Continue with Facebook button

Continue with Facebook button. Multi-purpose Appointment Booking Plugin For WordPress.

  1. Go to Facebook for Developers
  2. Click on the Create App button.
  3. Select the “Consumer” option and click on the Continue buttonContinue with Facebook button
  4. Type “App Display Name” ( e,g. Booknetic APP ) and click on the Create App buttonContinue with Facebook
  5. The APP will be created, and you will be directed to the APP dashboard automatically. After that, you must click the Set Up button from the Facebook login part.Continue with Facebook button
  6. You will see a new Facebook Login menu that has been added to the list on the left menu. Go to the Settings menu, which is the sub-men
  7. Enter Redirect URI from Valid OAuth Redirect URIs part and click to ENTER button. You can copy Redirect URI from Booknetic > Settings > Integrations > Continue with Facebook section. Click to Save Changes button for saving information. 
  8. After all of these, you need to go to Settings > Basic settings menu
  9. Enter the URLs of the Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and User data deletion pages of your website to the proper sections. Also, the app domain must be written without www and https.
  10. Switch to the Live mode from the Development mode.
  11. Next, you need to copy API credentials and paste them to Booknetic > Settings > Integrations > Continue with Facebook