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Sep 28, 2021

Best cleaning service booking plugin for Wordpress

Gulshah Asadli
Gulshah Asadli Author
Best cleaning service booking plugin for Wordpress

How to make your cleaning service accessible for clients? Download cleaning service booking plugin WordPress to your website! No more phone calls and jumbled paperwork; just installing an appointment booking plugin will allow your company to be more flexible in cleaning operations.

Creating a website for your company not only displays your online presence but also allows you to reach out to your potential customers. On the other hand, cleaning service booking system designed for appointment bookings saves customer’s time and even aids them to use your business’s service as quickly as possible.

Finding the right plugin for your website may be difficult as so many variations are offered. That’s why we have collected 7 most-used cleaning service booking software for your wordpress-based business website.

Let’s get started: 

1.     Booknetic

When you are seeking for cleaning service booking plugin system, at first, Booknetic comes to mind. This plugin is simple to set up and manage, also completely customizable and mobile-friendly.

Booknetic cleaning service booking systemIts flexible design enables all device users to access your services whenever they need them. Clients may search for available time slots, book appointments, check their calendars, and make changes to their schedules as required. The shared calendar also aids in determining staff accountability. 

Special feature list:
·        Continue With Google, as well as Continue With Facebook function lets your client’s information will be automatically filled in at the touch of a button
·        Send Email, SMS and Whatsapp notifications to your clients
·        Visual translator module easily translates the booking panel into the language you want
·        You can add a tax fee to your services with the Taxes feature
·        Add discount coupons and gift cards for users 

When it comes to pricing, 2 versions of the Booknetic booking plugin have a lifetime payment: Regular version is $79, SAAS version is $489. 

2.     Cleanto 

Cleanto's cleaning service booking system is highly strong, adaptable, and cost-effective, and it can be utilized by a wide range of enterprises. It is best suited to all types of service businesses, including janitorial booking, handyman services, window cleaning, domestic, carpet cleaning, and on-demand maid services. 

Cleanto is a game-changing solution for online appointment scheduling software. It is a sleek and sophisticated PHP script that can be completely modified to your service business's specialty. Furthermore, you can easily integrate this appointment script into your PHP website. It also features an appealing design website for your users with capabilities like a calendar, booking form, and postal code searches. Furthermore, the sophisticated admin dashboard allows you to easily manage your website and appointments. 

Cleanto cleaning service booking plugin wordpressMain features
·        Set dates, times and reminders for important tasks with Google Calendar Integration
·        Set reminders through SMS and Email, with also manageable SMS and Email template formats
·        Mobile application integration for both Android and IOS users
·        Recurrence booking lets you do repeated bookings over a time period
·        TAX/VAT/GST calculation services to its end users 

It is $99 on Regular version and $525 on Extended license on CodeCanyon 

3.     Rezervy 

Another best-rated cleaning service booking software with multi-step and single-page booking form features is Rezervy. It covers almost all types of service businesses, especially cleaning and maid services. 

Rezervy assists you in managing Categories-Services-Add-ons, SEO meta tags, and more. StepView Checkout on a Single Page Admin panel, Customer panel, and Staff panel are all simple and easy to use. Checkout for Registered and Guest Users, Auto Confirm Appointments, Weekly Schedule on dashboard. Also both registered and unregistered, along with the dates and times of users’ scheduled appointments are shown. Payment information for said cleaning service booking system and much more are below: 

·        Fully responsive design that looks great with every device
·        Help you to export CSV reports of appointments, services, customers and payments
·        Let you manage working & off days for your business
·        Twilio, Plivo, Nexmo and TextLocal SMS gateway for notifications
·        Support up to 250 currencies of countries 

Rezervy cleaning service booking software

Price is $39, but it requires additional payment for some features such as Advanced Calendar ($29), Point Of Sale ($39), Packages ($39), and so on. 

4.     BookitLive

BookitLive is cleaning service booking plugin wordpress that allows you to provide all of this and more to your customers. BookitLive enables your clients to book cleaning tasks online and notifies you of any booking requests or cancellations through text message. You can access your customer database and individual appointment records, track staff performance, advertise online, and much more.

BookitLive cleaning service booking plugin wordpressSome more features:
·        Make it simple for the 80 percent of users who use mobile devices to make reservations.
·        Bookings may still be made over the phone or in person by utilizing the business dashboard of bookitLive.
·        Allow you to send gentle reminders to your clients through email or SMS.
·        Use appropriate pricing promotions, package offers, and discount coupon codes to reach out to your core consumer group.

Prices are starting from $40 and increasing up to $90 for Premium usage.

5.     Bookedin 

Bookedin cleaning service booking systemConsider applying cleaning service booking system, such as Bookedin that can account for conflicts, verify availability, provide reminders, and collect money all at the same time. Bookedin lets clients pay for appointments online or with social media profiles. Cleaning service booking plugin wordpress enables you to manage calendars, schedule appointments, take notes, modify availability, and far more:

·        Text message and custom email reminders for every appointment
·        Mobile app for quickly see activity, make adjustments, write notes and watch for booking notifications
·        Calendar Sync through Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, and MS Exchange
·        WIX, Weebly, Zoom, Skype, Instagram. 1&1, Squarespace integration

It comes with a 14-day free trial. Prices are starting from $20/month to $65/month with Pro Unlimited calendar.

6.     Picktime 

Picktime is an easy-to-use cleaning service booking software that works with you to help your cleaning company become more organized and productive. It allows you to quickly set up your open hours and lets your clients schedule services online. Picktime - cleaning service booking plugin WordPress enables clients to book appointments online and helps you reduce their daily workload. It will help your house cleaning business function more efficiently. It takes less than 2 minutes to prepare your company for a rush of appointments.

Picktime cleaning service booking softwareKey features:
·        With multiple locations see what's going on at all of your business locations
·        Invoice generation keeps track of all of your appointments, invoices, and refunds
·        Pre-booking your clients' sessions allow you to provide them with special service
·        Support cash and card payments with PayPal and Stripe integration
·        Email marketing feature that integrated with Mailchimp and Constant Contact 

It is completely free to use.

In Conclusion 

Most cleaning service booking software includes calendar sync, diverse payment options, WooCommerce compatibility, reminders via SMS or Email, and user-friendly interface. So, with the help of listed Appointment Booking plugins for cleaning services your user only needs to choose a date and time and relax after a very hard and long day.

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