8 Step Formula to Generating Psychology Name Ideas

Author: Natella Zadeh
Natella Zadeh January 26, 2022
8 Step Formula to Generating Psychology Name Ideas

Generating name ideas is like psychology therapy. It is tangled, it is painful, it is worth it in the end.

Starting a private practice in psychology is a big deal in itself. Because it involves commitment from professional and other secondary backgrounds to ace the business. This includes renting the office, setting a budget, insurance, business structure, recruiting the staff, and guess what? You miss the name.

In fact, it is the core of your practice. Your name will be shown in front of your office, pressed into materials, promoted on social and traditional channels. It will follow you everywhere your business goes.

If you want to reach out to people you must be careful on naming your practice. Half the way of bringing people to your office is getting people to know your name. If it grabs their attention it might get them to click on your website or ad.

how to generate pychology names

In this blog, I’ll go over practices of generating psychology practice names and list some catchy psychology names ideas to give you some inspiration.

So, what is the secret to finding psychology name ideas?

1. Consider the types of services you offer

how to generate pychology names, consider services

The first thing to start the journey is clarifying what types of services you offer. You may have a holistic or specific approach to therapy.

If you offer a specific service that deserves to be spread, why not include it in your practice name. For example, you may specialize in psychoanalytic therapy, psychodynamic therapy, or cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Having those practices addressed in the name can hook the target audience's attention from first sight.

The disadvantage of using this naming practice is that it is limiting to apply once you expand your services.

2. Define your keywords

how to generate pychology names, define keywords

Keywords are an inevitable part of the success of your counseling service. It is sure that your practice will have a website. People are using search engines to explore their mental conditions and look for the professional help you offer.

Recap on the keyword, keywords are the words that internet users type on the search bar and search engines crawl sites to find content that has those keywords in them. Basically, the more keyword-based is your content the more easily people will find you. 
Prioritizing core keywords around your service will help the searchers to easily find you amongst many other counseling providers. Keywords also help you to reach out to your target group through ads or creating digital content.

So, if you specialize in a certain condition or niche, adding this to your website URL will make it easier to appear on search results. For example, if you help people with anxiety or depression consider names like:


We recommend spending some time crafting suitable psychology office names that contain a keyword in them.

3. Identify your target group

to find psychology name ideas identify target audience

You can also incorporate the leading group you are appealing to in your private practice name. This can be applied if a particular group of the population takes a majority of your customer base.

These groups can be kids, families, couples, unions, or teenagers. Thinks about these names:

Young family therapy
Reassured relations
Teen mentality

4. Brainstorm 

how to generate pychology names, brainstorm

Brainstorming works for every great decision to take. The process lets you generate any kinds of ideas that you may avoid during other idea generation techniques.

Jot down everything that comes to your mind. It can contain keywords, diagnoses, or some power words that may or may not be directly related to your services but are still accountable.

In our law firm name ideas blog, we gave extensive information about brainstorming techniques you can try. But here are some straightforward questions you can think of:

What words do you generally use in your therapies?
What words do directly explain what you do?
Is your aim to help people overcome a problem, grow, or change?
Which businesses names captured your attention? Write down their names and think about why you remember them. 
Why people should choose you? What makes you superior to other counselors in the market?

It is a rough list with lots of psychology name ideas. You can always cut off or add up your list later on. But to make the brainstorming most effective, make sure you have uninterrupted attention and a limited time frame.

5. Use inspiration

how to generate pychology names, use inspiration

No one says that you have to invent naming from yourself. If you find it difficult to start your own way try available resources. Internet is rich with name generator tools. In fact, some of them are specifically made for psychology practices.

Look at these available tools:

Business name generator

6. Keep it professional

how to generate pychology names, be professional

As clear as it sounds. You appeal to the mental health of people. You have to build trust and emotional bonds from the first sight they hear about you.  Avoid using words that might worsen listeners' conditions from the first go. The words like crazy, die, abnormal, disorder are no go.

Many professionals fall into the trap of their ego and call their practices by their names. A personal name unconsciously passes the idea that the value of the company lies on one person’s shoulders.

What if you then hire another psychologist? How you will manage the queries when all clients book for the one whose name is associated with the company? To avoid those incontinences be reasonable in naming your company.

Being professional in naming also encompasses keeping it simple. The words you choose may have several spellings or meanings which may lead to confusion. Cross of the words that are commonly misspelled.

A good name has to be memorable, unique, and true to the business. This also includes using thick terminology in the name. Probably clients are not aware of such specific terms that psychologists use to diagnose.

One last point here is to check the initials of your name against potential misunderstandings.

7. Get a professional assistance

best psychology name ideas two chairs

If you have come to this part and still none of the names sit comfortable with you, maybe consider getting a professional consultancy. Since your professional background is different from this field, naming may not work for you.

Working for different industries and companies made some professionals or marketing agencies specialize in naming practice. They are good at understanding your priorities and your customer's needs.

Instead of ending up with Your Psychiatrist, they will provide you with more professional and to-the-point psychology practice names.

8. Consider its domain name 

how to generate pychology names, consider its domain name

A big part of picking a psychology practice name is matching the available domain. It is needless to mention the importance of building a website for counselors.

And the first step of building a website is registering its domain name. Then you need a hosting provider to make your site accessible to the world.

For over two decades, .com stays as the major domain suffix for businesses. Having .com domain implies the authority and credibility of a business. If your favorite name is already taken  we recommend you think about a new name.

Some marketers suggest tweaking the URL a little, like shortening or adding a hyphen mark between words. This might technically work since it is not the exact match. But since the incumbent entered the market before you, the possibility of users finding them is high.

In this case, the existing business with the domain name will take all the credit for your online and offline marketing efforts.

But it is not to say that you can pick any domain name available there. But as we mentioned earlier in this blog, internet users search for their issues, in this case, these are keywords. They rarely search for the company name. Your name needs to contain at least one of these words in the domain name.

There is an increasing number of vanity domains. Such as .libarary, .cafe, .clinic, etc. While .com is still the prior domain, we are not denying its rising popularity of them. Also, they allow businesses to be more creative about their naming and branding practices.

Once you are done with the naming part the rest is finalizing the website building. No service website is complete without an appointment booking panel. Having a booking panel inserted on the website ensures that the users that land on the website can immediately contact you and purchase your service. Without this, it is much more difficult to attain those visitors and convince them to buy your services.

There are lots of psychologist appointment scheduling software for the needs of different customers. Booknetic appointment booking plugin helps WordPress users automate their bookings and improve customer satisfaction. With Zoom integration, you will be able to go beyond the limits and host online therapies. To know more about the plugin check out its features.

Catchy psychology name ideas 

  • Call of spirit
  • Nurturing soul
  • Revive souls
  • Time to heel
  • Mental energy
  • Mental protection
  • Heal thy
  • No More Anxiety
  • Journey to soul
  • Healing journey
  • Stress detox
  • Talk to free
  • New Me Therapy Center
  • Alter friend
  • Better Life Therapy
  • Revive Me Therapy Center
  • Rest Brain
  • Rust In Distress
  • Healing Lab
  • Stress Assessment Therapy
  • Solid Souls
  • Cognitive Therapy
  • Brainy Solutions
  • Wind of change
  • The healing touch
  • Dare to care
  • Healing to being
  • Mind balance
  • Finding the thy
  • Stairway to healing
  • Relaxation of mind
  • Inner calm down
  • Smiling Faces Kids Mental Improvement Center
  • Brighter Future Psychology
  • Happy Family Therapist

Bottom line

Picking a psychology practice name is the most important part of the journey. Just like naming a baby. Remember, you will repeat the name every day of your professional life. You will recall it in your customer appointments, in your network event, in your day-to-day life, you will carry its logo on your chest brooch, mention it every time someone asks about your job.

And from the customers' point of view, you need carefully to take its emotional impact under consideration.

We explored the ideas, dos & don’ts of generating psychology office names. Keep your pen busy to jot down creative psychology name ideas.

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