Top 6 Advantages of Using Digital Wallets for Appointments

Author: Natella Zadeh
Natella Zadeh December 08, 2021
Top 6 Advantages of Using Digital Wallets for Appointments

With consumers’ urge for cashless and no card payments, the need for using digital wallets for appointments also increases. For online businesses, digital wallets create much more streamlined checkout processes, also leading to low cart abandonment rates for e-commerce websites.

In this blog, we will explore the concept of digital wallets and the advantages of using digital wallets for appointments.

What is a digital wallet?

what is a digtal wallet

A digital wallet also called an e-wallet is a software system that securely stores users’ credit card and bank account information and passwords for different payment methods and websites. This enables users to easily purchase items online using their smartphones, laptops, or tablets. In traditional brick-and-mortar stores, users can quickly make transactions with near-field communication (NFC) technology.

After the onset of the global pandemic, more businesses started to look for what is a digital wallet and how to utilize it for their businesses. According to Finder, 150 million Americans have used a digital wallet in their life.

They are changing the way we use money and redefining our habits related to making purchases. A digital wallet can also be used in combination with mobile payment systems that allow users to pay for their purchases using their smartphones. Moreover, some digital wallets are also used for storing loyalty card information, digital coupons, and tickets.

Examples of using a digital wallet

A digital wallet is a software system that links a credit card or checking account to the vendor when a transaction is made. The most popular digital wallets are PayPal, Venmo, Google Wallet, ApplePay, Due, Samsung Pay, and Walmart. The most used form of a digital wallet is a mobile wallet.

These apps allow customers to store their cash on their phones. Customers can spend this cash both for in-store purchases or online transactions. For in-store purchases, a POS scanner is used. They support near-field communication (NFC) technology that enables your smart device to communicate with the scanner by swiping through the POS.

Also, many online businesses allow you to use digital wallet payments for appointments. This saves you from entering your debit or credit card information when making online purchases. Many digital wallets allow you to make in-app purchases as well.

The role of digital wallet payments for appointments 

Despite being new in the market, digital wallets have a rising adoption rate among consumers. Statistics say that the majority of mobile wallet app users rotate between 3 or more digital wallets. The numbers prove the establishment of the trend that will be stuck for ages.

Although the usage of mobile wallets spiked during the pandemic, there is no sign of slowing. According to a study by Global Market Insights, the market size of digital wallets will surpass 700 billion dollars by the end of 2027.

With consumers using more digital wallets for appointments and other purchases, appointment-oriented businesses need to invest in modern digital wallet payment apps. Specifically, younger generations sliding into cashless payments creates the urgency for these businesses to keep pace with the requirements of the consumers.

We do not avoid the mass popularity of credit and debit cards in circulation right now, there is no denying that they are on the way to losing their viability.

Considering the higher usage of digital wallets among e-commerce websites. consumer products suppliers, or stores, there is a big opportunity for appointment-based service providers. Health institutions, consulting service providers, and beauty salon owners can disrupt the market with such demanding technology.

Apart from providing convenience for clients, they will remove the stress of dealing with card issues and managing transaction history.

What are the advantages of using digital wallets for appointments?

By the time of April 2021, 84% of Gen Z confirmed the use of a digital wallet for their transactions. Both technical and functional factors are influential in the activation of digital wallet payments for appointments.

1. Get rid of overstuffed wallets

 using digital wallets for appointments to get rid of overstuffed wallets

Phone, keys, wallet, headphones, hand sanitizer, phone battery charger. And, the list goes on. And, then double-checking everything before leaving the house. Well, with a digital wallet, you have fewer items to get into your bag.

By securely and compactly storing consumer data, digital wallet payments for appointments eliminates the need for carrying a physical wallet to venues. Your smartphone and other wearable electronic devices act as your wallet.

Mobile wallets allow users to convert other cards in their wallets to a digital format. Along with storing your debit or credit card information, certain e-wallet apps keep your loyalty card, gift cards, boarding passes, concert tickets, and driver lessons allowing you to get them on hand at all times.

For example, ApplePay stores other cards like tickets to public events, bonus cards, and board passing tickets. GooglePay includes COVID-19 vaccination certificates.

Although this part is hugely related to the convenience of clients, it also applies to appointment service providers, as well. Since clients add they're necessary information to e-wallets, you can refer to their client history and make revisions without physical interaction.

2. Extra security 

Alongside the rising cases of cyberattacks, no one would lend the security of their bank accounts. One of the foremost benefits of using digital wallets for appointments is the extra security that comes with them. It is crucial that you research the privacy policy before entering your information.

When you set up your account, your actual card numbers are not shared on your device or app, nor are they shared with the merchant. The data stored in your digital wallet is encrypted. Meaning, that the digital wallet app assigns different virtual card numbers or tokens to your account for each transaction made.

Compared to plastic cards, smart devices supply more security features. Your card information is locked behind passwords or biometrics. By activating fingerprints or face recognition, you minimize the risk of fraudulent activities.

Considering that you authorize each transaction with a fingerprint or password, digital wallets 
provide high security.  If the e-commerce store or any institution’s website that you interact with has a breach, you will be less likely to get damaged.

In case users lose their smart devices, they will still have access to their e-wallets. Comparing this to physical wallets being lost, they won’t have to contact their bank to deactivate your cards. Digital wallets can be remotely deactivated to avoid payment history information being left in the wrong hands.

When you arm your customer management with such a secure payment option, it will create a reliable service provider image. And, since all data is electronically saved and stored, you will not lose track of client history. No breach of security can destroy the quality of your payment system.

3. Ease of use 

98 million surveyed Americans picked convenience as the number one reason for using a digital wallet. Along with the lightness of carriage and security, it enables consumers to finalize their purchase within nanoseconds. And you know when consumers are at their convenience, nothing can take them away from you.

All you need to do is to have your smartphone scanned or tap the device to the payment receptacle. Generating a quicker and easier purchasing experience helps businesses to create a greater level of customer satisfaction.

By using digital wallet payments for appointments, medical clinics or dentist offices can keep checkout lines in offices shorter. Your front-line staff will only need seconds to finalize operations.

According to Sleeknote, 55% of shoppers are likely to abandon their cards due to long checkout processes. This is a big challenge for e-commerce websites that can be easily tackled with the help of e-wallets.  And, if website sales is a part of your appointment-based businesses, you can handle both of your services with this solution.

4. Track transactions

Certain digital wallets enable users to manage their finance. They provide insights into your spending patterns, give access to the total balance across all linked accounts, and view the current balance.

By connecting your payment system with digital wallets, you can manage all your account receipts and payables from a single platform. Digital wallets act as your accounting software where you review the number of payments received and the number of payments from your entity. This includes your partner banks, loyalty programs, and credit accounts.

5. Provide rewards

Did anyone mention rewards and coupons? ?

By using a digital wallet for appointments, you can also pile rewards given by debit card issuers, promotions, or the mobile wallet itself. If your card offers cash back or discounts, you can still get them when using the card in a mobile wallet. In fact, cashback and coupons are one of the growth drivers offered by mobile digital wallet providers.

Even some cards offer special incentives when you use them in a digital wallet. In addition to coupons in other categories, you receive more rewards when a purchase is made within a certain e-wallet.

Moreover, digital wallets apps also partner with select merchants. Users receive additional rewards when checking out through their app. You can incorporate your reward programs into digital wallets and make a positive customer experience regardless of the payment method.

6. Data collection

Furthermore, by using digital wallet payments for appointments and applying them to daily operations, service-based businesses can also collect consumer data. The more insights you get into the purchasing habits of consumers, the more effectively you can deliver your services.

Although security is the top priority of digital wallets. You still have a chance to collect client data and use them for lifting the quality of your overall appointments. For example, you can identify which bank cards or e-wallets have the highest share in the collected payments. Or, identify which geographic locations have the highest transactions made through e-wallets.

Data-based approach will validate your future marketing and business decisions and provide better appointment experience to clients.

How to use digital wallets for appointments?

using digital wallet for appointments

If you use a mobile or desktop app for handling your appointments, you can easily integrate your payment system into digital wallet apps. ApplePay is the ideal choice for Safari users. Recently, Apple agreed with Goldmann Sachs to provide cashback for Apple Card transactions. For each transaction made through ApplePay, you get 3% cashback on your AppleCard.

While for Android users, there are more options available. Samsung Pay or Google Pay can be utilized for any android device where you also receive additional discounts from select merchants.

As the most used online payment system, PayPal launched its digital wallet this year. It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to create a unique wallet experience that is tailored to each consumer.

This enables you to encourage your audience with a larger range of payment options. Users can easily process money and make transactions without entering any card credentials.

==> Also read: WordPress Payment Plugins

If you use WordPress for your website, you can integrate PayPal into your system. There are various WordPress plugins that will help you connect your financial management to PayPal and utilize its digital wallet.

Booknetic is one of those plugins where you can charge for appointments and also sell services with the help of online payment gateways. By securely integrating with PayPal, Bookentic allows you to accept credit, debit, or digital wallet payments for appointments. This way, you can request prepayment, one-time payments, or regular online payments for your appointments.

paypal integration

To integrate PayPal into your Booknetic, you need to activate PayPal from the Integration settings. After sliding the box, all you need to do is enter your PayPal account information. Booknetic also integrates with Stripe where you can accept payments from larger groups of customers. Learn more about the integration of online payment gateways.

Final thoughts 

Digital wallets certainly benefit both consumers and merchants to finalize their transactions. For appointment-oriented businesses with international markets, using digital wallets for appointments allows them to fully participate in the global financial system. Today, you opt for a digital wallet to make a transaction both online and in-store.

With more merchants preferring e-wallets, the use cases of mobile wallet apps will continue to expand. Incorporating such a facility into your appointment-based business will give you a competitive edge over other market players. Start using them to reduce unnecessary time loss and to increase customer satisfaction.

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