WordPress Tendencies of 2023. Things You Can't Miss

Author: Mariia Bohdanovska
Mariia Bohdanovska January 16, 2023
WordPress Tendencies of 2023. Things You Can't Miss

Initially, WordPress was a blogging tool, but it quickly evolved into a flexible, easy-to-use content management system and website builder. It has grown in popularity mainly because it’s a free, open-source tool that works with various plugins. Many bloggers use WordPress to create easy-to-navigate websites.

The benefits that the tool offers users exceed its competitors. It is a search engine-friendly tool where you can experiment as much as you want to rank on top.

It is easy to install WordPress updates, this platform has a responsive website design, and it is mobile-friendly. Here are WordPress trends that you need to follow in 2023.

New WordPress 6.1 with a new theme

The updated WordPress 6.1 was released on November 1, 2022. A large number of continued downloads are one of the leading WordPress tendencies in 2023. To date, users have made more than 19 million downloads.

The new tool features some of the best WordPress themes, including additional customization and adding enhancements to its block editor, thus simplifying workflows. Its new theme, the Twenty Twenty-Three block, is optimized with 11 theme styles.

Websites created with WordPress are multifunctional, allowing users to create attractive platforms that give readers easy access to information of all kinds.

Knowledge sharing is a powerful incentive for development. Therefore, even unremarkable blogs on how to reduce memory usage on Mac or edit PDF files on your computer may nudge someone and help them resolve a pressing problem. Enthusiasts with WordPress blogs are true hidden gems in informational flow.

More WordPress plugins developed in 2023

There are several WordPress tendencies in 2023 to expect, but the development of new plugins will be a crucial thing to look out for. When accepting WordPress updates, you may get notifications requesting to add new plugins.

Consider installing a Google analytics plugins to help improve your online store or marketing experience. Plugins act like building blocks of your website. They make it more functional, increase speed, and impress your online store.

Key WordPress plugins to use in 2023

  • WPForms: If you are looking for a beginner-friendly WordPress plugin for 2023, WPForms is a good choice. It allows you to drag and drop forms on your website, which is one of the major WordPress trends of 2023.
  • All-in-One SEO: SEO is an effective strategy for increasing your online traffic flow. The All-in-One SEO plugin is one of the WordPress trends for 2023. More than 3 million users use it to improve their SEO strategy.
  • WPMU DEV: Another plugin impacting WordPress tendencies in 2023 is the WPMU DEV. It is used to optimize images, SEO, online security, website speed, and generate analytics.
  • W3 Total Cache: W3 Total Cache is another plugin positively impacting WordPress development in 2023. It uses caching technology to optimize performance. It enhances page loading speeds and SEO results.

Increasing presence in e-commerce

Globally, there are about 10 million largest websites. WordPress powers 30% of them. Users seeking to develop a complex website with total flexibility choose this option.

How WordPress compares with competitor platforms

There are several other platforms offering services closely related to WordPress. However, they fall behind in this competition, judging by WordPress's ambitious 2023 plans. We have prepared a list of services similar to WordPress and briefly explained their pros and cons.

WordPress vs Squarespace: When comparing WordPress vs Squarespace, the former is a free, open-source platform that only charges for web hosting. Squarespace charges for hosting and using the tool. WordPress development is more manageable, especially for beginners, unlike Squarespace, which requires experience.

Wix vs WordPress: Wix is mainly used as a website-building tool, while WordPress can serve as a CMS and website-building instrument. Building websites is one of the crucial WordPress tendencies in 2023. Many users ask - is it really possible to learn WordPress for free? Surprisingly, yes, and that's why WordPress is awesome for many people.

Another Wix vs WordPress comparison is that WordPress has an extensive online community that shares much knowledge about its features and functionality. It offers several customization options, too, unlike Wix. As a result, a user can learn how to work with WordPress quite efficiently.

Shopify vs WordPress: Shopify is built for e-commerce stores and comes with built-in e-commerce features. WordPress can be used for e-commerce and content growth. One significant difference comparing Shopify vs WordPress is that WordPress is best used for blogging and SEO development, whereas Shopify is mainly used for selling.

WordPress platforms for e-commerce

One of the key WordPress development features in 2023 is the increase in WordPress-friendly e-commerce platforms. Many bloggers have published various eCommerce tips, and one of them is to leverage multiple platforms.

The platforms offer a wide range of plugins that improve e-commerce functionality for the best user experience. Some of the platforms that will positively affect WordPress development in 2023 are:

  • WP platform
  • Jigoshop eCommerce
  • Ecwid eCommerce shopping cart
  • BigCommerce for WordPress

Social media incorporation and page speed optimization

Social media offer organizations a platform for interacting with their online audiences and creating stronger bonds through digital marketing and sales outreach. Brands can use the platforms to create brand awareness, generate conversations, and gather data for analysis.

They use the best WordPress themes to build attractive content. One of the WordPress tendencies of 2023 is social media incorporation and page speed optimization.

Users leverage the Social Wall Menu on WordPress and integrate it with social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Page speed is critical when seeking to build more traffic and conversions. Web pages that load slowly negatively impact marketing efforts.

One of the ways to increase page speed is to use speed optimization plugins.

There are other ways to increase page speed. Create a page with minimum features and optimize images. Avoid using too many programming language scripts, and keep your database and media library clean. Limit the use of old WordPress development tools or add too many plugins.

Robust WordPress website development trends

The new WordPress 6.1 is full of features that make the development of websites easier. Users engaging in WordPress development can leverage the available tools to create attractive websites.

They include a drag-and-drop builder for customizing website designs. The chatbot functions help solve user queries effectively.

Other key WordPress tendencies in 2023 to look out for are the use of AR and VR in web design. It will help offer customers a better way to visualize products.

Developers will focus on creating mobile-optimized websites using responsive themes that automatically fit into any screen size.

The WordPress 6.1 Twenty Twenty-Three block is optimized with 11 theme styles, which help create interactive visual design and layout. They include basic, child, starter, premium, and framework themes that help users design customized web pages.


The key WordPress tendencies expected in 2023 are a significant use of WordPress 6.1, new plugin development, and integration of the tool with several marketing and social media platforms.

Several factors affect WordPress development, which includes easy-to-use features and strong website builder tools. It is a powerful content management system that allows integration with many plugins and platforms.

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