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Mar 02, 2021

The Best Booking and Appointment Plugin for Gym and Fitness Studios in 2021

Saritel Abbaszade
Saritel Abbaszade Author
The Best Booking and Appointment Plugin for Gym and Fitness Studios in 2021

The best style for your WordPress website is not enough to attract attention to your fitness center. You need plugins that can boost the site and add proper functionality to it. Booknetic is one of the best booking and appointment plugins for gym and fitness studios in 2021. Such plugins will make it easier to control your website and improve the management of your company. By providing more benefits to your current customers, plugins will help convert guests to your fitness site.

There are several plugins you can add to your WordPress website. However, a WordPress booking plugin would be beneficial for your workout center. This online scheduler helps your clients to schedule appointments from your website. They will order your services by filing an online booking application. The request form will store the bookings in a calendar app or the site’s archive. Besides, you can configure the booking form to meet the demands of your company.

best appointment plugin for gym

Your WordPress booking system should have functionality that will give your clients and visitors value to your site. It should be mobile-friendly. Because most online users access the internet from their smartphones, your clients can conveniently arrange an appointment. Also, they will visit the site using laptops.

Use a scheduling system that will accept clients’ bookings for schedules accessible on your personalized booking form. It will help you to complete the appointments within office hours and minimize the rescheduling of appointments. Your booking system will also send instant updates to your clients when you approve their bookings.

Booknetic plugin is an excellent WordPress scheduling plugin that will boost the booking system of your workout studio. This plugin simplifies service books online, enabling consumers to schedule appointments with ease. It would be best to go for the regular or SAAS version to handle your scheduling schedule, customer base, and resources.

Advantages of Booknetic WordPress Plugin for Scheduling 

WordPress scheduling plugin is beneficial for service providers such as exercise studios and fitness centers. Via the appointment plugin, consumers will plan and request services. However, you can configure the booking form to improve the scheduling process for your customers. You can also change its appearance to fit that of your site. Booknetic has a lot of advantages and it’s the best booking and appointment plugin for gym and fitness studios.

Here are the reasons why workout studios require the Booknetic WordPress plugin for scheduling:

  • Simple to use

The installation of the WordPress booking plugin doesn’t need coding expertise. You can conveniently set up the appointment plugin on your WordPress website. Besides, your clients and guests to your site can easily arrange an appointment using the WordPress booking system. When you approve a booking, the device immediately attaches it to your Appointment Booking Calendar.

  • Adaptability

The WordPress plugin for booking will smoothly handle your schedule as your company expands. A rise in the customer base won’t change the performance of the scheduling scheme.

  • Ease of making appointments

The Booknetic WordPress plugin for booking increases service book online. Clients will quickly schedule an appointment without personally calling you or any of your staff members. They can use the booking system during each day of the week. Consequently, clients should schedule an appointment at a reasonable time. The booking plugin's responsiveness on digital devices allows the clients to fill the request form with ease. 
Clients have to fill in the appropriate personal information, the requested service, and chosen time and date. They will also pick the team member who will conduct the service.

  • Satisfy basic market requirements

Using the regular or SAAS version of the appointment plugin unlocks additional values. Each version has its specific features. You don't have to pay extra money for add-ons in the Booknetic WordPress plugin. Besides, you can use the Booknetic booking plugin's features to help you find solutions to your company's needs.

booknetic saas

  • Automated alerts

The booking plugin sends email, text, and WhatsApp messages to your clients automatically you accept their requests. It’s best if you also gave them updates to tell them of rescheduled or postponed appointments. The automatic notifications spare you the time you would have wasted on those activities. Also, you can configure the message settings to suit your needs. 
Frees time for execution of other related activities

An online scheduler with a user-friendly admin panel allows you to approve or reschedule appointments. The Booknetic WordPress plugin for booking may pick up tasks associated with arranging a meeting. It also prevents phone calls between the service provider and clients about bookings.

  • Rebook Bookings

A lunch, a date, an impromptu plan with friends, a birthday dinner of a dear one, your anniversary, a work interview – occasions have a way of organizing themselves. In those moments, the gym will be the last thing in their thoughts. Guess how many brownie points you would get if you had the opportunity to rebook your bookings? Of course, you can set how much time before the actual meeting time they can postpone and reschedule.

  • Increases your customer base

The appointment scheduler will turn visits to your website to customers. With the user- and smartphone-friendly booking system, online users can conveniently search for your services. The online scheduler connects new clients directly from your calendar.

A WordPress website will help market the services online. However, adding a WordPress booking plugin will boost the traffic to your site and your client base. It will take up a front desk employee’s duties of making appointments. The Booknetic WordPress booking system is available 24/7. It shows the service provider’s latest schedule to customers, books appointments for them, and sends out updates.

booknetic plugin

You can save money and time by automating the reservation system. Besides handling your schedules, a WordPress plugin for booking will improve your online sales. It will simplify the duties if you have little or no employee. You can start with the regular edition.

Here are some features offered by the regular version of the Booknetic WordPress plugin:

  1. Google Calendar Sync
  2. WooCommerce payment method
  3. Reminders
  4. Deposit payments
  5. Responsive and customizable design
  6. Multiple locations
  7. Manageable calendar, etc.

Install and trigger the Booknetic WordPress plugin to schedule your website to ease your tasks and improve your company. If you are looking for the right plugin for your gym Booknetic is the best booking and appointment plugin for you.

Final Thoughts

Digital looks fancy and easy, but sometimes it is the simplest thing for a client to pick up the phone and plan a gym visit. What do you do in that case? Establish some way of holding the log? And then find a way to combine the two?

Of course not! Inside the plugin itself, you will manually add bookings, and they will match up with the rest of your automatically created bookings from the online system. This makes management infinitely smoother when everything falls into this one booking box on the dashboard. Anyone, no matter if they are in the middle of shifts or have only started on their first day at the workplace, can navigate reasonably quickly.

Moving to the Booknetic WordPress booking system like this often makes handovers much easier. You don’t have to wait for the workers to get used to keeping track of these things manually: almost all of the work will be done by the plugin. It would be best to educate them on how to use it or ask them to read through each object on the paperwork. 
Check the demo version of Booknetic’s regular version. SAAS version’s demo is available too.

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