PHP Mail is not running on your site and you do not have a dedicated SMTP, but still have to send email notifications, you can reach your goal with Gmail SMTP.

For this, you must first log in to your Gmail account and enter the Settings section.

Then you need to come to the Forwarding and POP / IMAP section and activate IMAP and then save the settings.

It's almost done, next step is to go to your Google account and enable Less secure app access from Security settings.

After making all the settings, you need to go back to Booknetic, select SMTP from Email Settings and write your own information according to the picture.

Gmail SMTP Settings:

SMTP Hostname: smtp.gmail.com

SMTP Port: 465

SMTP Secure: SSL

Username: [email protected]

Password: yourpassword

Sender E-mail: [email protected]