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Published On February 24, 2022 , by Natella Zadeh
Best Music Studio Booking Software for Recording Studios

Best Music Studio Booking Software for Recording Studios

By using music studio booking software, you will handle the majority of your task online and have more time and budget for necessary matters.

Manually receiving studio bookings can be a tedious task to keep up with. This does not only impact your thinking but also your ability to efficiently complete administrative tasks. This blog is about improving your recording studio management via record studio software.

What is music studio booking software? 

Music studio booking software provides solutions for recording studios to monitor and receive multiple event types. Automation of manual booking saves your staff from going back and forth with phone calls or emails.

In addition to studio recording scheduling solutions, these tools have client data management solutions. They come helpful to maintain user retention and see the needs of potential clients who called back at some point in the customer journey.

Advanced recording studio booking apps contain other features like payments, notifications, upselling capabilities that directly impact your revenue generation. These features give you more time to effectively manage your studio by using fewer resources.

How does studio scheduling software help to get more bookings?

Depending on the size and volume of client flows, recording studios use different studio scheduling software. While some of them have just a simple booking calendar some offer calendar integrations, customization, management features in the website.

The best software for music studio booking can boost your booking process by providing end-to-end solutions. Here are the 5 benefits of music studio booking software to improve your studio management.

Event types

In a traditional way, you can only add the event title and its description. Those methods did not have customization features for needs specific to music recording studios.

When booking in the music production industry, you must acquire precise information such as the type of event (mixing, recording, revisions, etc.), which studio room is blocked, user assignment, and so on. You are most likely to miss out on a great opportunity if your calendar doesn't include clear data entries about the booking.

While studio scheduling app provides solutions that are specifically made for music professionals. Such features allow you to manage various types of events. You may give the event a title, a description, a type, create reminders, assign users to the events, link the event to a project or contact, and more.

Multiple rooms

Lots of music studio booking software allows you to add multiple rooms to receive different types of recordings. This gives you the flexibility to choose between multiple bookings and easily organize based on rooms and their facilities.

By reviewing your booking calendar, you can see and filter the booked and available rooms.

Booking history 

Using music studio booking software makes it way easier to track your booking history and see their details in one spot. Usually, given on a separate page, the booking history panel displays clients' data, date, and important details about the event type they have booked for.

Best software for music studio booking also lets you view booking details on an individual level. Let’s say you can access clients' profiles or room settings to track their booking history in separate form from the general studio booking history.


Many booking solution providers have 3rd part integrations to simplify the booking process. Mobile compatibility ensures the timeless use of a recording studio booking app. Your customers can schedule events, view their calendars, or make payments on every device.

Also, you can check your studio booking, confirm or cancel events on a laptop or phone.

Automated billing

Music studio booking software enables you to automate the payment processes within the booking process. Whenever you receive a booking, you can determine their payment method as on-site or through payment cards.

8 Best Scheduling Software for Music Studio Recording

1. Booknetic 

booknetic appointment booking plugin

Booknetic is a multi-purpose WordPress appointment booking plugin with comprehensive features. As music studio booking software, it lets you customize your booking panel with color codes and adjustable booking panels.

Its customer relations management feature stores client history along with their booked services and payment details, and visit frequency.

Coupled with online payments and an extensive list of notifications, Booknetic provides a fully automated booking system. By streamlining PayPal, Stripe, Mollie, WooCommerce payments, you can securely receive online payments, chare deposit payments.

While notifications can be sent through Telegram. WhatsApp, Email, or SMS to staff and clients. Individual booking calendars and staff profiles will make your employees love Booknetic. Overall, functionality lets your music recording studio save time and cost of repetitive tasks and migrate resources for more productive fields.

Price: you can get Booknetic at a $79 one-time payment for all features and future updates. With its 5-star customer support, you will get answers to all your questions and queries on time.

2. Simplifythis

simplifythis music studio scheduling software

Simplifythis is a scheduling tool developed for a variety of businesses. Its scheduling capability can be utilized for music studio recordings, events, or classes. Record studio scheduler gives you tools to fill in your calendar, reduce no-shows, and get paid on time.

Google Calendar Sync helps to connect your booking calendar with existing booking channels. You can put the booking widget on your site to make book studio time online for users.

With its personal account feature, your clients or student can access their booking history, review invoices & payments, and also download them. The account management page easily integrates with your site. You or your webmaster can easily match it with your website style.

Its calendar allows you to maintain separate calendars for each staff and also create multiple schedules for effective dates. With its packaging and bundling feature, you can set up campaigns and determine dates for certain events.

Simplifythis is also a recording studio booking app for mobile devices. Additionally, notifications and email templates are also available with this music studio booking software.

Price: Simplifythis comes with a three-tier pricing plan. The cheapest subscription costs $18 monthly payment per two staff.

3. Omnify

omnify music studio scheduling software

Omnify is an all-in-one booking system for managing businesses. You can integrate its online booking system into your website. It allows you to host events, one-time or recurring classes, workshops, webinars from a booking calendar.

With the attendance manager, you can check-in attendees, reschedule, view customer information for mobile or laptop.

Its reporting tool lets you build your reports. By connecting with over 100+ analytics tools, it lets you track bookings, registrations, and payments more deeply. It supports reliable payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Razorpay to receive online payments for events.

Price: It has 4 different subscription plans. The cheapest SoloPreneur plan, you can either pay $49 per month or $490 per year for a single price.

4. MotoPress Appointment Booking


This studio scheduling software comes in handy to manage online appointments and embed a mobile-friendly booking widget into your WordPress website. You can assign individual services to different staff members, add multiple locations, enable deposit online payments, and accept online (Paypal, Stripe) & offline payments.

The plugin allows you to set flexible staff schedules and include breaks, days off, and holidays there. What’s more, there are new Appointment Manager and Appointment Employee user roles. Booking details will be available in a calendar view. It’s possible to edit existing bookings and sync appointments with an employee’s Google Calendar.

Clients will be able to add multiple services to the cart at one go. It takes a few clicks to provide discounts for them via coupon codes.

Price: WordPress Scheduler plugin by MotoPress has a free version available at (has a limited toolkit). The premium version costs $59 for use on a single site and $199 for use on unlimited sites.

5. Bookly Pro

 bookly pro studio scheduling software

Bookly Pro is another WordPress booking plugin for a range of businesses. A friendly booking panel can be accessed on any device and browser. Its music booking solutions help reduce the hassle of going back and forth between client calls and messages.

Its customizable booking form can be designed for your music studio style. Also, it lets you filter, sort, and import your booking lists.

With Google Calendar Sync, booking events in your Bookly calendar automatically sync with Google Calendar. Which alternatively reflects all events in your calendar. Using its built-in analytics, you can gain booking statistics.

The plugin allows you to add unlimited service and staff with their individual booking calendars. Importable and exportable customer base lits along with their payment and other details.

Price: Bookly Pro offers $89 for full services along with 6-month customer support.


midas music studio scheduling software.

MIDAS provides full solutions to recording studios to facilitate bookings. With bookable time slots, you can take booking requests from customers.

Embeddable calendars let you attach your monthly calendar to your website. You can display your available rooms, upcoming events in the public calendar and get bookings directly from there.

The integrated invoicing feature lets you invoice clients, send via emails, set fees for cancellations within scheduling software. Notifications can be enabled to notify staff about bookings or over the course of resource usage.

In case, you further need to access your data, MIDAS has a data backup system. It automatically creates a backup for every day. You can either store them on the server or choose to receive them via email.

The multi-database ensures to add multiple locations, lots of staff, and service types to the system. Plus, it has color-coded calendars to distinguish events, services, or staff from each other.

Price: MIDAS has two distinct subscription plans. Cloud Hosted system costs $31 per month. While Self Hosted system costs $659 one-time payment.

7. GigaBook

gigabook studio scheduling software

GigaBook is another appointment booking software with record studio scheduling solutions. Its code structure is compatible with WordPress websites, SquareSpace, Weebly, GigaBook is supplied with all necessary solutions required for music studio booking software.

A free booking page can be used for appointment scheduling and client rescheduling. It allows you to customize bookings for your business. You can enable group bookings, manage client entries, add multiple locations based on the size of your music studio.

There are also different SMS notifications and custom reminders for clients and staff. Dynamic pricing feature lets you put different price packages for various services.

By using its Open API, you can connect your unique features with the scheduler. To-do lists, downloadable reports, project management solutions are also available in this studio scheduling software.

Price: GigaBook has two different pricing packages. In a solo plan, you can pay $15 on monthly basis. If you add extra staff or extra resources you will pay an additional $8 for every extra unit. The offered solutions are also different in these plans. The solo account includes basic features like scheduling, calendar, or notifications. While the second plan has more business and project management tools.

8. Skedda

skedda studio scheduling software

Skedda is a space scheduling software for academic labs, consulting rooms, coworking spaces, meeting rooms, desk booking, and other similar fields. It lets your customers self-schedule their appointments and pay for the use of services.

It has 4 different booking calendar views: daily, monthly, grid, and list view. According to the calendar view type, you can see running types of information about the events including their names, grouping similar events, filter bookings, and more.

As a recording studio booking app, it lets your users easily access the scheduling panel on any device. Skedda has multiple sign-in options such as Twitter, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and SAML SSO.

With Stripe integration, you can securely accept online payments for recordings. Also, it lets you set automation rules for your service usage and also manage user interaction with the system.

Price: There are three pricing plans each with different feature coverage. The best part is, you can use a 14-day free trial before purchasing the product.

Bottom line

Managing a music recording studio can be a real challenge. You have to keep eye on studio assets, available rooms, customer bookings to keep efficiency in management. While studio scheduling tools can solve most of your trouble.

These tools fit client management, reminders, staff management, and payment solutions into a booking scheduler software. Each of the mentioned tools here offers practical ways to simplify your studio bookings. Depending on the price feature bundle, you can go with one.

Tell us which music studio booking software was your favorite.

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