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Wordpress Appointment Booking Plugin with Insightful dashboard

One of the most important aspects of software is its Dashboard. All actions to be taken by the business owner are done through the Dashboard. So the more user-friendly the Dashboard is, the better it will be to use.

Booknetic's dashboard is both insightful and user-friendly. With the Booknetic dashboard, you can easily do all the operations.

Everything is designed for the convenience of the users.

What does the Booknetic dashboard bring you?

With the help of Booknetic's useful dashboard, you can easily make your daily, weekly, monthly, and annual analyses. You can easily find information about how many appointments you have for the time period you have chosen, how many hours these appointments are, and how much they have earned.

In addition, upcoming appointments and pending appointments are also on the Booknetic dashboard.

WordPress Appointment Booking Plugin

Booknetic is a simple yet powerful plugin for accepting online bookings & payments on your WordPress site.

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