What is a Booking Plugin? The Best Booking Plugin for Every Business

Author: Saritel Abbaszade
Saritel Abbaszade February 23, 2022
What is a Booking Plugin? The Best Booking Plugin for Every Business

So what`s a booking plugin? 

Maybe you are wondering what`s a booking plugin. We had to call and make a reservation for ourselves years ago when we decided to go to the restaurant. We had to call and pick the date and time by telephone to go to the gym or dentist. Everything has changed now. We can use the website to make appointments. In this phase, booking plugins assist us. We'll install them and start using them on our WordPress website.

What are the advantages of booking plugins?

There are many advantages of online booking software that help businesses to scale their operations and increase revenue. How?

You can make reservations any time you want as a customer. You may not have time to make reservations during business hours. Appointments may be taken at night or early in the morning. Perhaps you may like to change the date and time of your reservation. You will be able to do it with this online booking system.

As a company owner, you can quickly install and use the plugin. Your workers will be focused on their jobs. You're not going to recruit an extra person to answer customer calls. While making reservations, clients will pay online. So you're not going to care about the bills. Such plugins will allow your company to expand. One of these plugins is Booknetic. Booknetic has several features, and we're going to talk about them.

How to choose the best booking plugin?

It's hard to choose the right plugin for your company sometimes. You might think it's just a calendar form. But not all of the plugins would be sufficient for your business. You have to look for the most appropriate one for you and find it. So our blog could support you if you're in the decision process. We discussed below the significant features of the appointment booking app you need to look at:

Which features must your booking plugin have? Here are they:

  • Your calendar must have a customizable design- Each business attaches importance to choosing the right look and color for its clients to communicate correctly. It will make an essential contribution to your company to select the correct color, and incorrect color tones can be damaging.
  • The plugin has to have a mobile-friendly interface- Most people now use their cell phones the entire day. These individuals want to do it all on the phone. They want to make online appointments by phone, too. That is why the interface of the plugin has to be mobile-friendly.
  • You are able to easily set up and operate- The process of installation and configuration must be quick. Not everybody has time for a particular plugin course. For instance, Booknetic has a straightforward installation process. Everyone can do it so quickly.
  • The plugin must be suitable for various kinds of companies- There are many forms of companies that use online booking systems. All those companies have a different booking process. So, for all operations, the plugin must be suitable. For dentist appointments, barber reservations, and so on, Booknetic is suitable.
  • Pick a plugin that has 24/7 support- This plugin feature is so critical. You do your job at night or early in the morning, for instance, and you have some plugin issues. You can solve this problem with support.  You can get 24/7 support if your plugin has these features.
  • A plugin that has a notification system of SMS and email- The notification system, including email and SMS, has to be in your plugin. It is necessary to send before and after an appointment. You should send an email to clients before the meeting. Booknetic has a notification feature for emails. You will be able to send emails about new promotions to your customers.
  • Accepts the payment systems of WooCommerce and Paypal. WooCommerce is one of the world's best performing websites for eCommerce. The large number of online payment systems used in the world are not available in all regions. But since WooCommerce has spread widely across the globe, each nation has WooCommerce compatible platforms. Additionally, for billing and taxing clients, it is useful to increase WooCommerce sales. Paypal is also a famous form of payment. So if your plugin makes these payment methods, it gives customers a great user experience. Booknetic supports both of these types of payment. This is one of the reasons you should give Booknetic a try.
  • The plugin requires reminders- As a business, you want your clients to remember their appointments. But not everyone now notes their appointment somewhere. So in your plugin, you need the reminder system.
  • A plugin that allows appointments for groups- You and your cousins, for instance, must be ready for your cousins' wedding and want to go to the salon together. You'll want to make group appointments in the salon this time. Not all plugins have these features. But Booknetic has this capability. You can easily and quickly make online group appointments.
  • Pick the plugin that enables you to select several locations- The key to multiple location management is to ensure that everything is exchanged continuously across the entire enterprise. This ensures that no-one is behind on actual data and provides a feeling of togetherness. You can connect various personnel and resources to each location with this multiple locations feature. When your customers make an online appointment, they should order from your nearest distributor first.

There are very few plugins for WordPress that have all these features. One of them is Booknetic. That's what makes Booknetic a great scheduling app.

So, are there any other plugins that have a lot of functionality? Yes. Let`s see what the best appointment plugins are.

The best 14 appointment booking WordPress plugins

  1. Booknetic

As we said Booknetic is one of the best plugins for online booking appointments. This plugin is easy to install and start using it. The Booknetic WordPress appointment plugin has a lot of features. For example, by using this plugin you will have an easy admin panel.  You will 24/7 customer support system. Because you don't know when you're going to need customer support. Booknetic is suitable for every type of business. Booknetic has a lifetime payment plan. Learn about the benefits of the plan and choose the best one for your business. See our demo version and Booknetic will be the perfect choice for you.

  1. Bookly PRO

The plugin Bookly has both free and paid versions. The free plugin is a simple booking tool, but online purchases and an unlimited number of staff users don't get support. For more features, you have to pay extra money for this plugin.

It has a unique look on the backend and frontend, and without learning any code, you can customize several areas of the booking form. With the plugin's functionality and style, both beginners and advanced users will use it easily.

  1. Amelia

For hospitals, fitness centers, barbershops, and other organizations that want guests to book in-person appointments, Amelia is the ideal plugin. You can use Amelia to fully automate the online assignment booking instead of paying employees to deal with this job, which reduces overall costs and reduces possible errors. We have an in-depth comparison of Amelia vs Booknetic you may want to check.

Amelia is also quick to use and install, and you will be able to get your tasks up in no more than three taps.

  1. Book Appointment Online Pro

This plugin is mobile-friendly. It has useful features, including PayPal integration, SMS channels, and email updates. For regular working hour shifts, this plugin also allows you to accommodate two separate schedules and enables users to access and edit their appointments online.

  1. Calendarista

Another reliable appointment plugin is Calendarista. In booking versatility, one of the places where Calendarista succeeds is. Clients can book single dates, start/end times, and multiple dates. You can also set switch times, making this an excellent rental option.

You could have different confirmation times, for instance. It also has several other travel-specific characteristics, allowing individuals with pre-determined departure points and seasonal rates to book packages.

  1. LatePoint

Another famous appointment booking plugin is LatePoint. Its new, smooth front-end booking interface is one thing that stands out about this plugin. It has a very slick system that everything occurs inside a user-friendly popup, requiring no page reloads.

  1. Booked

Another famous appointment reservation plugin is Booked. There are no large differences in features that make Booked stand out from some of the other alternatives on this list. However, it has a nice-looking interface, so you may prefer how it looks to some of the other choices. Another useful feature is that the employees can create a front-end area to handle their incoming appointments.

  1. Easy!Appointments

Easy! Appointments are available in more than 21 languages and are designed for mobile devices. An appointment is a plugin that enables you to use an HTML code to embed calendars and forms into your WordPress pages and posts.

You can set the appropriate days and hours for customers to book, and the appointments will automatically connect to your Google Calendar.

  1. Online Booking & Scheduling Calendar for WordPress by vCita

VCita's Online Booking & Scheduling Calendar for WordPress allows organizations of any size to take online bookings and payments 24/7 from one unified dashboard and control their calendar, customers, and staff. With vCita, visitors can book one-on-one appointments or community activities and lessons on your site. Using PayPal, they can also make safe payments online.

  1. WP Simple Booking Calendar

The WP Simple Booking Calendar is simple. Any WordPress user can build and add a flexible calendar to their site in a couple of moments. You may use a widget or shortcode to add the calendar to a post or blog. Although this reservation calendar is ideal for holiday rentals, you can use it to display the availability of a room, workplace, tools, and more.

You can keep track of what days are open and what days are booked on your admin panel and add details for your bookings.

  1. Booking Calendar

With the Booking Calendar, customers can check the calendar's availability, make reservations for particular days, or focus on specific dates and times for properties and services available. If you activate and configure integrations with famous payment gateways, they may also pay online for their appointments.

The admin panel helps you to monitor your appointments quickly. The Booking Calendar allows site administrators to manually accept or deny charges, set up email alerts for new assignments, and use various criteria to filter and sort reservations.

  1. Team Booking

The Team Booking includes several functionalities comparable to the market's best alternatives. This solution offers three built-in formats, one with a daily booking calendar for frontend bookings, another for unscheduled services, and a third for upcoming Google Calendar update events. The calendars are modern in their design, and for adding multiple fields, the form builder is flexible.

  1. Simply Schedule Appointments

Simply Schedule Appointments is designed to provide a convenient way for WordPress sites to add and control their scheduling of online appointments. This is reflected in their interactive setup wizard, which takes you less than five minutes to prepare your booking form and put it on your website.

Besides, all of their versions integrate with famous page builders, enabling WordPress users to drag-and-drop and design and customize their reservation form to fit their website.

  1. Start Booking

Start Booking is a popular WordPress-integrable scheduling program. You can add a calendar to your WordPress website with this program, so visitors can book an appointment by choosing the available time. Visitors will also view their reservation details and carry out simple actions such as checking in, adding notes, or trying to cancel.


Online booking plugins have many different features. We have listed the best features you can look for in the plugin. Check if it has these functions before buying the plugin. That's because you don't want to make a mistake.

You may ask, "Which plugin is suitable for me?" after reading this list. Since there are many possibilities, it isn't easy to make decisions.

You must compare various solutions based on your customers' needs and the workflow of your team to select the right tool for your business. Any of the plugins above can streamline your online appointment process. You have to search a lot if you are a company owner and want to find the right plugin. You need to have more plugin information, and then you can compare and choose the best one. We believe that our article in this process will be helpful.

Check out Booknetic if you want a quick and fast solution to optimize your booking process.

Perhaps you are curious about what makes Booknetic a great scheduling app. The unique features of Booknetic make it an essential plugin. There are several different opportunities for all companies to use this plugin on their WordPress website.

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