Vipps Payment Gateway Feature for Booknetic

Vipps Payment Gateway Feature for Booknetic

Add-on: 19.00$

Booknetic allows you to integrate the Vipps payment gateway into your appointment booking system, which is one of the most popular and reliable mobile payment solutions in Norway. With Vipps, you can enjoy a fast, convenient, and secure way to manage your financial transactions using your mobile device, enhancing your overall payment experience.

Integrating Vipps into your Booknetic system is a straightforward process. You need to go to General Settings › Payment settings › Payment methods and enable the Vipps payment gateway option. After enabling the option, you will need to enter your Vipps account information.

Once Vipps is integrated into your system, your customers can enjoy the ease of making secure and swift mobile payments. After the payment is finalized, the system will automatically capture and store their appointment details.

Booknetic also offers the option to set specific payment methods only for certain services. With Vipps, you can provide your customers with a seamless mobile payment experience for services that require a high level of convenience and security.

Using Vipps for your mobile payments streamlines your booking system and elevates the quality of service for your clients. With the seamless Vipps integration in Booknetic, you have a user-friendly way to handle mobile payments and enrich the overall customer experience.