11 Best Booking Software for Personal Trainers

Author: Natella Zadeh
Natella Zadeh March 07, 2022
11 Best Booking Software for Personal Trainers

Fiding online booking software for personal trainers can be a real challenge. Reliable software should combine your several other features with the booking page to provide joined and managed customer management.

This blog will list online booking software for personal trainers that simplifies the booking and management process.

11 best booking software for personal trainers

1. Booknetic

booknetic appointment booking app

Booknetic is a multi-purpose appointment booking plugin for appointment-based businesses. Its features can be utilized for individual trainers and fitness studios.

With Google Calendar Sync, you can connect your booking calendar with Google to display busy hordes and avoid double bookings. It allows coaches to fully customize their booking page to the design of their WordPress websites.

You can manage all client databases, staff calendars, locations, and services from the booking page. Zoom integration lets you host virtual training from the booking admin.

With integrated payment gateways, you can receive online payments and charge deposits for booked training. Using comprehensive workflow notifications management system, you can send notifications and reminders for any change about the status of appointments and payments.

Price: Booknetic has two pricing plans based on the number of site compatibility. The Regular plan costs a $79 one-time payment including future updates. If you want to connect to many websites, you can get the SaaS version at $459

2. Mypthub

mypthub online booking software for personal trainers

Mypthub is a comprehensive software for fitness professionals and gyms, offering desktop and mobile apps for easy scheduling, training, and nutrition plan creation. Clients can track their progress, and features include customizable calendars, booking options, calendar sync to prevent conflicts, waitlist and attendance management, and recurring bookings. It also integrates with fitness trackers like Apple Health and Fitbit.

Pricing is simple: $49 monthly or $42 per month if paid annually. Both plans have the same features.

3. SimplyBook.me

simplybookme online booking software for personal trainers

SimplyBookme provides an online booking system for all service-based industries. From a variety of available options, you can choose a mobile responsive template to design your booking page.

It is convenient to receive private lessons and classes for individual trainers or multiple staff. You can add photos of your team services, to the booking page and create galleries on your booking page.

It has multi-login options such as Facebook, Instagram, website widget, Google Maps, booking page, and booking website by SimplyBookme. Furthermore, you can make use of reporting, notifications, gift cards, marketing, POS features to power up your booking experience.

Price: SimplyBookme has free and paid plans the cheapest starting at $9 per month.

You can also check our in-depth comparison of Calendly vs SimplyBook.me vs Acuity Scheduling blog to know more about it.

4. TeamUp


TeamUp, launched in 2012, is a top-rated management software for gyms, studios, and personal trainers. It offers flexibility, unlimited customer service, and a commitment to client success without upselling.

Features include appointment and class bookings, multiple schedule management, CRM, payments, and detailed reports, plus marketing integrations like Zapier. Easy for clients to book and manage sessions, refer friends, and purchase memberships. Ideal for trainers seeking a growth-friendly, cost-effective system for facility or mobile use.

Price: TeamUp's packages are based on the number of active customers you have not the features you need. Pricing starts at $35/month for 0-50 customers with a 50% discount for the first 6 months. You can see pricing here: https://goteamup.com/pricing/

5. Setmore

setmore booking software for personal trainers

As a multi-purpose booking tool, Setmore has separate booking software for personal trainers. 
On the scheduling side, it has a customizable booking widget, that can be integrated into your website. You can let clients to self-book individual classes or schedule group classes.

As mobile compatibility is a top priority for training apps, Setmore is fully compatible with Android and iOS devices. Plus, it has native integration with Zoom and Teleport where clients can book and join virtual appointments from Setmore’s admin.

Price: If you are a solo trainer or team up with fellow trainers, you can get its free account with 4 users. To get different payment options and other integrations channels, you can get it at $9.

6. Picktime

picktime online booking software for personal trainers

Picktime is appointment scheduling software for appointments, interviews, and classes. You can connect all your external calendars to the bookable calendar to avoid double bookings and balance busy hours with personal work hours.

Square, PayPal, and Stripe payment integrations let you perceive online payments and generate an invoice on time. Furthermore, it integrates with several online meeting apps like Zoom, Meet, Teams, GoToMeeting, and Jitsi where you can connect virtual appointments from its admin.

You can add multiple locations, services, and staff calendars to easily manage them.

Price: There are free and paid accounts. The free version allows you to add 3 staff, 2 locations, and resources along with several integration features. While the starter plan at $10 offers timezone conversion, attendance checker, notifications, and over 15 integrations.

7. 10to8

10to8 online booking software for personal trainers

10to8 is a versatile appointment scheduling app suitable for healthcare, wellness, fitness professionals, and businesses. It helps increase client bookings for personal trainers, yoga instructors, and fitness coaches.

Features include an online booking page for individual or group sessions accessible from websites, emails, or Facebook. It allows management of multiple staff schedules, rooms, and external calendar integration.

The app supports private notes and appointment details for better preparation and sends automated reminders and confirmations to enhance communication and minimize no-shows.

Price: 10to8 has free and paid options. The free account lets you add 2 staff and receive 100 appointments per month. With the basic account, you can add 3 staff, receive 100 appointments, and add your branding options.

8. SuperSaas

supersaas booking software for personal trainers

SuperSaas is a flexible appointment scheduling tool for individuals and fitness clubs in the personal training industry.

It syncs with Outlook and Google Calendar, integrates with websites and Facebook pages, and features a custom form builder. It offers SMS and email notifications to prevent no-shows and allows for role management. The software supports PayPal and Stripe for online payments and connects with various apps.

Pricing ranges from a free plan (50 appointments, 50 users) to paid plans starting at $8 for 100 appointments with unlimited users.

9. Bookedin 

bookedin online booking software for personal trainers

Bookedin is an appointment scheduling software tailored for wellness, beauty, and fitness sectors. It enables booking through websites, social media, or emails, supporting a wider client reach. Features include recurring bookings, custom forms for client details, and ad analytics for tracking and insights. Customers can prepay or pay on-site, with notifications for new bookings and reminders for clients.

Plans include a free version (unlimited calendars, branding, up to 5 monthly appointments) and a premium version starting at $29 with unlimited appointments and calendar sync.

10. Appointfix 

appointentfix free booking software for personal trainers

Appointfix is an appointment scheduling app for wellness, fitness, and beauty professionals. You can get the app on Google Play, App Store, or download it for PC.

Appointfix gives you control over your booking system, including payment processing, appointment confirmation, and cancellation policies. It integrates with Facebook and Instagram for direct bookings and offers various calendar views for clear scheduling. The software includes client management tools and a unique voice command feature for hands-free schedule access.

Appointfix is free for basic use, with advanced marketing and reporting features available at $10 per month or $30 for up to 10 staff members.

11. Timely 

timely booking software for personal trainers

Timely is business management software weighted on appointment booking features. You can enable online bookings on your website, Facebook, or Instagram page.

Timely offers a color-coded calendar for an easy overview of your daily schedule and features appointment reminders for confirmations and follow-ups. Its client management tool lets you create profiles, record appointment histories, and tag VIP clients. Additionally, it tracks resources like room reservations and employee schedules, and includes a waitlist management feature.

Timely offers four pricing tiers, starting at $15 per month for an online booking system.

Must-Have Features for Personal Trainers' Booking Software

Real-Time Availability and Scheduling: Clients should be able to view the trainer's real-time availability and schedule appointments accordingly. This reduces the chances of double bookings and scheduling conflicts.

Automated Confirmations and Reminders: The software should send automated booking confirmations, reminders, and follow-up messages to reduce no-shows and keep clients informed.

Easy Payment Processing: Integration with secure payment gateways for processing deposits, full payments, and issuing refunds is essential. This streamlines the payment process and offers convenience for both trainers and clients.

Client Management: A robust client management system that stores client information, appointment history, payment details, and preferences is critical for personalized service delivery.

Customization and Branding: The ability to customize the booking page and communications to align with the personal trainer’s brand enhances professionalism and brand recognition.

Mobile Compatibility: As most clients use mobile devices, it’s important that the booking software is mobile-friendly or comes with a dedicated mobile app.

Virtual Training Integration: For trainers offering online sessions, integration with video conferencing platforms like Zoom or Skype is essential for seamless virtual training experiences.

Multi-Location and Staff Management: The ability to manage bookings across multiple locations and for different staff members (if applicable) is vital for trainers with larger operations.

Reporting and Analytics: Access to detailed reports and analytics helps trainers track their business performance, client retention rates, and other important metrics.

Wrap up

Finding the best booking software is up to the way host your training and manage operations:

  • Whether you are individual or team up with fellow trainers
  • 1:1 or group classes
  • On-site training or virtual training
  • Whether you have an existing website or need to create one with a booking page
  • You prefer online payments or on-site payments
  • Whether you prioritize branding or not
  • The number of appointments you regularly receive, and more.

There is the appropriate software for every budget and business need in this list. Choose online booking software for personal trainers that matches your needs at a reasonable price.

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