SaaS version is available!

Integrating Zoom to Booknetic SaaS

To use Zoom integration in the SaaS version, you need to create a new App in the Zoom App Marketplace.

After creating the App and registering the relevant IDs and tokens in the Super Admin Panel, the registered Tenants and their staff will be able to authenticate Zoom on your website to automate their online meetings.

Please note that Zoom testers strictly test every application created in Zoom App Marketplaces.

When your App is approved, it will be listed on the home page of the App Marketplace.

Follow the steps below to create an App on the Zoom Marketplace:

- Go to the Zoom App Marketplace and login with your account;

- Click the Develop button in the upper right corner and select Build App from the drop-down menu;

Integrating Zoom to Booknetic SaaS

- You will be asked to choose the type of App. In this step, select the OAuth type and click the Create button;

Integrating Zoom to Booknetic SaaS

- In the popup, type the name of your App and select the Account-level App option;

Integrating Zoom to Booknetic SaaS

- Copy the Redirect URL or Whitelist URL in the Super Admin panel by going to Settings > Integrations settings > Zoom;

Integrating Zoom to Booknetic SaaS

- Select an image for your App, enter the Redirect URL and the Whitelist URL;

Integrating Zoom to Booknetic SaaS- Then copy the Client ID and Client Secret provided for the Development and paste it in the appropriate inputs in the Settings > Integration settings > Zoom and save changes;

Integrating Zoom to Booknetic SaaS

- The Meeting topic and Meeting description fields must be filled in as well;

- Go to the Information step and fill in all the information about your company and service as required;

Integrating Zoom to Booknetic SaaS

- In the Installing Your App section, select the "Visit site to install" option;

Integrating Zoom to Booknetic SaaS

- Proceed to the next Features step. No action is required in this step, and continue to the Scopes step;

- You need to search and select the following three scopes:




Integrating Zoom to Booknetic SaaS

- No action is required in the Local Test section. Continue to the last Submit stage;

- Enter your domain name and download the verifyzoom.html file provided to you;

- And upload the file to the document root of the site;

Integrating Zoom to Booknetic SaaS

- Make sure you have uploaded the file to the right place by going to the URL. This is a sample URL: https://YOUR_DOMAIN/verifyzoom.html

- When everything is ready, click the Validate button. If you do everything right, you will see the green Validated message;

- Copy the text below and paste it to the "2. Provide release notes for the app reviewer" section:

Hello. We have an online Appointment booking system (SaaS system), and we want to integrate it into Zoom. As a result, a meeting will be automatically created on the Zoom platform for customers who make online reservations from our Booking system. A copy of the meeting URL will be sent to the customer and the other copy to the Vendor's email address.
As a result, our platform will provide automatic online meetings between vendors and their clients in a very convenient way.
We give you the URL of our system. You can log in and test how it works.
Once logged in, go to Settings> General settings> Integration with Zoom and CLICK TO CONNECT ZOOM ACCOUNT. And you'll be automatically redirected to Zoom to authorize with your Zoom account. After a successful authorization process, you will be returned to Settings, and here you have the chance to Deauthorize at any time.

- Then, you need to make sure that the Zoom testers will easily test the plugin. To do this, register and activate one private Tenant for the Zoom testers. Ensure the Zoom integration permission in the Settings so that the tester can visually witness how the Zoom integration works. After creating the Tenant and giving the necessary permissions, provide credentials for Zoom Testers in the "3. Test account and credentials" section;

- Finally, confirm the Zoom Agreements by ticking the checkbox and click the Submit button.

Integrating Zoom to Booknetic SaaS

The review of the App might take up to 7 working days on average. Once the App is approved, you will receive an email notification. This time, you will go to the App, copy the Production credentials, the Client API, and the Client Secret to paste them into the dedicated inputs in the Super Admin panel Settings > Integrations Settings > Zoom.

Integrating Zoom to Booknetic SaaS