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Published On April 25, 2022 , by Aytaj Abbasova
Best WordPress Calendar Plugin to use

Best WordPress Calendar Plugin to use

If you are looking for a WordPress calendar plugin, then look no further! In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best plugins available and how they can benefit your business. A calendar plugin is a great way to keep track of your events, appointments, and other important dates. We will also discuss some of the features that you should look for when choosing a plugin. So without further ado, let's get started!

Best WordPress Calendar Plugin

1. Booknetic


Booknetic is one of the best WordPress calendar plugins out there. It has a lot of features that make it perfect for businesses and organizations.

Booknetic has a drag and drop interface that makes it easy to add events and schedule them. You can also add Google Calendar or iCalendar feeds to your Booknetic calendar. This makes it easy to keep your Booknetic calendar up-to-date with your other calendars.
Booknetic also has a built-in payment system. This makes it easy to take payments for events. You can also use Booknetic to manage bookings and appointments.

Booknetic Features

  • Appointment Booking
  • Calendar Management
  • Customer Panel
  • Group and Individual Bookings
  • Recurring Events
  • Notification System
  • Google Calendar Sync
  • PayPal, Stripe, Mollie, Square, Razorpay payments
  • Multi-Language and RTL Support
  • Notifications from SMS, email, and WhatsApp, Telegram, Webhook triggers
  • Manage appointment schedules

2. HubSpot


Hubspot's plugin is the best WordPress calendar plugin choice for those looking for an all-in-one solution for their sales and marketing needs. The Hubspot WordPress plugin includes a free CRM, live chat, forms, analytics, and more. With the Starter Plan, you also get access to HubSpot Sales' premium features. If you're looking for a simple embedded calendar solution that integrates with your existing contact management system, HubSpot is an ideal choice.

Hubspot features

  • Free CRM
  • Live chat support
  • Forms and analytics
  • Simple embedded calendar solution
  • Integrates with the existing contact management system
  • The starter plan is only $45 a month.

3. Sugar Calendar 

sugar calendar

Sugar Calendar is the best WordPress calendar plugin for power users and developers who need a flexible and extendable calendar solution. The plugin is also great for beginners as it is easy to use and comes with all the features you need to get started with creating calendar events.
If you are looking for a WordPress calendar plugin that is both easy to use and powerful, then Sugar Calendar is the perfect choice for you. The plugin comes with all the essential features that you’d expect such as the ability to create calendar events, start and end times for meetings and appointments, set event time zones, sync with Google calendar, and much more.

Sugar Calendar Features

  • Create calendar events
  • Start and end times for meetings and appointments
  • Set event time zones
  • Sync with Google calendar
  • Powerful add-ons including Event Ticketing
  • Integrates with other WordPress plugins and marketing platforms including WooCommerce, WPForms, Gravity Forms, Google Calendar, and more.

4. Timetable Responsive Schedule


Timetable Responsive Schedule WordPress calendar plugins are to use for displaying daily and weekly schedules. With Timetable, you can easily add new events to your calendar, name them, adjust its settings, event hours, and event frequency, set dates, and publish. Once you’ve published it, copy the autogenerated shortcode and paste it anywhere you want to display it on your site.

Timetable Responsive Schedule Features

  • Free lifetime updates
  • Fully responsive
  • Custom CSS option to modify it to match your brand look
  • Shortcode generator for display on any site page or blog post
  • Event filtering to easily search for specific event listings
  • Lots of customizable color options for events, days, event text, and more.

5. EventON

event on

EventON is a great plugin to use if you want eye-catching calendar displays that are easily customizable. With EventON, you can create colorful calendar bubbles that open up to display a calendar card with every event detail. You can also create tile calendar views with bigger calendar "tiles" that display each of your events with readily available details. 
Another great feature of EventON is that it generates shortcodes that you can quickly grab and plugin with Gutenberg. Overall, EventON is a great plugin to use if you want an easily customizable and eye-catching calendar display.

EventON Features

  • Generates shortcodes you can quickly grab and plugin with Gutenberg
  • Great for hosting virtual live events
  • Developer friendly for advanced feature altering capabilities
  • Expandable calendar details for each event
  • Add unlimited images to each event to better inform your audience
  • Has “add to Google Calendar” options for increased engagement
  • Easily filter and sort events with a few clicks
  • Add custom repeat events so you can set it and forget it
  • Easily change custom time formats to display according to your preferences

6. The Events Calendar

event plugin

The Events Calendar is a great WordPress calendar plugin because it is very popular, has a lot of features, and is backed by a big team. The free version of the plugin includes features like the ability to create unlimited events, save venues and organizers, and display your events in a calendar or list view. 
The Pro version extends these features with additional views, recurring events, community event submissions, and ticketing. Overall, The Events Calendar is a great choice for anyone looking for a comprehensive WordPress calendar plugin.

The Events Calendar Features

  • The ability to create unlimited events
  • Save venues and organizers
  • Display events in a calendar or list view
  • More views with the Pro version
  • Recurring events
  • Community event submissions
  • Ticketing
  • SEO friendly with JSON LD structured data.

7. My Calendar

my calendar

My Calendar is the best WordPress calendar plugin for those who want to have a lot of control over the look and feel of their calendar. The shortcode generator is particularly useful if you want to customize your calendar to match your website's design. And if you need even more advanced features, the pro version is available for $49.
One downside of My Calendar is that it doesn't offer integration with Google Calendar. However, there are other plugins that offer this feature (see our list below). Overall, My Calendar is a great choice for those who want a lot of customization options for their WordPress calendar.

My Calendar Features

  • Integrated help for shortcodes and tags
  • Calendar grid or list view
  • Calendar access restrictions
  • Custom templates for event output
  • Location Manager feature for frequently used venues
  • Ability to fetch events from remote databases

8. All in One Event Calendar


All in One Event Calendar is the best WordPress calendar plugin for those who want an extremely easy-to-use interface and robust features. It’s also a great choice if you want to be able to tweak the look of your calendar display. If you need ticketing integrations, however, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

The Events Calendar is another popular WordPress calendar plugin. It too has a user-friendly interface and lets you easily add events, venues, and organizers.
It also includes Google Maps integration and allows you to choose from multiple views for the calendar display, including month, week, day, and list view.

All in One Event Calendar Features:

  • Easy to use interface
  • Built-in themes
  • Google Maps integration
  • Ability to add events from any other calendar that supports the iCal format
  • Multiple views for calendar display, including month, week, day, and list view.


Whether you’re looking for a plugin to help manage your editorial calendar or one that can keep track of events, we’ve got you covered. In this blog post, we shared our best WordPress Calendar Plugin picks and gave you a few tips on how to choose the right one for your needs. We also invite you to visit our blog regularly as we are always publishing new content about the WordPress website development and the latest news in WordPress.

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