Holidays settings

Holidays settings of Booknetic. Multi-purpose Appointment Booking Plugin For Wordpress.


Some days may be non-working days for your business during the year, and it is not intended to accept appointments on these days. If you accept an appointment for the day you are not working, this will have a negative impact on your company because you will have to call your customer and let them know that you are not available for that day. However, this problem is no longer a problem with the Holidays feature available in the Booknetic Appointment Booking plugin.

You can set any day as Holiday in the plugin. This will affect the company in general, and all your locations, services, and staff will not accept appointments for the day you specify.

If you want to set it only for specific staff and not the whole business, it is possible to do this with Booknetic. For this, you need to edit the staff profile, enter the Holidays tab from the menu above, and set the desired day as Holiday in the same way. Thus, the staff you have specified will not be able to accept any appointment for the day you have set.