10+ Best Notification Plugins for WordPress

Author: Natella Zadeh
Natella Zadeh April 22, 2022
10+ Best Notification Plugins for WordPress

If you want to increase conversion and engagement rates, notification plugins for WordPress provide the easiest way to do that.

These plugins simplify project announcements, lead generation, user retention, or sales with a few clicks. There are different types of notifications plugins for WordPress such as push notifications and notification bars. Depending on the purpose of the project or its duration you may need one or more plugins.

What is a push notification?

On a technical level, push notifications allow webmasters and software developers to communicate with their site users. They appear in small boxes on the desktop or mobile screen. They are usually used to inform users about real-time updates on the website. Users do not have to be on your website to receive notifications.

To install a push notification WordPress plugin, you need to sign up with a push service provider and add your API key to your website. Once it is configured, you can start getting subscribers to send notifications.

What is a notification bar?

The notification bar is a sticky bar that sticks to the top, bottom, or side of the website. Similar to pop-ups, they are useful to inform about updates, sales, and announcements. And unlike pop-ups, they are non-intrusive and less annoying. They are aimed to direct the users to a specific page with a single click. Plus to update alerts, they are great for lead generation. Newsletters.

The difference between push notifications and notification bar is that, in the latter, visitors do not have to subscribe (accept cookies) to receive notifications. A floating notification bar always sticks to the screen of the webpage.

Notification bar WordPress plugins help you to alert users about your website news without intruding on their site experience.

What to look for in a notification bar WordPress plugin?

Targeting and cookie setting - Your notification plugin should have a targeting option that lets you customize the message for different sections based on the users’ previous experience.

Multi-device responsiveness - make sure that notifications seem flawless on desktop and mobile apps.

Email integrations - if you want to grow your email list, increase leads, or send newsletters, you should look for email integration in the WordPress notification bar plugin.

Best push notification plugins for WordPress

1. WonderPush

wonderpush wordpress notification plugins

WonderPush is a GDPR-compliant WordPress notification plugin to send web push notifications. It lets you send unlimited push notifications to increase user retention. It sends instant notifications to subscribers each time a new post is published.

To accept user subscriptions, it provides different ready-made interfaces such as browser prompts or bell widgets.

Automating notifications based on user behavior is easy. On the admin dashboard, you can set up a campaign trigger when a user meets certain segmentation criteria. If you have AMP pages, you can add web push support to your AMP pages.

WonderPush is an affordable push notification plugin for WordPress with a 14-free trial period. After the free trials, you can send unlimited notifications for €1 and 1€  for 1K users.

2. SendPulse Free Web Push

sendpulse notification plugin for wordpress

SendPulse is a push notification plugin for WordPress. It sends offline notifications where users will receive notifications the moment they go online. Personalization and segmentation are also available with this free WordPress notification plugin. You can segment messages based on location or other details of users.

With A\B testing, you can maximize CTR rates of campaigns. Trigger and bulk messaging lets you send push messages or set up automatic messages when certain conditions are met.

Analytics gives real-time stats of notifications being delivered, location stats, and open & click rates.

3. Notification - Custom Notification and Alert for WordPress

custom notifications plugins for wordpress

Notification is a powerful plugin to communicate with site users via notifications and alerts. You can send unlimited notifications for free. Merge Tags feature lets you endlessly customize your messages. Furthermore, it lets you disable default WordPress emails and replace them with your emails.

This web push notifications WordPress plugin comes with 3 main components:

  • Trigger for a WordPress action such as user registration or post-publication
  • Carrier for sending email or push
  • Merge Tag for dynamic content such as {user_email} or {post_permalink}

Plus, it has comment\pingback\trackback notifications to see how users engage with your site. It is a completely free plugin you can get from the WordPress repository.

4. Gravitec

gravitec wordpress notificaiton plugin

Specifically, designed for non-tech users, Gravitec helps you bring visitors back to your website. It offers advanced features like automation, targeting, and customization to increase CTR and conversions.

Using Gravitec API, you can trigger notifications to segment users.

This push notification plugin for WordPress also has a Bel Widget to put at the top of your site. By clicking on the allows button, visitors can re-subscribe to your notifications if they previously blocked them.

With drip campaigns, you can send a series of notifications to your new visitors. Tweet to push is a social notification where it automatically sends your tweets in the notifications.

Additionally, you can send a Push digest for daily or weekly updates in one message or use RSS to push to automatically alert subscribers about your new content.

With its free plan, you can send notifications to 10K subscribers per month. While the paid plan costs a $9 one-time payment where you can send notifications to 30K subscribers.

5. Woomotiv - Live Sales Notification for WooCommerce

live sales notification plugin for woocommerce

If you have an eCommerce site, you will need a sales notification plugin WordPress. Woomotiv is a plugin for WooCommerce sites to keep visitors engaged with your online store. By sending random\regular notifications to visitors, it creates urgency about your goods and increases conversions. In addition to live sales notifications, you can send reviews and still processing notifications to users.

You can choose to display product featured images, make live customization, and preview style changes.

Lives Sales Notification has multiple shapes, positions, animation effects, and changes in popup size. It is a free WordPress notification plugin you can use to engage with your site visitors and increase WooCommerce sales.

6. Push Monkey Pro

push monkey notification plugin for wordpress

Push Monkey is a powerful push notification plugin to re-engage with your site visitors. It sends mobile\desktop notifications when visitors are online\offline, on your site, or using other websites. For Chrome, it even adds images to the notifications.

By default, it sends instant notifications when new content is published. Yet, you can customize the frequency and filter receiver lists. Using the segmentation feature, you target notification receivers based on their geolocation or interests.

Like other quality notification plugins for WordPress, it provides analytics of notification usage and engagement on your WordPress dashboard.

Best notification bar plugins for WordPress

7. WP Notification Bar

wpfront notification bar wordpress plugin

WP Notification Bar is a multi-purpose notification bar plugin. You can use it to grow your email list, social media following, and advertise sales. It lets you put multiple notification bars on your website prioritizing the main one.

You can put text, links, and buttons on the notification bar. With the import feature, you can import the demo content and\also import\export notification bar content to other sites.

This WordPress bar plugin also has a countdown timer that you can use to prompt for seasonal campaigns or hot offers. Plus, it gives a search bar where users can look for what is inside the link.

A\b testing is a unique feature that is not given in many other notification plugins for WordPress. It lets you drive traffic to different notifications to see which one performs better. By paying $29, you can use it for unlimited websites.

8. Mailchimp Top Bar

mailchimp notification plugins for wordpress

Mailchimp Top Bar is a WordPress notification bar plugin that helps to increase your Mailchimp subscriptions. It has a customizable opt-in bar that you can add to the top or bottom of your site. The best thing about this notification plugin is that users can easily dismiss the bar.

Customization allows you to change the text and color from the admin panel.

9. WPFront notification bar

WPFront is another easy-to-use notification bar plugin to increase conversions. Automatically closing the sticky bar feature is not given in other notification plugins for WordPress. You can create a notification bar and automatically hide it5 seconds after the visitors sees it. This allows you to promote your campaigns without tiring users.

You can display a message with a button and let visitors re-open the button. Furthermore, you can customize the color, and message, and display a close button for visitors. Selecting the pages\posts for notification bars allows you to better track your content funnel or conversions.

WPFront has free and paid versions. The cheapest version starts at $30.

10. Easy Notification Bar

 easy notification bar plugin for wordpress

Easy Notification Bar lets you notify your users about current updates via a live WordPress customizer. You can add your notification bar text message and put a button into it. It can be used for hot campaigns, sales, warnings, or other important events.

With this notification bar plugin, you can only display the notification on the top of your site. But, you can choose to disappear or sticky to the user's screen while scrolling down. Also, you can let users close the notification after seeing it.

The responsive plugin makes sure that it will seem perfect in device categories.

11. Live sales notification for WooCommerce

live sales notification

Live sales notification for WooCommerce enables you to display real-time sales notifications to engage customers and increase conversions. Show notifications for specific products and categories as well as out-of-stock products. You can customize notification messages, colors, popup positions, and sound effects.

This plugin is flexible as you can schedule notifications and set time intervals between two notifications. Furthermore, it allows you to display sales notifications on any page as per your preferences. It has a responsive design that works perfectly on desktop and mobile. Lives sales notification for WooCommerce is a paid plugin for $49.

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Ending notes 

Choosing a notification plugin is not an easy task. You have to rely on the data security as well as user engagement sides of the plugin. Other requirements change when it comes to choosing between push notification and notification bar plugins. The first one is used for social proof and instant communication with visitors. While the latter is perfect when you want to grow your contact list or alert about big changes.

You can have both types of notification plugins for WordPress at the same time. But make sure to keep control of their use cases since we don’t want to make our visitors shy away from your site.

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