Benefits Of Law Firm WordPress Plugin For Appointment Booking?

Author: Natella Zadeh
Natella Zadeh June 13, 2021
Benefits Of Law Firm WordPress Plugin For Appointment Booking?

What if you lose an important client just because of a missed call?

As with other service providers, law offices can also simplify their legal practices by using online appointments. 
Dealing with various tasks and clients every day impacts task management and the overall productivity of law firms. By going around circles with your old school management you just give another opportunity to your competitors to move forward. If traditional legal businesses want to continue their service in a fast-changing digital world they need to shift from manual processes to automation. The aim of getting digitalized system is not for the sake of going online but for enhancing the overall service quality and boosting the productivity of law firms.

Thanks to enhanced technology, there is a law firm WordPress plugin that contains all the required features to facilitate the work of law firms. By installing a plugin into your legal business website you will automatically manage your services, staff, and booking procedures while you are busy delivering your services. 
Today, the legal communities have the opportunity and resources to migrate their service online and involve in the different types of modern legal practices. Before diving into the benefits of using WordPress booking plugins, let’s briefly walkthrough

The reasons for going online as a law firm:

1. Access to a larger community

The sky is the limit. Your website enables you to present your law firm, success stories anytime anywhere. You will always be available for your visitors. It also enables you to educate your audience by sharing your legal practices and knowledge.

Website allows the access to a larger community

2. Finding clients

With the right optimization strategies, you can turn your potential clients into customers. Displaying your legal staff, best practices, and delivering valuable content increases the chance of getting clients and retaining customers without a physical sales agent.

3. Increased mobile usage

As with other services, legal businesses have started to optimize their service for mobile devices. Now, users can receive all the legal procedures from appointments to lawyer meetings via mobile devices.

5 benefits of law firm WordPress plugin 

1. Time effectiveness

We all compete with time. Communicating with attendants one by one, providing information about your services, available staff, prices, and dealing with changes and no-shows all are time-consuming tasks that can be easily automated in today’s tech-savvy world.

Booking plugins help customers to effectively present their services in an accessible way, accept client records, and focus on the quality of their service. All you need to is integrate your registration information into plugins and the rest will be done automatically. Elimination of manual work ultimately leads to increased productivity and customer satisfaction.

2. Ease of management 

Online booking systems hold a number of features that help with organizing online law offices. You can enter the necessary information about your service, booking procedures, and staff and update it without modifying any code of your website. One of the main benefits of using plugins is that you are free from the technical editing of the website.

The General calendar is the main feature that avoids any tangling during appointment scheduling. The number of employees and their available timing all are made accessible for clients.

Notifications are another benefit of the law firm WordPress plugin that ensures service quality. With this, both employees and clients are notified about their upcoming appointments.

Booknetic WordPress booking plugin developed and incorporated lots of functionalities that serve the interests of both clients and law firms. Easy setup procedures rescue you from dealing with all the nitty-gritty details of utilizing your website for the plugin.

Google Calendar integration helps clients to decide the time and day that is available for them. This also helps staff to always keep track of their calendar.

Booknetic Calendar documentation

To keep both parties alerted about their appointments Booknetic provides lots of notification features within the plugin. Appointment confirmation emails are the first thing clients receive about their booking. You can create customized email templates for clients and staff. Within this feature, you can send email notifications for appointment approvals, pending, rejections, cancellations, and before and after appointment reminders.

You can take it further by creating WhatsApp, SMS, Telegram, or Webhook notifications to secure every minute of employees. This is especially convenient for businesses with multiple locations or a large number of customer groups. Full automation lets you keep track of your law firm KPIs more effectively.

3. Customization

As a legal business owner, you may want to add or remove certain features, and fields to facilitate the booking experience. There may be several questions to know before talking to your clients, including staff-related requirements, office locations, and anything that is required for a law firm service.

Thankfully, these procedures are easily handled with the law firm WordPress plugin. Based on your law firm size, the number of offices, and work hours you can customize the registration process, and add or remove unnecessary fields within Booknetic.  As part of customization features, you can address your specific questions within the registration process and prepare for the consultation accordingly. Coupled with the best law firm website templates, you gain power to add all your branding elements to create aligned professional website.

You can add staff and service information specific to each location within the Multiple locations feature.

Setting up Multiple Location feature of the Booknetic

The probability of meeting the same customers over and over again, and discussing updates about the case is high for legal businesses. Entering the same data for each appointment can be a little exhausting for your clients. But, this is another procedure that is simplified.

As part of customization, you can set up Recurring appointments for each of your regular visiting clients. Customers can select the repetition interval once they register and it will be automatically saved in their Calendar.

4. Virtual consultations

In the hurry of daily life, your clients may not manage to come to your office to receive your service. With the help of integration channels, they are free to get your services wherever they are comfortable.
One of the foremost features Booknetic adopted into the plugin is the integration with Zoom to support its customers’ businesses. Customers are allowed to use any device, operating system, or browser to benefit from Zoom integration.

All you need to do is to enable the Zoom integration through Integrations settings.

Appointment booking plugin Zoom integration

5. Boost productivity 

All the enhancements of plugins are developed to reduce stress, and time waste and increase the productivity of employees.

You can start with basic features and upgrade your system to other subscription packages at your development pace.

The Dashboard panel provided in almost every plugin is the first place to view your current progress, and prepare for upcoming appointments. More advanced reporting features make it easy to measure best performers, busiest hours, most visited offices, most value bringing services, and move on based on the data.

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At the end of the day, your aim is to deliver the highest customer experience. All the mentioned benefits of the law firm WordPress plugin help legal consultants improve their customer experience and take their service to the next level. If you still hesitate about picking the right booking system check out the Demo and explore for yourself.

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