Create a Multi Vendor Booking System with No Coding Required

Author: Aytaj Abbasova
Aytaj Abbasova September 22, 2022
Create a Multi Vendor Booking System with No Coding Required

A multi-vendor marketplace is being heard more and more these days.

Booknetic SaaS allows you to start your own business and earn money by creating a subscription-based, multi vendor booking system. One of the great features of Booknetic SaaS is that you can set up your own booking system in minutes, even if you don’t have any coding knowledge. Yes, you heard right. How Does? let's continue ?

Booknetic SaaS is a subscription-based service that allows users to make appointments and bookings online. Thanks to Booknetic SaaS, you can start making money by giving your customers an appointment service with a few clicks. For example, let's imagine that there is an industry gap in the field of appointment booking in your country, but there is no business/company that serve the different business to manage their online bookings by only subscribing. In this respect, you are now coming to the decision to create an Appointment Booking Startup to fill this industry gap by installing Booknetic SaaS. For example, you first start advertising your service in beauty salons. They will register in your system and pay 19 dollars per month and get a sub-URL from your service for the beauty salons.


By adding this URL to their social media platforms and sites, they have started to accept online bookings from customers. They can also run ads on social media platforms by downloading their own URL QR Codes (JPG), and the best tools for it are QR code generators: Scan now and start online booking! Yes, you will only be concerned with the advertisement of your own venture, i.e. the acceptance of your customers. Booknetic SaaS handles all other things by itself. You will be selling the Booking system, which is an extra feature for your own customers and new features with new updates coming every month.

It is optimally designed for security and scalability, making it an ideal choice for businesses that are looking to grow their customer base. Booknetic SaaS also offers a number of features to help businesses grow, such as the ability to pay online via Paypal, Stripe, Square, Mollie, Razorpay, and WooCommerce. With these features, businesses will be able to provide their customers with a complete online booking experience.

If you want to create a multi vendor booking system, Booknetic SaaS is the most comprehensive and modern solution for online appointment booking for you. You do not need to do any work; it offers you a full solution. Also, it is the only complete solution. Generally speaking, such a system does not exist in the world.

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Booknetic SaaS Main Features

  • Unlimited number of tenant registration

    Booknetic SaaS allows you to have unlimited tenants/subscribers in your system. To put it simply, Booknetic SaaS does not put any limits on you.

  • White labeling

    With the White Labeling feature, you can white label all information, such as system name, logo, and site URL, even though you created the system in Booknetic SaaS. Thus, your customers will only see your brand and will not encounter any information that the system is Booknetic.

  • Extensively available Super-Administrator panel

    The super admin panel really offers you a user-friendly panel where you can see the list of your own tenants, monitor the reports, edit the settings and control the whole system from there.

  • Ability to create your own price table

    Let's say you want to create plans that are suitable for you; Booknetic SaaS offers you the opportunity to create plans that fit your price, permission, and limits. For example, let's say you are creating a price list, Free plan ($0), Starter plan ($9), Guru plan ($19). And you can set special permissions and limits in accordance with this plan.

  • Unique admin panel for each tenant

    After each tenant completes the registration process, there is a unique admin panel. To put it more clearly, they can control their own appointments and add their own services, staff, and locations from this dashboard. Generally speaking, all the sections where they can edit their booking page are located here.

  • Monthly/yearly subscription

    Subscribers will be subscribed to you with payment methods such as PayPal or Stripe, and payments will come out automatically at the outflows of each month or year.

  • Payments via PayPal, Stripe support

    Tenants can subscribe using Stripe or PayPal payment methods when they pay when they subscribe to any plan. Thus, price cash outflows from the tenant account (additional card account) occur automatically every month or every year

  • Comprehensive notifications via a revolutionary workflow module

    You can send notifications with different combinations using the Workflow module. It is possible to send notifications via Email, SMS, WhatsApp, and Telegram.

  • Registration Form for Tenants

    Registration Form for Tenants is a customizable registration form with the best UI/UX design. You can add any new fields you want to the registration form via form-builder.

  • Unique Booking URL for each tenant

    You are giving a special sub-URL for each tenant who subscribes to the system you have set up—for example, Tenants will be able to share this link with their customers and accept bookings online.

What kind of features will get you to the tenant by using this multi-vendor booking system?

  • Reminders

    You can use the Reminders feature for your SMS, E-mail, and Whatsapp notifications by using the Booknetic Appointment Reservation plugin to inform and remind your customers about the appointment in advance.

  • Group Appointment

    You can use this feature to schedule group appointments easily and without any hassle. All you need to do is specify the number of customers that can attend the appointment and set the limits accordingly. This feature is very useful for businesses that require group appointments on a regular basis. It helps businesses save time and money by making it easier to schedule appointments. In addition, businesses can avoid overbooking by setting limits on the number of participants.

  • Deposit Payments

    The first way to manage cancellations is by implementing deposit payments. By requiring a non-refundable deposit at the time of booking, you can ensure that your clients are committed to their appointment. This method is especially effective for appointments that require significant preparation on your ends, such as bridal hair and makeup, massage therapy, or tattooing. If a client must cancel or reschedule an appointment with less than 24 hours' notice, they forfeit their deposit and must pay another one to rebook. This policy not only deters last-minute cancellations but also provides you with some income protection in the event that a client doesn’t show up at all.

  • Telegram notifications

    Telegram notifications are one of the features that will get you to the tenant. By using this feature, you will be instantly notified about every new appointment and sale. Also, you can add attachments to your messages which include an invoice for the appointment, custom invoices, or generated via add-ons. This will help improve the quality of your content and make it more efficient.

  • Payment links for appointments

    Payment links for appointments are a must for businesses that require a deposit or full payment at the time of booking. This system will provide your business with the ability to create and send customized payment links for each appointment. You can also set up the link to expire automatically after a certain amount of time, or you can choose to cancel the link manually. Another great feature of this system is that it allows customers to pay for their appointments online. This is extremely convenient for customers who may not be able to make it to your physical location or who may not have the means to pay in cash. Online payments are also a great way to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Recurring Appointments

    To start, the recurring appointments feature is a great way to keep your customers coming back. If you offer services that are recurring, such as yoga classes or weekly massage appointments, this feature allows your customers to make a single appointment that will automatically recur. This means that your customers don't have to remember to book their appointment each week or month - they can simply make one booking and know that they're all set for the future. This can be a huge time-saver for both you and your customers!

  • Custom Forms

    The first thing that you will see is the customizable form builder. You can create any kind of custom field and add it to your form. There are more than 15 different types of fields that you can use in your form, such as text field, number field, radio button, checkbox, etc. You can also set the required property for each field. Moreover, you can rearrange the order of the fields by using the drag and drop feature and clone the existing fields.

  • Waiting List

    Waiting List is one of the features that can get you to the tenant by using this multi-vendor booking system. If you are looking for a life-saver feature in many cases, then this is the feature for you. By using this feature, you will be able to book a busy time slot and join the waitlist. This can be extremely helpful in many situations. Another great thing about this feature is that it allows your customers to book for an already booked timeslot. This can come in handy if you are trying to make adjustments to an active reservation in response to a customer’s request. Overall, the Waiting List feature is a great way to get tenants by using this booking system.

  • Email Notifications

    Email Notifications are one of the most important features that will get you to the tenant. By using Booknetic’s system, you can send automatic email notifications to your customers, staff, and admins. This way, everyone will be updated about the latest changes in the bookings. Also, by using shortcodes, you can improve the quality of your email notifications' subject and body. In addition, you can add attachments to your emails. These attachments include: Custom added PDFs URL or customers' own uploaded PDFs using Custom forms.

  • Visual Translator Module

    This module is used to manage the visual translation of a booking system. You can translate your booking system into any language with this module without any coding knowledge.

    It provides an opportunity to offer services in different languages on the same website. So customers from all around the world can book appointments in their own language. Also, they will not face any difficulty while using your website or booking an appointment.

  • Multiple Locations

    The first thing you need to do is set up your locations. You can add as many locations as you want and manage them all from one central system. Addresses, contact information, and maps can be added for each location so that your customers can easily find you. You can also specify the services that are offered at each location and the staff who work there. This way, your customers will know exactly what to expect when they book an appointment at a particular location. Once you have set up your locations, you can start taking appointments!

  • Dedicated Dashboard

    Dedicated Dashboard: You will be able to access your Booknetic account through a dedicated and separate page. This way, you can focus on your bookings without any distractions.
    Insightful Data: The Booknetic Dashboard provides you with all the data you need to make informed decisions about your business.
    User-Friendly Interface: The Dashboard is designed with the user in mind. All the features are easily accessible, and the interface is intuitive.
    Actionable Items: With the Booknetic Dashboard, you can quickly take action on items that need attention.

  • Breaks, Days-off, etc

    Breaks, Days-off, etc . feature is one of them. You can offer your customers more personalized service by using these features in the Booknetic system. With the Breaks, Days-off feature, you can set certain hours of the day or certain days of the week as non-working days. For example, you can set aside time for meals and use the break time feature so that this mealtime is not visible to your customers on the booking panel. By doing this, you can offer your customers more personalized service.

  • Multi-level Categories

    The first and most important thing is that the Booking System offers Multi-level categories. There are two different types of categorization in the system:
    Static Categories: These are the categories that you create while setting up the system, and they don't change over time. For example, "Doctors", "Clinics", "Dentists" etc.
    Dynamic Categories: These are the categories that are created based on certain conditions or actions taken by users. For example, "Available today," "Most popular this week," etc.
    You can easily add as many Static and Dynamic categories as you want in order to make it easier for your users to find what they're looking for. And you can also set different rules for each category. For example, you can set a rule that says, "Only show clinics that are open today."
    This way, you can easily create a system that is tailored to your specific needs. And the best part is that all of this can be done without any technical knowledge or expertise.

  • Invoices

    Invoices  are a key element of the Booknetic system, they are important for a number of reasons: They help you get paid on time- With Booknetic, you can send invoices to your customers automatically. This means that you will always have a record of what was billed and when making it easier to chase up late payments. They establish your legal rights- If a customer doesn't pay, you can use the invoices as proof that they owe you money. This is particularly important if you ever need to take legal action against a non-paying customer.

  • Custom Appointment Statuses

    You can change or delete the default statuses and create new statuses according to your needs. You can assign different colors to these statuses, so they are easier to differentiate from each other. This is a very useful feature for businesses that have appointment-based services. If you have a lot of appointments, then this add-on will be very helpful in managing them.

  • Multi booking feature

    Multi booking feature is not just about the booking itself. It also has a built-in CRM system that captures all customer interactions and stores them in a single location. This way, you can manage your customers better and provide them with a personalized experience. Booknetic's unique multi-booking feature is what sets it apart from other booking platforms. With this feature, businesses can easily scale up their operations by allowing customers to book multiple appointments in a single session. Not only does this make the booking process more efficient, but it also provides businesses with valuable customer data that can be used to improve the customer experience.

  • Ratings & Reviews

    The first thing that comes to our mind when we talk about the best appointment plugin with ratings and reviews is the features it offers. As a business owner, you would want to offer your customers the best possible experience. And one way to do that is by ensuring that they can easily book an appointment with you. Booknetic's WordPress booking system lets you do just that.

  • Reporting Module

    With various report types, you can check the performance of your business and see how many reservations have been made in total and which services are most preferred.
    You can also compare your earnings for different days, weeks, or months. The reporting module will also show you the most active locations and personnel so you can take the necessary action. This module will help you improve your business performance by giving detailed information about it.

  • Extra Services

    Extra Services are a great way to promote your products and increase sales without raising prices at your service. By offering extra services, you can make the booking process easier for your customers and increase customer satisfaction. With Extra Services, you can let your clients choose some extra services upon booking. This could be like letting them add medicines or self-care products that can be helpful for their health or that can increase the effectiveness of the self-care service you gave them. The Extra Services feature will boost your sales by up to 20% without raising any prices at your service

  • Holidays

    Holidays are one of the features that make this booking system so attractive. You can offer your customers a better experience by giving them the opportunity to book appointments even on days when you're closed. This way, they won't have to call you and reschedule their appointment.

  • Webhook ( Zapier, IFTTT, etc )

    Use the Webhook feature to increase your integration capabilities tenfold by integrating with Zapier or IFTTT. With the Webhook advanced request builder, you can send different types of requests, including GET, POST, PUT and DELETE. You can also use shortcodes when entering the URL or adding form data and headers. The Workflow module allows you to send requests based on different actions, such as when a new appointment is added or when an appointment ends. By using this booking system, you will get access to features such as multi-vendor, unlimited staff/service providers, customer management, flexible booking rules, and payment gateway integrations. You will also be able to generate reports and invoices.

  • Coupons

    Coupons are one of the features that make this booking system different from others. You can provide discounts to your customers by using coupons. With the Booknetic plugin, you can easily add and manage coupons. Adding a coupon is very easy. Go to the Coupons menu and click on the ADD COUPON button. Then, enter the details of the coupon and click on the ADD COUPON button to add it to the list. You can also delete or edit any of the coupons by clicking on the options in front of that coupon and then clicking on the Edit or Delete button.

  • RTL Support

    Booknetic has full support for Right-to-Left (RTL) languages. This means that the entire interface will be adjusted to display RTL text correctly, and all controls will be reversed, so they work as expected in an RTL environment. This is a great convenience for users who are used to RTL languages, as they will be able to use the Booknetic booking plugin with no issues.

  • Manageable Calendar

    Manageable Calendar: You can see all your employees' schedules in one place with an up-to-date interface. You can also filter appointments based on location, services, and staff.
    Informative Calendar: Google Calendar events appear on Booknetic Calendar. The color of the event is displayed on the Booknetic Calendar, too.
    Live sync: The changes made to Google Calendar are instantly reflected on the Booknetic Calendar.
    Monthly/Weekly/Daily View: You can show appointments monthly, weekly, or daily according to your needs.

  • Taxes

    Almost all countries in the world use taxes, and the amount can vary from country to country. Germany, for example, has a 19% value-added tax (VAT) called MwSt. With Booknetic's new Taxes add-on, you can easily add this percentage to the price of your services by creating a Tax and assigning it to the appropriate locations and services. You can also create multiple Taxes and assign them to a single service - perfect for when a service requires an additional tax fee. And with our keyword feature {appointment_tax_amount}, you can display the total Tax fee on Workflow actions, Invoices, Google Calendar events, WooCommerce order descriptions, and more.

  • Fully Customizable Booking Widget

    The first thing you will notice about the Booknetic appointment booking plugin is its fully customizable booking widget. You can change nearly everything in the widget, from colors to fonts, and even add your own branding. There are also a few things that you can do with the Booknetic booking plugin that you cannot do with other plugins. For example, you can add an additional form to your booking form so that customers can fill out more information about their appointment.

  • Workflows module

    The workflows module will allow you to automate different actions related to your appointments. You can use it to build business processes or create simple rules, like sending a confirmation email to the customer when an appointment is booked. With Workflows, you can easily automate repetitive tasks and save time for your staff. For example, you can send a reminder message to your customers 30 minutes before their appointment or change the status of an appointment to "Archived" after a month has passed.

  • Customer Panel

    With the customer panel, Tenants can manage or change their appointments, as well as create their profiles and make any changes. With WooCommerce, you will be able to sell your plans to your customers with the payment method you want, using the payment gateway of your choice. Your tenants will be able to deposit funds into their balance and purchase the plan they want on a monthly or annual basis.  Your customers will receive an automatic notification to increase their balance when payment is near. If there is enough balance, the plan fee will be automatically debited from the balance. This feature makes perfect use for its work towards selling plans through Booknetic SaaS.

What Are the Benefits of Using Booknetic SaaS?

If you manage a business that relies on appointments or booking, then you know how important it is to have a dependable, user-friendly system. Here are just some of the benefits of using Booknetic SaaS:

  • Accessibility - With Booknetic SaaS, your tenants can access their appointment data from anywhere with an internet connection. This means they can make changes or view information even when they are away from the office.
  • Scalability - As your business grows, so does your need for appointment management solutions. Booknetic SaaS is designed to grow with your business, so you'll never have to worry about outgrowing the system.
  • User-friendly - Booknetic SaaS is designed with the user in mind. The interface is easy to navigate and use, so you can get started managing your appointments right away.
  • Integrations - Booknetic SaaS integrates with a variety of popular business applications so that you can manage your appointments and bookings alongside other important tasks. This makes it easy to stay organized and on top of all your responsibilities.
  • Pricing - With Booknetic SaaS, you can offer different plans with desired permissions and limitations to your tenants.
  • Support - It's easy to find support if you need it. If you have any problems, or questions, or need assistance, there is a 24/7 support team where you can get help using the plugin.

If you want to get information about how the system works, you can get to know the sites established by our customers  ?


Weeker is an online booking system that helps businesses schedule appointments simply and quickly.


Uanabook is a smart booking software to help professionals avoid the hassles of management and communication before meetings and/or appointments.

How to Setup Booknetic SaaS?

To download the plugin, we first go to the CodeCanyon site.

Booknetic regular version is available in the Regular license. We chose the Extended License option for us to purchase Booknetic SaaS.

wordpress appointment booking plugin

After making the payments and downloading the zip file, go to your WordPress admin panel.

From the left corner of the Dashboard that opens, hover over Plugins and select the Add New option.

best wordpress appointment booking plugin

First, after selecting the Upload Plugin option, click the Choose File button and add the downloaded Booknetic SaaS zip file.

activate the wordpress plugin

And you need to activate the plugin.

activate the plugin

And yees ?, Booknetic SaaS is now installed.

wordpress appointment booking plugin

Enter your Purchase Code (How to get your purchase code?), the type where you found us, and your email address, and click the Install button.

purchase code for booknetic

We have correctly set up Booknetic SaaS. We explained the next steps in setting up a reservation system in our tutorial video.

For the following steps, check out the video:

demo for booknetic saas

Test the DEMO now to see all these great features up close.


If you're looking for a low-cost and scalable business idea, a built multi-vendor SaaS online booking system would be the perfect solution for you. With Booknetic SaaS, you can set up your own booking system at a low cost. We hope you found this review helpful. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for reading!

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