How to Choose Your WordPress Appointment and Booking Plugin?

Author: Saritel Abbaszade
Saritel Abbaszade March 27, 2021
How to Choose Your WordPress Appointment and Booking Plugin?

If you're wondering how to choose a WordPress appointment booking plugin that meets your needs, this article could save you hours of searching the internet. Let's start by suggesting that selecting the best WordPress booking plugin can be difficult if you don't have a good view of the basic needs that this plugin can address. There are hundreds of different appointment booking plugins for WordPress on the market today; the real difficulty is finding out which ones are the perfect choice for your company.

how to choose appointment booking plugin

Why use the WordPress appointment booking plugin?

WordPress appointment booking plugins can help you increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Sales are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year

Adding a booking system and Book a Call button to a website makes availability and reservations available 24/7. Knowing that many people love browsing and making meetings outside of the typical 9-5 day, an online booking system's simplicity will minimize complexity and raise the number of bookings.

  • Increased Productivity

Customers who need to verify availability to schedule an appointment can make fewer phone calls if online bookings are open. As the number of bookings increases, worker time on the phone decreases, allowing workers (or company owners) to do more during their transition. Accepting purchases online also reduces the need for in-person sales, simplifying processes even more.

  • Customer satisfaction is critical

Customers who are pleased and fulfilled are most likely to return. Customer loyalty rises as the availability screening and booking process is made more comfortable for them. Customers who are happy and pleased are more likely to invest more money. Customers are more likely to make additional transactions at a higher level as their loyalty increases.

  • Easier Administration

If you use a WordPress booking plugin that integrates a schedule, such as Google Calendar or iCalendar, your life becomes even easier to handle. 
For the utmost versatility, online calendar incorporation helps you to search, schedule, and handle your time more effectively from anywhere at any time.

Identifying the actual "scheduling" needs

It can go without saying that the first step in exploring and choosing a WordPress booking plugin is to identify your current needs and goals. There are several WordPress booking plugins available, but you can start by looking for appropriate ones for your business model.

In this post, we'll look at WordPress booking plugins designed to help you handle your "appointment scheduling" needs. If you have a company where you offer clients services on an appointment basis, you can restrict your quest to plugins that are explicitly designed to achieve this goal.

This form of WordPress booking plugin may be helpful for businesses like the ones mentioned below:

  1. Hair Salons
  2. Barbershops and beauty salons
  3. Nail Salons
  4. Psychiatrists
  5. Coaches
  6. Experts in the field

The key aim in both of these situations is to provide a tool that enables professionals to accept reservations from customers via their website while adhering to specific scheduling rules that they have previously established within the plugin settings.

Your main aim is to provide an "appointment management program" that you can use with a WordPress booking plugin to add to your website.

Selecting a WordPress booking plugin from a list of free and paid choices 

While most WordPress booking plugins are free, many of them do sell a premium version with additional features and technical support. For most plugin authors, such as ourselves, the most common business model nowadays is to encourage users to validate their plugin by downloading a free version. When the customer is confident that this solution will satisfy his needs, he will most likely upgrade to the Premium version, which will provide him with more functionality and priority support.

Choosing a premium, WordPress Booking Plugin ensures that the app is well-maintained and that you can quickly get assistance from the writers in the event of a crisis. 
If you want to use an appointment scheduling plugin to handle your everyday business, a Premium solution is the best alternative.

Questions to Ask Before Making a Decision

Even though the above list represents only a tiny portion of the hundreds of WordPress booking plugins available, deciding which one to use can be difficult. Before paying for the paid option, see if there is a free version available and see if it meets your needs. But first, go through the options again, looking at the top features to see which ones you like, need, or don't care about. 
Unless your bookings carry in a few bucks per month, choosing between free and charged shouldn't be a significant consideration. After all, in only a few bookings, these plugins will pay for themselves. 
Instead, focus on the essential features to your needs, such as customization, external device integration, and payment gateways.

  • Personalization

There's no point in using the plugin if you can't make the booking forms look and sound right on your platform. If the plugin does not collect any of the data you need and does not allow you to add custom fields, it is not the best match.

  • Integration of External Systems

If you're an accommodation supplier and want to sync with Airbnb,, or another service, don't dismiss these integrations as optional extras. Integrations would increase the business potential, thereby decreasing the amount of time you spend managing manual processes. If your time is valuable, these integrations will save you a lot of money in the long run.

  • Payments Made Via the Internet

Not all companies require or need instant internet payments for their bookings; instead, others choose to accept payments on the day services are provided. If your company will benefit from taking payments directly at booking, having an automated payment portal makes it easier for consumers to pay.


When browsing for a WordPress booking plugin, you now have an unlimited range of options. You need to find those that meet your everyday requirements, and if you're doing it for an honest company, always go for a Premium solution.

Although you can launch your quest on, it's still a bright idea to check out or, so you don't lose out on any better options.

And if a WordPress booking plugin is a perfect choice for you, try using a cloud-based service; nowadays, virtually all of them can be easily inserted on your website using an Iframe, for example.
Booknetic appointment booking plugin is one of the best plugins for your business. Try our demo version.

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