Installing Booknetic

Installing Booknetic. Multi-purpose Appointment Booking Plugin For Wordpress.


To install the Booknetic WordPress appointment plugin, please follow the below steps:

1. Download the plugin files from Codecanyon Downloads. If you download a zip file of plugin and license information, you need to extract the zip file and install the file included in it. Or download the plugin installation file to install the plugin without extracting the zip file.

2. Log in to WordPress with the admin user and go to Plugins > Add new menu. Click on the Upload Plugin button and choose the file.

wordpress dashboard

3. Click on the Install Now button.

4. Booknetic will be displayed on the left menu. Click it to open the plugin activation page.

5. Enter your Purchase Code (How to get your purchase code?), type where you found us and your email address, and click the Install button.

Activate Booknetic plugin

6. After installing the plugin, you will first place the Booking panel on any part of your website. You can edit the page and use the [booknetic] shortcode or click the + button to choose the Booking panel.

activation booknetic

7. When you enter the page where you added the Booking panel, you will see that the booking panel is placed without any problems. But the installation of the plugin is not over yet.

booknetic documentation

8. For your Booking panel to start doing its job, you need to set Working Hours, Location, and Staff. Let's start with working hours first. You can set working hours suitable for each service and staff. You can also set general working hours for your business. To do this, we go to the Settings > BusinessHours tab.

appointment booking plugin

9. Then, you need to go to the Location tab and add a new location for your service.

booking appointment

10. The next step you need to do after adding a location is to add a new service. To do this, you need to go to the Services tab to create a category.

appointment booking

After adding a category, the next step is to create a new service under this category.

appointment booking

Service name, price, and duration are important when adding a service.

add service appointment

11. After successfully adding the service, all that remains is to add a Staff. For this, you need to go to the Staff tab and add a new Staff. When adding Staff, you must assign this Staff to the location and service you created.

add stuff appointment

Everything is ready! The booking panel is ready for you to use and is waiting for your orders!

appointment setup