Taxes Settings



Taxes are used in almost all countries in the world. And it may be different for each country. For example in Germany, the taxes are called MwSt. and the value is 19%. You can add this percentage to the price of your service. Our brand-new Taxes add-on allows this functionality.

With the Taxes add-on, you can create Taxes and set the location and service filter to them. Thus, this Tax will be applied only to the selected locations, services. If you do not select a location or service filter, then the tax will be applied for all services, locations.

Also, it is possible to create multiple Taxes and assign them to a single service. For example, in some situations, the service you are providing can request another tax fee.

Thus, both of these taxes will be applied to the total price.

There is also a keyword for this feature and by using this keyword, you can show the total Tax fee on the Workflow actions, Invoices, Google Calendar event, WooCommerce order description, etc. - {appointment_tax_amount}

How to Buy Taxes Add-on?

Step 1: Click on Booknetic

Click on Booknetic

Step 2: Go to Boostore

Go to Boostore

Step 3: Write the name of the add-on to search bar

Write the name of the add-on to search bar

Step 4: Click add to cart