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Payments settings


Here you can choose the currency used by your business.
Default value: USD ($)

Currency format

You can specify the currency format. There are 4 type of currency formats:
 - $100
 - $ 100
 - 100$
 - 100 $

Default value: $100

Price number format

You can specify the Price number format with these settings. There are 4 types of formats:
 - 45 000.00
 - 45,000.00
 - 45 000,00
 - 45.000,00

Default value: 45 000.00

Price number of decimals

From here you can specify how much price will be rounded after comma. If you only need full prices - no need for new rounding, you can do this with the option.
Default value: 100.00 ( 2 decimals)

Local payment

You can disable this option if you do not want to show Local Payments option to the customers when booking.
Default value: Enabled.