Top 11 WordPress Service Plugins for Your Business

Author: Saritel Abbaszade
Saritel Abbaszade June 10, 2020
Top 11 WordPress Service Plugins for Your Business

WordPress sites occupy almost 40% of all Internet resources that are available now. It is not a big surprise since it has plenty of active plugins (e.g. booking plugin for WordPress) which extend the website’s functionality and do not require coding knowledge. You can achieve almost everything that you want thanks to this customizable CMS software. So, let’s have a look at 10 crucial WordPress plugins.

WordPress Plugins That You Must Have

booking plugin for Wordpress

Heads of both large corporations and SMEs have to keep many things under control to achieve stated goals and leave competitors behind.  This is when business automation steps in; taking advantage of the next ten WordPress Plugins, will allow you to focus on the most significant tasks and entrust the rest to reliable software. There are compelling reasons to set up online presence for your offline business and there are various software to help you achieve that.

1.  Booknetic

You can automate interaction with your clients by using the appointment plugin for WordPress.


This plugin will improve the workflow, and deliver instant news on coming appointments. Also, it makes reporting on revenues convenient and storing all customers’ data safe.  The plugin is simple to set up and doesn’t require any special skills or knowledge. Finally, you will enhance the quality of customer service with minimal expenses.


  • Online appointment scheduling.
  • Client management and interaction automation.
  • Revenue reporting.
  • Secure storage of customer data.


  • Automates client appointments and interactions.
  • Simplifies workflow and reporting.
  • Stores customer data securely.


  • Could have a learning curve for those new to appointment plugins.

2.  CookieYes

CookieYes is a great plugin to make your website GDPR compliant. The plugin also supports several other international laws that concern data processing and consumer protection issues.


The plugin enables WordPress site users to accept or reject cookies upon their request. You can fully customize the color, size, place of the cookie notice and even configure how it will behave after Accept click. Cookie Audit lets you collect the list of cookies your site uses and display them on your Privacy and Cookie Policy pages. Plus, it seamlessly integrates with Facebook Pixel, Instagram Feed, Twitter Feed. In addition to GDPR compliance, this WordPress plugin allows cookie compliance with the LGPD of Brazil, the CNIL of France, and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), a state legislation intended to improve privacy rights and consumer protection for California citizens.


  • GDPR compliance facilitation.
  • Customizable cookie consent notice.
  • Acceptance or rejection of cookies by users.
  • Integration with social media platforms like Facebook Pixel, Instagram Feed, Twitter Feed.


  • Helps make websites GDPR compliant and supports various international laws.
  • Allows users to accept or reject cookies.
  • Customizable cookie notice in terms of color, size, and placement.


  • Might be overkill for websites not targeting users from regions with strict privacy laws.
  • Continuous updates may be required to keep up with changing laws.

3. WordPress backup and migration

This WordPress migration plugin helps you migrate your WordPress site between any hosts or domain in just two clicks. It supports one-click or automatic backup at scheduled intervals.

WordPress Backup & Migration

With the plugin, you can back up your site to multiple locations, including Google Drive, Amazon S3, FTP/SFTP, etc. You also have the option to back up only selected data from within your site, like databases or files.

On upgrading to the premium version of this WordPress backup plugin, you can backup to one-drive and dropbox, choose database tables to backup, schedule backups on custom intervals, and more.


  • Easy migration of WordPress sites between hosts or domains.
  • One-click and automatic scheduled backups.
  • Backup to multiple locations (Google Drive, Amazon S3, FTP/SFTP, etc.).
  • Selective backup options (databases, files).


  • Simplifies site migration between hosts or domains.
  • Offers one-click or automatic scheduled backups.
  • Supports backup to multiple locations.


  • Essential features locked behind the premium version.
  • Can be complex to configure for non-technical users.

4.  WordFence

Security is issue number one for business websites, and WordFence will help protect your project from hacks and malware.


The plugin checks core files, SEO spam, bad URLs, backdoors, and malicious redirects and enables you to block unwanted IPs and hide certain technical information.


  • Scanning for core file integrity, SEO spam, bad URLs, backdoors, and malicious redirects.
  • IP blocking features.
  • Hiding of technical information to improve security.


  • Comprehensive security measures against hacks and malware.
  • Scans for core file integrity, SEO spam, and more.
  • Ability to block unwanted IPs.


  • Can be resource-intensive, potentially slowing down the website.

5.  Yoast SEO

One of the most important tasks for entrepreneurs who want to sell services with a website is Search Engine Optimization.


Yoast SEO is known as one of the best free SEO tools, and many professionals worldwide choose to rank the site higher in the results of search engines. The plugin is very simple-to-use and is delivered both in free and paid versions. Startups and companies with a not very decent budget may use a free version and achieve a lot with its plentiful functions.


  • Comprehensive SEO toolset for optimizing content.
  • SEO analysis and recommendations.
  • Breadcrumb navigation and XML sitemaps.


  • Well-known for enhancing website SEO.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Available in both free and premium versions.


  • The free version may lack advanced features.

6.  Enhanced Text Widget

The text widget included in WordPress is efficient but lacks many necessary features crucial for the business website.


A free plugin Enhanced Text Widget provides a wider range of features, among which are:

  • Opportunity to show or hide a widget title
  • Assign CSS classes
  • Work with Flash, HTM, Shortcodes, etc.
  • Change the widget title to a link


  • Allows the addition of CSS classes.
  • Supports a range of content types like Flash, HTML, and Shortcodes.
  • Can convert widget titles into links.


  • Overuse can clutter widget areas if not managed properly.

7.  Akismet

There is hardly a website that can operate without a good-quality antispam plugin.


A business site especially requires it to diminish the risks of losing important information. Though there are many antispam plugins, Akismet is known as the best one. It has free features, but commercial projects require a paid API key. The price is not high, and in return, you get fantastic protection for the whole month.


  • Spam filtering for comments and contact form submissions.
  • Automated spam detection with learning capabilities.
  • API for commercial project integration.


  • Highly effective at reducing spam.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Free features available, with commercial projects requiring a reasonably priced API key.


  • False positives can occur, requiring manual checking.

8.  WP Smush

Pictures influence the entire speed of web pages.

WP Smush

Speed matters for a business website, and WP Smush may properly optimize the images. The plugin diminishes the size of the picture without compromising its quality.


  • Image compression and optimization.
  • Bulk smushing to optimize multiple images at once.
  • Lossless compression techniques.


  • Optimizes images to improve page load speeds.
  • Reduces image file sizes without compromising quality.


  • Free version has limitations on image sizes and bulk smushing features.

9.  TablePress 

If you are not good at building tables, this plugin is what you need.


TablePress allows you to create and customize nice tables easily, and add them to the pages, posts, or text widgets. You can put any type of information, including formulas, and import or export tables from/to HTML, Excel, etc.


  • Creation and customization of tables.
  • Support for formulas within tables.
  • Import/export capability for various file formats.


  • Allows easy creation and customization of tables.
  • Supports various data types, including formulas.
  • Enables import/export of tables from/to various formats.


  • May not offer as much design customization as some users would like.
  • Could be more complex than necessary for simple table needs.

10.  OneSignal Push Notification 

Push notifications are a great method to enhance user engagement. OneSignal Push Notification will send a short message to people who accept the subscription.


The plugin also drives re-engagement if the users leave the website. You can configure the notification, set the intervals, and adjust other features that will help attract and retain clients.


  • Push notification service to users who subscribe.
  • Re-engagement features for users who leave the site.
  • Configurable notification intervals and content.


  • Enhances user engagement through push notifications.
  • Can drive re-engagement from users who leave the website.
  • Configurable notification settings and intervals.


  • Can be seen as intrusive if overused.
  • Requires careful strategy to avoid user annoyance.

11.  Contact Form 7 

This is another essential plugin that broadens functionality to set up a form on a site.

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is a simple-to-use tool that lets you manage numerous contact forms on the website. Now customizing form and mail content becomes more flexible.


  • Creation and management of multiple contact forms.
  • Customizable form and mail content.
  • Support for CAPTCHA and Akismet spam filtering.


  • Enables easy creation and management of multiple contact forms.
  • Flexible customization of forms and mail content.
  • Simple to use for most users.


  • The interface may appear outdated compared to newer plugins.
  • Lacks some advanced features found in more modern form plugins.

Final Thoughts

WordPress is a very popular CMS whose functionality can be enhanced with a decent number of useful plugins. While one plugin makes the site safe and simple to use, another establishes continuous interaction with clients, such as an online scheduling system for WordPress websites (check the demo to see how it works). Whatever your purpose is, these must-have plugins will help you achieve it in a short period with minimal effort.

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