Online Class Scheduling Software To Facilitate Private Lessons

Author: Natella Zadeh
Natella Zadeh July 13, 2021
Online Class Scheduling Software To Facilitate Private Lessons

It takes a lot of work to provide advanced educational support. You have to hire experienced professionals, equip up-to-date technologies, prepare a working marketing plan, and provide effective course management. In today’s tech-driven world, the simplest way to facilitate the course administration process is to use a class scheduling system.

With online class scheduling software, you will automate the class scheduling process and create easier management for instructors, students, and the back office.

What is course scheduling software?

Course scheduling software carries out the process of appointment scheduling for classes, exams, and educational consultations. Using class scheduling software for private lessons you can create individual time slots for each class, and prepare an optimum learning plan that is appropriate for students, teachers, and other resources of your educational institution.

Why should you use online class scheduling software?

As an educational institution, you should take all necessary actions to ensure the quality of a given education and remove every hindrance ahead of the management system. A huge part of course management is the scheduling of classes. This is an even bigger problem when you have online classes. Your admin staff receives tons of calls, emails, and WhatsApp messages about your instructors, course plan, and location. Not to mention the voice records of naughty students about timing.

Online course scheduling software offers lots of benefits that will not only smooth the scheduling of classes but encompasses all areas of course management.

Better management

online class scheduling software management

Class scheduling is daunting work. Your workers should keep in contact with lecturers and students to organize class times, give pricing information, update them about time changes, and add all information exchange to the management system. With online class scheduling software, your academic and administrative teams better organize their work without any stress.


Instructors are already busy preparing course materials, and expanding their source database with the latest findings. Taking time for scheduling private lessons puts extra work on their back. Course scheduling software allows for setting their schedules, putting breaks, adjusting for holidays or day-offs upon their own plan. Teachers can customize their schedules and let students book appointments without disturbing anybody’s affairs.

Flexibility for students

The satisfaction of students is your first priority at the end of the day, as both students and teachers have to be pleased by the quality of lessons. Whether you create a curriculum on a long-term or short-term basis, you should give options to students to decide on the timings of lessons. The class scheduling system enables to present different time slots for lessons, make students to pick the most suitable times, and attend their preferred form of classes. By allowing flexibility, students can enjoy their learning process with personalized private lessons or enroll in interactive group lessons to learn from their peers.

Flexibility also means the freedom to schedule class meetings anytime they are available. Online class scheduling software provides 24\7 booking utilization for students.

Enhanced service

Since no admins are involved in the appointment scheduling process, the communication between workers is minimized. Considering busy admin staff and the information sharing process in traditional educational entities, it is easy to see how important course scheduling software is.

Additionally, course scheduling software gives you an opportunity to analyze the efficiency of your service. You can keep track of staff performance, and lesson duration, and work on the least selling classes within online class scheduling software.

Features online class scheduling software should have?

Finding the best course scheduling software is a real challenge for course administration. There are plenty of dos and don'ts you should consider before picking a particular course scheduling tool.

1. Booking profile for each teaching department

Providing just a calendar view does not make the best class management software. As in the medical appointment systems, showing employee profiles has a profound impact on the booking process. So, you have to lay out your teaching departments, their sub-categories, and instructor profiles into users’ see. This helps to share your staff expertise in different subjects and also display your educational service in a cadence view.

The ability to share staff profiles linked to their subjects helps to distinguish each member and the given subject. Knowing their background on the subject, students can book meeting with any staff member they find the most suitable for them.

2. Student database

Plus to instructor profiles, you need to store your student data. An online appointment scheduling system helps you collect and store student data, and their educational background over the class booking process. When students provide their names, and contact information they are automatically added to your internal customer database. With the best class management software, you seamlessly receive all this data over the scheduling process.

You can later use this data to analyze the demographics of your students, their skillset, lacking parts in their portfolios, and modify your future teaching methods based on the findings. Also, these data can be used for marketing and sales campaigns.

3. Real-time notifications

Notification is a must in online class scheduling software. If you decide to postpone the exam date you should let students rejoice on time. Anytime there is a change in-class time, or someone is late, other participants will be aware of the fact.

Enabling real-time notifications helps to keep students and staff on the same page. It also saves time for both sides and prevents any confusion.

4. Individual  & group classes

best class scheduling software

It is not the best class scheduling software if you cannot create appointments for individual or group lessons with it. As a private lesson provider, you know that some students need personalized teaching methods and more time for learning. Also, it is a fact that some subjects are better absorbed through group discussions and Q&As rather than personal lessons.

That’s why you have to find an online class scheduling software that has the option to book lessons for individual and group classes.

5. Mobile-friendliness

best class management software responsive design

Considering the rising mobile usage among the young and adult generation, class scheduling software should be utilized for smartphones and mobile devices. Although mobile-friendliness is not a feature in itself, it is a major functionality that modern private lesson providers should take into account.

The software needs to be fully responsive for multi-device categories. This allows students to book classes, view their timetable, and if needed, make changes on the go. Plus, it also makes your software accessible to a wide range of users.

6. Reporting & analysis

You are not done with online class scheduling software unless you have extensive data on performance indicators. This is especially crucial for large private course owners where you manage tens of employees, and locations under your hand.

Reporting within the class scheduling system helps to generate periodic reports on service quality. You can gain insights into the most booked classes, the average class duration for each category, the most requested instructors, the most crowded locations, and many more. This will also help better maintain the booking process for next years.

What is the best class scheduling software?

Booknetic is an appointment booking plugin that supports a class scheduling system. The feature-rich platform allows private course owners to provide better time management to instructors and educational support to students.

Starting from appointment booking to online classes you can carry out all parts of course management with this sophisticated class scheduling system. With Zoom integration, you will provide education without borders. You can create meetings directly from the calendar and access appointment links within the platform.

By using advanced course scheduling with Google Calendar, clients will be free to pick the available time and all busy hours will be saved in the calendar.

Multiple billing options set you free to choose the most suitable payment method. Integration with the most secure payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, and Woocommerce help to keep all technical steps within the platform. Prepayments also secure your staff time and reduce the likelihood of missing classes.

Booknetic also developed other functionalities that are specifically important for private courses. Deposit payments, gift cards, and coupons are some of the advanced features that can be used for marketing activities of your courses within the software.

There are plenty of customization options that will help to meet your business needs.

Bottom line

Incorporating online class scheduling into your educational management has a fateful impact on your success. It does not only work with the back-end of class management but displays your level of proficiency as a private lesson provider. We highly recommend you to take in-depth research on picking the best class scheduling software. In fact, you can check our Demo to extensively view all features and customization options in practice.

Anything to add, write in the comments below.

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