Wordpress Appointment Booking Plugin with Reports feature

Wordpress Appointment Booking Plugin with Reports feature

Add-on: 29.00$

The Reports add-on provides powerful features to analyze and gain insights into your business operations. With a comprehensive set of charts and filters, you can make data-driven decisions and track important metrics easily. Here are the key features of the Reports add-on:

Detailed Analysis with Charts

  1. Reports by the Number of Appointments: This chart enables you to visualize the distribution of appointments over time. You can easily identify the days with higher appointment volumes, compare appointment counts across specific days, and gain valuable insights from the data.

  2. Reports by Appointment Earnings: This chart allows you to track your earnings based on appointments. You can visualize your revenue trends, identify peak earning days, and make informed comparisons using the comprehensive report.

  3. Most Earning Locations: With this feature, you can identify the locations that generate the highest revenue. The chart displays the income generated from different locations, helping you understand the profitability of each site.

  4. Most Earning Staff: Gain insights into your staff's performance with this valuable feature. You can easily identify the top earners, view individual staff earnings, and recognize outstanding performers. This feature is particularly useful for determining the "Employee of the Month" or rewarding exceptional performance.

Comprehensive Reporting

  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Reports: The Reports add-on provides comprehensive reporting options. You can access daily, weekly, and monthly reports, allowing you to track trends, monitor performance over time, and make informed decisions accordingly.

Enhanced Data Analysis

  • Service, Location, and Staff Filters: To provide more granular insights, the Reports add-on supports filters for services, locations, and staff. You can apply these filters to the charts, enabling you to analyze specific segments of your business and obtain precise information.

The Reports add-on enhances your ability to analyze and understand your business operations effectively. By utilizing the various charts and filters, you can gain valuable insights, optimize your workflow, and make informed decisions for the growth and success of your business.