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Published On May 16, 2022 , by Booknetic
It's finally here! Meet Booknetic V3.1

It's finally here! Meet Booknetic V3.1

After the legendary V3 release of Booknetic, there still were things to be done. Therefore, the work on the 3.1 version was started at full speed. First, the most requested features by our customers and that we find very useful at the same time are put at the forefront. Features such as Webhook, Booking button with popup, Fully-responsive Customer panel, Mailchimp, and Razorpay payment method have been added to the plugin. Besides all of these, the feature that allows setting specific payment methods for specific services and the feature that allows sharing the booking panel link with pre-selected staff, service, and location are added to the plugin. Shortcodes are an integral part of Booknetic. So, a few useful new shortcodes have also been added to the plugin. So many problems, issues, and bugs have also been fixed meanwhile. But aside from all these improvements, there was only one main purpose for the 3.1 version. The multi-booking feature. This was a very difficult issue, as it required a lot of changes in the code. But on the other hand, this was the most voted feature in the suggestion system. So it had to be done, and it was done. Introducing the multi-booking feature!

Multi-booking feature

mutli booking feature

It is now possible to book more than one service in a single booking session with a single payment. If you use this feature, a new Cart step will be added to your booking panel. When customers reach this step at the booking session, the current booking will be added to their cart, and they will have the chance to make a booking again with keeping the current booking on their cart. The customer will be able to add as many bookings to the cart as they want.

add new booking



Webhook add-on allow you to send HTTP(s) requests to third-party services. In this request, you can send the data with JSON, and any information about the appointment can be sent via Webhook. It can be easily integrated with the automation services such as Zapier, IFTTT, Make, HubSpot, etc. Since these automation services have tons of integration themselves, then it means you can integrate the Booknetic with lots of platforms by using the Webhook feature.


Booking button with popup

Booking button with popup

Sometimes we need to display the booking panel in a modal window with the help of a button. Since you can create a booking button by filtering staff, service, location, etc., you can easily create special pages for your service or staff and add these buttons to the proper sections of the page. Thus, the booking panel with pre-selected steps will be opened once the button is clicked. Relatively, the booking button can be used for any purpose to display the booking panel in a modal. There are lots of customization options available.

booking panel
Fully-responsive Customer Panel

Fully-responsive Customer Panel

A significant portion of internet users worldwide are connected to the internet by phone. For this reason, the mobile version of our customer panel could not be outdated! So right now, our fully-responsive customer panel, which looks perfect on all phone and tablet sizes, is open to serving your customers.



Mailchimp is used in Booknetic for instant email notifications triggered by user actions, like booking or rescheduling an appointment. They’re powerful touchpoints between you and your customers, so we’ve made it easier to make the most of them. You can use conditional content and custom code to personalize your messages. Also, you can experience the fast delivery of your time-sensitive notifications via the Mailchimp feature. Mailchimp will help you avoid spam folders and give you the flexibility to set your own rules with custom settings.

Razorpay payment

Razorpay payment

One of our goals is to add many payment methods to the plugin as natively. It is already possible to use any payment gateway you need to receive your Booknetic payments by using the WooCommerce integration. Still, it is not enough in some cases, and it would be better if there were a native payment method. So, too many payment methods will be added to the plugin as natively with future updates. But in the V3, since we are adding the payment methods natively to the plugin, then we should definitely start with Razorpay. Razorpay is a popular payment method that presents very good offers and is statistically used by many people around the world.

New shortcodes:

{location_google_maps_url} - Display the URL of pinned location
{appointments_total_price} - Display the total price of recurring appointments
{appointment_brought_people} - Display the brought people count


We have fixed many bugs, solved lots of issues, and made tons of new improvements to Booknetic with V3.1. Now, Booknetic is more stable and fully ready to manage your online bookings.

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