Twilio SMS verification

OTP verification


Welcome to the documentation for the OTP SMS Verification add-on, a robust security feature designed to enhance the security of your booking process using the Twilio Verify service. This documentation will guide you through the setup process, explaining how to integrate and configure the OTP SMS Verification feature seamlessly into your Booknetic plugin.

Before you begin the installation process, ensure you have the following:

  • A Twilio account that is upgraded to a paid plan.
  • OTP SMS Verification add-on installed on your Booknetic.


Once the add-on is activated, follow these steps to configure the OTP SMS Verification feature:

  1. Log in to your Twilio Console.
  2. Navigate to Develop > User Authentication & Identity > Verify
  3. Navigate to Verify > Services > Create new service
  4. Obtain your Twilio Account SID, Auth Token, Service SID, and Twilio phone number.
  5. Go to Booknetic > Settings.
  6. Navigate to Integration settings > Twilio SMS Verification.
  7. Enable the "SMS Verification" option.
  8. Enter your Twilio API credentials, including the Account SID, Auth Token, Service SID and the Twilio phone number.
  9. Save the changes.