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Reports in the Booknetic

It is easier to analyze your business with the help of the Reports feature. You can now make a more detailed analysis with the four charts. These charts are the following:

Reports by the number of appointments:With the help of this chart, you can see what days you accept more appointments, how many appointments you receive on specific days, and you can make comparisons according to the report.

Reports by appointment earnings:With the help of this chart, you can see what days you earned more, how much you earned and make comparisons according to the report.

Most earning locations:What locations made more money, and the income from locations will be shown here.

Most earning staffs:A useful feature to view information such as what staff earned the most income, what staff earned a lot, how much a staff earned. This is also a nice feature to determine the employee of the months.

Also, you can see the weekly, and monthly reports together with daily reports.

Service, location, and staff filters can be applied to see the exact information on graphs.

WordPress Appointment Booking Plugin

Booknetic is a simple yet powerful plugin for accepting online bookings & payments on your WordPress site.

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