How to Create a B2B Website WordPress? | A complete guide

Author: Aytaj Abbasova
Aytaj Abbasova December 20, 2021
How to Create a B2B Website WordPress? | A complete guide

WordPress is an open-source control and management system for website content. This system is written in PHP, the database is MySQL. Simply put, it is one of the most popular and probably the best platforms for blogging, websites, and other internet projects.

What is B2B and its advantages?

B2B is a business type or transaction conducted between two business parties. In a traditional way, it is a transaction between wholesalers and retailers. Usually one of them specializes in the production and sale of any goods or services, and the second is a buyer. This collaborative interaction allows organizations to optimize their work and increase their sales.

B2B customers move forward considering the benefits to the company and choose a partner as rationally as possible. Therefore, decisions are often taken longer - clients evaluate each company and its business benefits. However, the B2B segment is not homogeneous: decision-making in large companies is often distributed among several people with different backgrounds and levels of expertise. The decision-making process of small and medium-sized enterprises is more centralized. It can be a person, but it doesn't have to be deep in all the areas where his expertise has to interact.

  • Add the requirement for your customers to register before they can shop on your site. Protect that too with a password system. In this way, you can allow registered customers to access your website at any time by restricting them. Also, restrict visitors browsing without registration from seeing product prices. Again, prevent unregistered people from creating orders. The customer who wants to trade on your site must register on your site. This way, you can be in control.
  • In order for customers to create orders, they must not write orders below a certain amount. Because the main thing in the B2B system is wholesale sales. If companies are not going to make wholesale purchases, they are not included in the B2B system. Thanks to the minimum order amount, you can keep your products under control and make the discounts you want.
  • A good customer acquisition tactic is to give them something of value right away that costs you almost nothing. For example, expert assistance in one form or another: checklists, optimization recommendations, training and webinars, access to digital services. That said, be sure to collect contact information - this will allow you to re-contact with a person who clearly has an interest in your field, initial knowledge of your brand, and a positive attitude towards it (if what you gave was really useful).

Why use WordPress for the B2B website?

b2b website wordpress

WordPress is currently the most popular content management system in the world. It can handle websites of any size as long as the web hosting plan has the necessary resources. There is no need to switch to a different platform after using WordPress for a b2b website that is up and running. Compared to manually coding a website from scratch, WordPress requires significantly less technical knowledge. Fine-tuning with code is still an option, but it's possible to create beautiful, fully functional websites with only one graphical user interface. You can create a site using many templates. If you scroll down the page, you will find a list of tariff plans. WordPress works for free, but there are paid plans that allow you to have certain features in addition to the basic package. Thus, by paying for access at the Premium fee, the user can integrate the website with the analytics system Google Analytics and also get access to the plugin base, additional SEO plugins, site backup, and others when purchasing a Business or eCommerce package.

How to Create a B2B Website WordPress?

Every business nowadays has a WordPress website. However, not everyone has a B2B WordPress website that brings in new customers every week!

When you want to generate more sales for your company, you can't have an ineffective website. You may have made a beautifully designed web layout, but that doesn't mean it will change the bottom line of your B2B business.

If you want to drive more B2B sales with WordPress, you need to learn how to combine the tips below so you can successfully turn your website into a sales machine!

1. Choose the right domain and hosting

The first and essential step on how to create a b2b website WordPress starts from choosing a domain, hosting, and setting up your WordPress site on it. When choosing a domain, choose an easy-to-remember and short name. When choosing to host, pay attention to things such as the purpose of your Internet project, your project's software, your project's content types and density, your project's estimated traffic, and the number of websites you will publish.

Namecheap can help you with this. You can choose both domains and hosts from this site.

To know more about hosting services can check our blog for more information.

2. Use a b2b style WordPress theme for B2B website WordPress

It is recommended to choose a b2b style theme while creating a B2B website WordPress. Choosing an appealing theme is very important, for first-time visitors your site needs to be designed as user-friendly, and professional. According to the needs of your site, a B2B website WordPress should be mobile compatible. Check out this blog for the best and affordable WordPress themes.

3. Pick a plugin

First of all, I recommend you to examine your competitors' sites to see more clearly what your theme should be in your own project. The structure used by your competitors can inspire you and you will discover the elements that must be in your industry.

Depending on your needs, you can choose among the best WordPress B2B plugins. Of course, the features offered by each of them are different. Therefore, you can choose the best one according to your needs. Since we are specifically talking about the B2B website WordPress here are some plugins that you can install:

Booknetic: If you have an appointment-based b2b website WordPress you may take advantage of appointment booking plugins by integrating them into your website. One of such plugins is Booknetic with the assistance of which you can arrange your appointments with clients(which is another business in b2b case) and schedule online meetings. Or, they can simply book an available time and date from your website for a real-world meeting.

Job Board Manager: Job Board Manager is another great plugin for adding a job board to your WordPress website. It is user-friendly and comes with a shortcode that you can add to different pages to view job listings, add a new job listing, show a user dashboard, and more. It comes with free plugins to add company profiles, locations, widgets, and breadcrumbs. You can also use paid plugins for WooCommerce paid listings, job alerts, an app manager, and more.

4. Consider headlines that stand out

In most cases, headlines are the first thing that captures the attention of your target users. The title of the page you created appears at the top of the browser, allowing the user to see which page they are on, and includes the first phrase displayed in the search engine results. Creating a meaningful page title is helpful in this regard. Page titles that are left blank or filled with meaningless words can have a negative impact. In addition, we recommend that you pay attention to the page title having a minimum of 30 characters and a maximum of 55 characters. to help you with these guidelines, you can install plugins such as “Yoast WordPress SEO” or “All in One SEO”.

Headings are title tokens that you can use within the page. Heading tags, which allow you to convey parts of your content more clearly to the user, provide ease of reading. Heading tags also referred to as "Headings", can be used at six levels hierarchically. Tags starting with H1 go all the way to H6. While using WordPress, the title you give to the article is automatically determined as H1, while you can specify the H2 and H3 title tags yourself. It would be helpful to use a few title tags without keeping the number too high. This feature is available by default in WordPress.

5. Start a live chat with customers

One more feature of using WordPress for b2b websites is that integrating live chats can help you clarify and explain helpful advice to customers and which products fit their needs, being descriptive enough for any product will increase order value and play a very influential role in revenue. Customers using the live chat option will be 63% more likely to come back to your site. Your study will help you find regular customers and their tendency to buy more often.

Conversion to your website can definitely be increased with live chat.

It will definitely help you in generating customer reviews. You can ask your customers to evaluate the surveys you create while chatting, and in this way, you can provide better quality and accurate service.

Considering all the points mentioned above, we can show you a few examples of Live Chat Plugins for WordPress: WP Live Chat SupportVideoWhisper,VideoWhisper, Video Conference Integration

6. Use attractive CTA

If you want to direct readers from your blog to your product/service pages, you must use embedded CTAs. If you want to use WordPress for b2b websites, without CTAs, potential customers may not know where to go when reading or after reading your article.

For example, you can add a smart call to action at the end of your blog post that invites users to jump to another helpful page. If your readers are interested in learning more about your content, you can invite them to subscribe to your posts and receive an email alert when a new post is published. Make the subscription CTA as clear and close to the post as possible.

Getting CTA correct is one of the main driving factors of your company's success. As evident from its name, it is an actionable strategy, so it can be used to measure customer interest.

7.  Automate redirects

While building a B2B website using WordPress apply email marketing or marketing automation tools, and send some emails to your customers with a link to your referral page. This is a great way to reach all of your customers and make sure everyone has the opportunity to use your referral program, as customer service reps will often focus more on sharing the program with loyal customers they've heard of. There is also software specifically created for designing a referral program and keeping track of all your incentives, as well as sharers and subscribers. For a fully developed and reliable referral program, referrer software is definitely the right choice because it can completely launch your campaigns with little or no work on your part.

8. Utilize social media

This post is mainly about WordPress sites, but without social sharing options and good integrations with social media, your efforts will fall short. With efficient social media usage, you will get closer to your potential and increase your revenues by an incredible percentage.

Keep in mind that your usual social media marketing strategies won't do in the B2B world. In the B2B world, average impression and click rates are much higher, but the conversion rates tend to be much lower compared to the usual statistics. If you want to stand out in the B2B world, you will need to make efficient use of social media marketing for B2B companies, otherwise, you will get more clicks on paper, but you will fail to convert them into paying customers.


An effective website is a powerful business tool. For good business-to-business marketing, creating a B2B website Wordpress should generate leads. Retain your customers by offering them additional services to increase your notoriety. Add a blog to your website. Make sure support answers any questions about the product or service. The customer should be able to receive answers to these concerns in their own language. Perform a regular audit to ensure the site is running smoothly.

By discovering the right way to implement the above steps, you will learn how to create a B2B website WordPress and experience a significant increase in your sales and b2b lead generation.

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