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Published On May 29, 2021 , by Saritel Abbaszade
Top 10 The Best Barbershop Website Template Examples

Top 10 The Best Barbershop Website Template Examples

Where do you look for barbershop website template examples? From the market they are sold to the design elements, barbershop website templates carry great importance on the success of your website.

Barbershops are very popular on social media sites like Instagram. Because they're a service that everyone requires at least once a month, this market becomes an appealing target for software development and website design firms. Suppose you're in charge of developing a website for a barbershop. In that case, you should know that you're dealing with a challenging client who won't accept any ordinary design because they know how much a website costs and what they can expect for the money they're paying. Prepare to dazzle them with an excellent design that satisfies their desires.

If you're looking for some website inspiration today, we'd like to show you a couple of designs that might suit your needs in this category. In this article, we'll show you the top 10 Barbershop website template examples available on the market.

What makes a great barber website?

We need to grasp the critical aspects of a barber shop website template before we begin our guide on building it. Here are some of the essential pages and parts for any barber website:


The homepage gives visitors an initial impression of what the website for barbers looks like. A straightforward navigational menu that leads to other essential pages and visible call to action buttons that encourage users to do the desired action on the site should be included here.

You should also include some of your most significant work, information about your haircutting and styling services, and other important information about your salon.

Page "About Us"

A barbershop website is more than just a place to book appointments and get pricing; it's also a way to promote your salon and the talented hairstylists that work there. You may develop your brand and engage with customers personally with a well-crafted about us page. The page should include personal pictures and bios and links to their social media accounts, and information about the barbershop's history.

Online appointment booking

The website's primary purpose is to turn visitors into paying clients. As a result, an excellent barbershop web template must provide an appointment website template free for the website. Pricing details, no-show or cancellation fees, payment procedures, and any other pertinent information for clients should all be included on this page.

Furthermore, the page should include a calendar connection so that clients do not forget their appointments.

Online appointment booking is so crucial for barbershops. Your clients can book barber appointments with barbar appointment booking tools whenever they want. Also, your staff and you don't have to worry about planning. Appointment booking plugins will do all processes for you. There are a lot of booking plugins in the market. Booknetic is a smart appointment booking plugin appealing to a range of businesses.

Booknetic has a lot of features and a demo version for trying.


This page should describe each service you offer. Potential clients use your website to see if you are the proper fit for their needs. To effectively display services and other features on the website, a website needs to have a great barbershop menu template. 

Make sure your services are prominently advertised and easy to locate on the website.

The gallery

Consider barbershop website template examples that give you chance to show your portfolio. Customers are more likely to arrange their appointment if you have a gallery page with some of your best haircuts and styles. Client testimonials should also be included on this page.


If you sell hair styling items in your salon, you should think about selling them online. Create an online store, simplify payment processing, and customize the checkout procedure with the WooCommerce integration.

A blog

Although it isn't required, a blog can help your barbershop website rank higher in search results, engage with customers, and develop an online community. You can use this space to provide company updates, new haircutting product reviews, and styling tutorials. And to hold all these elements on the website, it needs to have a well-designed barber menu template. Eitiher way, visitors might be lost going back and forth between pages.

Top 10 the Best Barbershop Website Template Examples

Cutting Edge: Barber Template

This template is ideal for creative barber shops, hair salons, and barbershops. As a barber HTML template, it has custom color schemes and 23 valid HTML files are included with the Cutting Edge template. The design is exquisite and modern, and the 1140px grid makes it extremely easy to customize. The Cutting Edge template comes with a fantastic color scheme, but you may customize it using our color.css file. The Cutting Edge also supported professional sliders, custom menus, shortcode elements, custom page designs, and HTML5 CSS3 technology.

barbershop website template cutting edge

Barberia: Premium Barber Hair Salon

Barberia HTML Template is a design that is perfect for creative barber shops, hair salons, and barbershops. The Barberia template includes 37 valid HTML files, a vast menu style, an excellent form plugin, a custom slider plugin, and custom color schemes. The design is exquisite and modern, and the 1170px grid makes it extremely easy to adjust. The Barberia website template examples come with a fantastic color scheme, but you may customize it using our custom.css file. Professional sliders, bespoke menus, shortcode components, bespoke page designs, and HTML5 CSS3 technology were all supported by Barberia.

barbershop website template examples barberia

BarberShop: Template For BarberShop & Hair Salon

BarberShop is a word that can be used to describe a barbershop, a hair salon, a tattoo artist, a haircut, a hairstylist, or a fashion designer. BarberShop is available in three different versions for use at home. BarberShop is well-organized and straightforward to personalize. BarberShop is a more practical approach to exhibit and advertise your barbershop, hair salon, tattoo design, haircut, hair design, and fashion store. BarberShop is a mobile-friendly website. The BarberShop will accommodate all screen sizes, whether you're surfing on a mobile tablet or a desktop/laptop.

barbershop website template barbershop

Barbershop: Hair Saloon Spa

BarberShop & Hair Saloon Spa Tattoo Beauty Template is a modern, clean, and professionally made barber HTML template for barbershops, hair salons, beauty salons, and other related websites. It can also be used on any other website. There are dark and light variations, boxed and wide versions, single page and multipage variants of these barbershop website template examples.

barbershop website templates

Full Width Website Template for Hairdressers, Barber Shops

This example of a full-width website template for hairdressers and barber businesses has all of the features that individuals in this industry deem essential. An adaptable design based on Twitter Bootstrap 3.3.5, an e-commerce store, events, staff pages, services management, pricing, several blog layouts, dozens of short-codes, and different gallery layouts is all included in this sample.

MenzSaloon: Barber & Salon

MenzSaloon has clean, vibrant, and ideal barbershop website template examples for a barber or hair shop. Create a website for your barbershop or hair salon using this template if you want to enhance the reach of your business or show customers the types of haircuts or hairstyles you can provide. This template is available in two colors: light and dark. The template also has stunning galleries driven by Essential Grid that will help you professionally present your products and services.

The best thing about this plugin is its clear barber menu template allows visitors to land on individual service types.

barbershop website templates

The Shave: BarberShop

This theme is a stunning parallax template with a creative style. It's highly customizable, allowing you to construct an infinite number of pages and options. With well-documented and ordered files, you can get up and running quickly. Although designed for barbershops, this barber shop website template is readily adaptable to agencies, small enterprises, and freelancer websites. Although not all of the graphics in the theme are included, the help documentation contains links to where the images can be purchased.

barbershop website templates

BarberShop: Salon, Spa & Barber

BarberShop is a clean, vibrant, and ideal website template for a barber or hair business. Develop a website for your barbershop or hair salon using this template if you want to enhance the reach of your business or show customers the types of haircuts or hairstyles you can provide. The template also has stunning galleries driven by Essential Grid that will help you professionally present your products and services.

barbershop website templates

Hairy: Barbershop & Hair Salon

Hairy is one of the high-performance HTML5 barbershop website template examples ideal for haircuts, grooming, facials, trims, and other hair and barber services. Hairy is a professional font with a trendy and unique style. Hairy - Barbershop is the place to be if you're looking for:

  1. Barbering salon
  2. Salons that specialize in hair care
  3. Artist in charge of makeup
  4. Service for manicures
  5. Service of treatment
  6. Spa services are available
  7. Hairstyling
  8. Talent in the fashion industry
  9. Showcase of hairstylist
  10. Barbershop lead generation page
  11. Professional consultation
  12. Product launch for hair salons

barbershop website templates


Trim is a free, mobile-friendly barbershop website template that you can use to showcase your company online. You can do a lot more for your barbershop than you realize with an excellent and cutting-edge internet presence. You can not only demonstrate professionalism and sell your irresistible services, but you can also schedule appointments and keep everything in order. They won't have to pick up the phone and dial any longer. All they have to do now is fill out the form.

barbershop website templates

The beautiful dark theme loads content as you navigate and adds fascinating hover and parallax effects to the experience. It supports videos, has built-in plans and pricing, and has a valuable gallery and an excellent blog. If that's something you're interested in, the latter would also function well as a separate page.


We have listed the top 10 barbershop website template examples for you. The barbershop is a terrific business to be in, and it can be profitable if you find a suitable theme for your website. For many, it is still an experience in which personal touches are highly valued.

As you can see, there are plenty of personal website templates for barbershops that will help you get your business online. All of these templates are easy to use and customizable, so you can make them your own.

Gain new customers, establish a favorable reputation, and earn the loyalty of your most committed customers. A good website with a good theme will help you in this period. Share your favorite barbershop website templates with us in the comments below.

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