13 Exceptional Yoga Studio Management Software to Use in 2023

Author: Vusal
Vusal October 04, 2023
13 Exceptional Yoga Studio Management Software to Use in 2023

Doing Yoga is a relaxing, mind-clearing process. Managing a Yoga Studio, on the other side, is everything but relaxing. There is constant stress involved in the day-to-day management, as well as keeping long-term stability. If you have come to this point while operating your yoga studio, you need some outside help.

At this point, yoga studio management software comes to help. They offer tailored solutions to your unique problems. But how do you know which one is better?

We will help you exactly with that. You will learn 13 yoga studio management plugins that will significantly change they way you will do your business.

But first of all, lets answer the most important question of all.

What Makes a Good Yoga Studio Management Software?

When we dive into the world of Yoga Studio Software, it's essential to distinguish between the ordinary and the exceptional. So, what sets top-tier yoga class management software apart?


Firstly, it’s their capability to be a holistic Online Yoga Studio Management system, integrating functions like membership solutions, studio booking systems, and yoga business administration seamlessly.


Furthermore, exceptional software should prioritize user experience, offering a mobile-friendly design, secure data processing, and customizable options tailored to a studio's unique needs.


Additionally, a superior Yoga Studio Management Software should be scalable, adapting to the growth of your studio, whether you're just starting out or expanding to multiple locations.

Customer support

It should also offer robust customer support, ensuring that any issues or queries are addressed promptly, allowing studio owners to focus on their core business.


With the increasing threats in the digital world, a good yoga studio management platform should prioritize the security of both the studio's and the clients' data.

The right software can help yoga studio owners achieve balance, harmony, and ease in their business.

Top 13 Yoga Studio Management Software

what distinguishes each of the yoga studio management software

Here are our top picks for this category:

  1. Booknetic - Best overall
  2. Acuity Scheduling - Second best overall
  3. Square Appointments - Best for Square customers
  4. Studio Bookings - Best for management at a glance
  5. SimplyBook.me - Best for e-commerce integration
  6. Timely - Best for ease of use
  7. Mindbody - Best for planning and forecasting
  8. Noterry - Best for personalization options
  9. Zenoti - Best for managing growth
  10. Gymcatch - Best for Yoga livestream lessons
  11. Arbox - Best for on-the-go management
  12. Glofox - Best for community management
  13. WellnessLiving - Best for e-commerce tracking

Let’s explore each of them more in-depth.

1. Booknetic


Booknetic offers a comprehensive digital solution tailored for yoga entrepreneurs, streamlining bookings and payments. Its intuitive design and advanced analytics make it a top choice for those in the wellness industry.


  • Comprehensive studio booking and scheduling
  • Integrated dashboard
  • Accept payments through Stripe, PayPal, Square, Mollie, and Razorpay
  • Zoom, and Google Calendar integrations
  • Receive notifications through Telegram, WhatsApp, email, and SMS.
  • Group and recurring booking options
  • Provides features like coupons, gift cards, custom email templates


  • Intuitive design with stellar user experience
  • Advanced data analytics tailored for the wellness industry
  • Secure and robust software integrations


  • Requires a brief learning curve for beginners


  • $79 one-time payment for lifetime access

Unique Selling Point: It’s the perfect blend of business growth tools and mindfulness studio software, while also automating studio management with powerful workflow.

2. Acuity Scheduling


Acuity Scheduling provides an all-encompassing solution for yoga businesses, from appointment bookings to inventory management. Its user-friendly interface and sustainable practices make it a standout in the industry.


  • Seamless appointment booking for yoga studios
  • Inventory management for fitness facilities
  • Offers workflow automation to streamline scheduling processes and save time
  • Clients can easily cancel and reschedule appointments themselves
  • Supports trusted payment processors, invoices, and multiple payment options
  • Conversion tracking and analytics


  • Dynamic studio software for both holistic health centers and larger chains
  • Sustainable practices ensuring a green footprint
  • User-friendly interface with top-notch studio software security measures


  • Limited customization options
  • Geared more towards advanced users


  • Emerging - $20 per month
  • Growth - $34 per month
  • Powerhouse - $61 per month

Unique Selling Point: Acuity Scheduling is easy to use, easy to learn, and even easier to manage.

3. Square Appointments


Square Appointments emphasizes simplicity while offering a robust set of features for appointment scheduling and payment processing. Its cloud-based system ensures easy access and efficient management for yoga studio owners.


  • Offers web-based appointment scheduling software and an app to simplify your day.
  • Efficient customer staff management for studios
  • Supports various payment methods, including contactless and chip payments
  • Can integrate with other Square products and popular third-party apps like Wix, QuickBooks, and JotForm to meet your specific business needs


  • An inclusive system suitable for beginners and seasoned yoga studio owners alike
  • Streamlined operations ensuring optimal time management
  • Cloud-based management, making remote access a breeze


  • Limited to a few third-party integrations
  • Slightly rigid in design customization


  • Free
  • Plus - $29 per month
  • Premium - $69 per month

Unique Selling Point: Square Appointments has a strict balance between user-friendliness and feature richness, making it an optimal choice for those aiming for efficiency and simplicity.

4. Studio Bookings

Studio Bookings

Catering to the modern yoga studio owner, Studio Bookings offers dynamic online management capabilities and efficient class registration. Its mobile app ensures that studio management can be done on the go.


  • Dynamic Online Yoga Studio Management capabilities
  • Streamlined class registration and studio booking systems
  • Organize member profiles and types for easy sorting and filtering
  • Optional email alerts such as Birthday reminders, Class Cancellations, and more
  • Generate reports to track studio progress
  • Individual staff accounts and logins


  • Efficient mobile apps for yoga businesses
  • Customizable options making it suitable for both small studios and large chains
  • Encourages sustainable practices in the wellness domain


  • Interface might appear overwhelming for some users
  • Limited marketing tools


  • Depends on how many instructors you have. Starts from $25 for 1 instructor.

Unique Selling Point: Studio Bookings is specifically made for studio management. It also has a mobile app to manage on the go.

5. SimplyBook.me


SimplyBook.me stands out with its versatile online booking system and integrations with popular platforms. Its robust system and excellent customer support make it a favorite among yoga instructors.


  •  Offers a versatile online booking system suitable for various service-based yoga instructors
  • Supports online payments and deposits through various payment processors like PayPal and Stripe
  • Integrations with Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, WordPress, and other CMS systems.
  • Visual templates or booking widgets to match your company's branding


  • A robust system backed with excellent customer support
  • Offers invaluable insights through data analytics for the wellness industry
  • Streamlined operations through efficient studio software integrations


  • Slightly pricier for start-ups
  • Might have a steeper learning curve for beginners


  • Free
  • Basic - $8.25 per month
  • Standard - $24.9 per month
  • Premium - $49.9 per month
  • Premium Plus - $82.5 per month

Unique Selling Point: SimplyBook.me offers e-commerce integrations, as well as quality customer support.

6. Timely


Timely offers an intuitive interface that makes booking as smooth as a yoga session. Its cloud-based management and CRM system make client communication and booking a breeze.


  • Allows you to monitor project budgets, hours, and activities in real-time
  • In-built CRM for enhancing client communication in fitness studios
  • Integrated payment processing tailored for yoga studios
  • Offers native integrations and open APIs


  • Offers an intuitive interface, making it user-friendly for both yoga instructors and clients
  • Cloud-based management ensuring real-time updates and ease of access
  • Emphasizes mobile-friendly solutions, allowing bookings on-the-go


  • Might be a bit limited in terms of marketing integrations
  • Might feel basic for those looking for robust data analytics


  • Starter - $11 per month
  • Premium - $20 per month
  • Unlimited - $28 per month

Unique Selling Point: Timely offers a CRM system, which makes it easier to manage communications with customers while also serving them what they need

7. Mindbody


Mindbody is a holistic solution that efficiently manages schedules and provides a suite of marketing tools for yoga studios. Its vast functionalities and top-tier user experience make it a leader in the industry.


  • Helps businesses manage their schedules efficiently
  • Provides a suite of marketing tools to attract and engage new clients
  • Offers reporting and analytics capabilities, helping businesses track their performance, client bookings, and other key metrics
  • Features for managing staff, such as payroll and other human-resource-related functions


  • Offers top-tier yoga studio software user experience
  • Rich in features promoting digital transformation in wellness
  • Offers ROI insights for yoga studios


  • Might be on the pricier side for smaller studios
  • Can be overwhelming for beginners due to its vast functionalities


  • You should contact them to get their quotes, pricing options are not available directly.

Unique Selling Point: Mindbody is a holistic solution from management to forecasting.

8. Noterro


Noterro streamlines yoga operations with its unique personalization options and efficient financial transaction management. Its integrations with popular platforms like Mailchimp make it a comprehensive solution for yoga studios.


  • Manages accounts receivable and financial transactions
  • Assists in dealing with insurance-related matters
  • Generates various reports for management and analysis.
  • Integrates with Mailchimp for email marketing
  • Allows data export to Quickbooks and Xero


  • Streamlines yoga operations with its user-friendly interface
  • Offers unique innovations in yoga studio tech
  • Provides solutions with a focus on customer retention in fitness


  • Slightly limited in terms of marketing tools
  • The interface may require a brief learning curve


  • $25 per month

Unique Selling Point: Noterro differs with its wide range of personalization options

9. Zenoti


Zenoti offers a harmonious blend of tranquility and technology, providing tools for appointment scheduling and employee management. Its user-centric design and sustainable practices make it a top choice for yoga studios.


  • Enables yoga studios to schedule and manage appointments
  • Provides tools to manage employee-related tasks and needs
  • Manages employees, inventory, customer acquisition, and integrates payments across all channels
  • Transforms business data into actionable insights


  • Prioritizes user experience, ensuring seamless studio software integrations
  • Packed with tools for yoga studio software customization
  • Emphasizes sustainable practices in wellness


  • Might be slightly pricey for smaller studios
  • Requires a bit of time to fully explore its vast functionalities


  • Pricing varies by functionality and the number of licenses you purchase.

Unique Selling Point: Zenoti’s is best suitable for small and medium Yoga studios, offering them a way of easy communication with customers.

10. Gymcatch


Gymcatch offers a simple yet effective solution for studio booking and membership management. Its mobile-friendly solutions and practical analytics make it a go-to for many yoga businesses.


  • Dedicated studio booking and scheduling functionalities
  • Automated wait lists and smart display options maximize attendance and provide clear booking information.
  • In-app direct messaging, business posting, session promotion, and external emailing tools for communication.
  • Businesses can set different drop-in ticket prices, enable multi-buy options, and control access based on groups or custom selections.


  • Simplified user interface making it easy for even beginners
  • Focused on providing mobile-friendly yoga studio solutions
  • Offers practical data analytics for the wellness industry


  • Limited customization options
  • Might lack some advanced marketing tools


  • $10 per month

Unique Selling Point: Gymcatch is extremely easy to use.

11. Arbox


Arbox combines yoga passion with digital precision, offering in-depth business administration modules and integrated SaaS solutions. Its cloud-based management and resources make it a comprehensive solution for growing studios.


  • In-depth yoga business administration modules
  • Integrated SaaS solutions for yoga studios
  • Effective tools for yoga studio marketing strategies


  • Prioritizes customer testimonials, reflecting transparency and trust
  • Offers unique cloud-based management software solutions
  • Comes packed with resources for yoga studio owners


  • The interface might seem complex initially
  • Certain features might be overkill for very small studios


  • Free
  • Basic - $49 per month
  • Standard - $199 per month
  • Professional - $299 per month

 Unique Selling Point: Arbox is a comprehensive and all-round solution. You can buy it and rest assured that it will cover all your needs that can arise as you grow.

12. Glofox


Glofox integrates the traditions of yoga with modern technology, offering solutions suitable for both small studios and large chains. Its regular innovations and top-tier user experience make it a favorite in the yoga tech industry.


  • Streamlined studio software for both small studios and large chains.
  • Glofox offers advanced sales and marketing tools to engage with customers effectively.
  • Provides the option to create a custom-branded mobile app for your yoga business


  • Pioneers in innovations in yoga studio tech
  • Seamlessly integrated solutions for hybrid classes
  • Offers top-tier yoga studio software user experience


  • Might be a tad pricey for smaller studios
  • Certain advanced features might require a learning curve


  • Depends on how many locations you have and the business type.

Unique Selling Point: Glofox innovates regularly. So you can make you follow the latest trends in the tech side of Yoga industry.

13. WellnessLiving


WellnessLiving offers a holistic management experience, complete with tools for studio management and e-commerce solutions for yoga merchandise. Its emphasis on sustainability and in-depth analytics make it a comprehensive digital guru for the yoga business.


  • Easily manage staff schedules, assignments, and tasks
  • A communication tool for interacting with clients and staff
  • You can create and manage digital forms


  • Puts a strong emphasis on sustainable practices in wellness
  • Offers cloud-based management ensuring data safety and ease of access
  • Provides in-depth insights through data analytics for the wellness industry


  • The vast array of features might be overwhelming initially
  • Could be on the steeper side in terms of pricing for startups


  • Starter - $89 per month
  • Basic - $129 per month
  • Business - $159 per month

Unique Selling Point: WellnessLiving includes a e-commerce support from the get-go. So you can offer Yoga practices and operate as a equipment store at the same time.


In the dynamic world of 2023, managing a yoga studio demands more than just passion. It requires the right tools to seamlessly blend ancient practices with modern demands. The right Yoga Studio Management Software does more than just streamline operations; it becomes part of your yoga community.

Whether you're a budding yoga studio owner the software you choose should mirror your studio's values and growth aspirations. Remember, it's not just about managing; it's about elevating your yoga journey and those of your members.

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