How to Increase WooCommerce Sales?

Author: Natella Zadeh
Natella Zadeh March 30, 2022
How to Increase WooCommerce Sales?

Wherever you stand in your business, you always have to try new ways to increase WooCommerce sales. To evaluate the state of your sales, you have to analyze your sales records, track current sales and marketing strategies.

Even if everything goes smoothly, you still have to in search of better sales strategies. Developing a sales and marketing plan for a WooCommerce store is quite challenging. You have to go through several stages of growth, pick different plans for each phase of development, create different buyer personas, and re-adjust marketing plans accordingly.

To make this process easier, we brought old-gold sales tips with the latest tricks to covert more users and increase sales in WooCommerce.

15 ways to increase WooCommerce sales

1. Chose suitable WooCommerce themes

The front page of your store has a huge impact on how users perceive and interact with it. If you are using a random theme you find on the internet, it is less likely to attract visitors. There are various top-notch affordable WordPress themes you can use for your store. If you can afford it, look for quality WooCommerce themes that are compatible with eCommerce website design.

If you want more customization for your product type you can hire designers.

2. Improve product images

Continuing with the above idea, the quality of product images is a crucial factor in a purchase decision. Think about your shopping experience where you were suspicious about the product for poor-quality images.

Product photos can make or break your WooCommerce store. If you cannot afford professional photographs, you can try mockups. For consumer products or apparel industries, we highly recommend having a budget for professional photography.

When we look at the success story of the Airbnb vacation website, its growth started when the company invested in professional photographs. The quality of the images indicated the credibility of rentals and also the site itself.

3. Discounts and coupon 

Discounts and coupons are old sales trick that still works in today’s commerce. They are effective to bring new customers and retain existing ones.

The best thing about coupon campaigns is that they have full control of the campaign management. You can define specific customer segments, the percentage of the discount, and set a timeframe. With holiday discounts, you have a limited time because of the purpose.

There are lots of discounts offers you can use for your online store. Plus to price and percentage discounts for single products, you can create bundle discounts to increase WooCommerce sales. Bundle discounts are generally offered for products that are complementary products or not frequently purchased. But these campaigns can be different depending on the product type, margins generated for each product.

To increase the attractiveness of these campaigns you can add a WooCommerce on-sale badge to products. Setting up live sales notifications for WooCommerce you can attract customers to offers on the site and intrigue them to purchase.

4. Flash sales

A sense of urgency triggers purchase decisions. In flash sales, users can see the number of available stock going down or the time left for the campaign over. This makes potential users act faster and do not forget the item they were interested in.

You can add sale countdown timer WooCommcerce plugins to make urgency visible to users.

5. Upsells and cross-selling 

Cross-selling and upselling are popular WooCommerce sale boosters for new products. You can use these techniques as part of bulk sales or bundle discounts.

Marketers usually launch cross-selling for complimentary products where they invite customers to purchase related products necessary for the use of the purchased product. While upselling is encouraging customers to purchase supplementary products such as higher-end alternatives to the one in question.

Using WooCommcer sales boost plugins will encourage users to stay on the store and increase its profits. Large eCommerce platforms offer ads solutions to sellers. eCommerce ads motivate users to purchase decisions.

6. Leverage special events or commercial holidays

While it is challenging to ignite users to make a purchase on regular days. during holiday seasons buyers are more inclined to purchase by themselves. Commercial holidays are massive scale sales events that take place during certain times of year Early spring, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday has become WooCommerce sales boosters for sellers.

Since customers face a variety of special offers from different sellers with reasonable prices, they become more motivated to buy. But to shine among massive sellers, you have to be creative with your offers and their marketing.

Plus to popular dates, you can launch store-level sales events such as launch birthdays, brand-specific days, campaigns post thousandth or millionth sales to keep customers in the purchase loop.

7. Send gifts

Gifts are powerful tools to keep visitors purchasing from you. They increase the average cart value (also known as average order value) for merchants. Average value order is a ratio of gross sales (including revenue, upsells, cross sells) to the number of purchases made by customers. An increase in AOV strongly correlates with an increase in profits.

Gift campaigns can be coupled up with other sales strategies to solidify their impact or sent alone.

8. Offer free shipping

It is a classic to use free chipping to increase sales in WooCommerce. You can decide the use case of free shipping from product categories, purchase order of users, limited to a purchase volume.

We also recommend using this tip for each first order. This stimulates buyers to stay in the store, explore alternative goods, and increase your customer base.

9. Send abandoned cart emails

Customer retention is as important as customer acquisition in eCommerce. Abandonment reminder emails are the most low-cost way of bringing back interested customers.

Yet to convince users to turn back and finish their purchases reminder messages should have the right sequence of follow-ups and content. It is difficult to monetize the emails from the first attempt. Design a sequence of emails with the final discount offer for profitable results.

You cannot be crappy or pushy with the content. These emails have to be catchy visuals and compelling content to land the readers on the sakes page.

10. Sell Services

Offering online services as products along with your other products will provide you extra leverage. A lot of online product vendors need to sell custom or bespoke products to customers. Woo Sell services plugin from Wbcom Designs allows you to add a new product type services. Create your custom product with prerequisite questions, and after order, placement chat with the customer to fulfill requirements. Keep ahead of competitors by offering custom products.

11. Send personalized emails and newsletters

Speaking of email marketing, it is still a powerful communication channel between brands and customers. But to get emails opened, it is vital they are designed for customer target groups. To boost email open rates, you have to segment your email lists, write compelling subject lines, schedule for the right time.

Bombarding customers with irrelevant offers and wrong timing, you may end up with customers unsubscribing from your emails or the spam box.

Plus to open rates, you need to design email and newsletter campaigns that convert. The email body should contain content based on the purchase history of receivers and their interests. Coupled with attractive visuals and strong CTAs, you can expect an increase in WooCommerce sales.

12. Connect your store to social media 

increase woocommerce sales social media

Yes, you need to be active on social media if you want to increase WooCommerce sales organically. With people spending most of their leisure and working time on social media, it became an integral part of eCommerce sales. According to Sprout Social, 80% of customers are likely to purchase if they are familiar with the brand. And 65% shopped after seeing the brand on social media.

Connecting social media pages with your WooCommerce store will help to increase traffic and make the conversion process much smoother.

The idea of promoting products on social media gained a new dimension with direct shopping channels on social platforms. Networks like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest provide enormous opportunities for sellers to sell their products.

13. Leverage User-Generated Content 

While it can be difficult to gain customersÉ™ trust as a brand, you can easily achieve this with the help of your users. People seeing the experience of product user give them credibility about your products. Promoting your products used and shared by customers in a real environment will encourage potential customers and interested people to try your product.

This is a much more subtle and authentic way to increase sales in WooCommerce rather than social media or PPC ads. Integrating UGC into your marketing strategy enables you to create an online community around your store or brand.

14. Create referral programs 

Another way to ignite existing customers to try your products and recommend them is referral programs. Also called affiliate marketing in recent years, it incentivizes customers to share a word about your store.

This works on the basis that an affiliate earns a commission for each sale brought by her \ his marketing efforts. To make this trackable for both sides, you can create a custom URL for each affiliate link. Affiliate marketing is also popular among WordPress plugins, themes, and tech products in general.

15. Mention customer-centric points

If you equip your product details with user benefits in the descriptions users will be more interested to buy. The benefits that will help customers to meet their needs will encourage them to buy. This tip is suitable for tech products or consumer goods. Not all users are aware of the technical specifications.

In the apparel industry or art & craft, jewelry stores, it wouldn’t suit to mention the benefits of products in the product description.

16. Run surveys 

Surveys are a 1:1 communication channel where you can learn the opinions of each interested customer. They help to increase WooCommerce sales by detecting gaps and areas for improvement. Collecting customer feedback makes you a step closer to customers and data-driven business decisions.

Bottom line

WooCommerce is becoming a more popular platform for starting an eCommerce business. Whether you are opening a new shop or want to increase your sales, you need to match fight tools with relevant marketing strategies. You need to spare a budget for PPC ads and other paid marketing channels to increase WooCommcer sales. On top of that, you have to align organic sales strategies to boost sales.

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