Is it Really Possible to Learn WordPress for Free in a Week?

Author: Jessica Vang
Jessica Vang November 10, 2022
Is it Really Possible to Learn WordPress for Free in a Week?

It can be challenging to start learning WordPress, especially when your time is limited. However, it only calls for commitment and seeking help whenever possible. One issue that might concern you is the cost. Surprisingly, there are many free courses that you can access online.

Search for free tutorials available on e-learning platforms. You can also explore a wide range of useful free introductory courses. You don’t need several months to learn and start using WordPress. You can get started and have your website ready and running within one week. These tips will help you get started.

Is it Really Possible to Learn WordPress for Free in a Week

Where to get information 

You need to know where to get information to get started learning WordPress. The internet is full of resources, but it is good to get the best. The WordPress website is full of information that you can use to learn fast. It contains information about creating your domain name and first page. Use it to know how to choose templates or what information to include.

You may consider getting information from free blogs or webinars. Make sure the information you get will be useful to help you learn fast. Search for free online courses and register to begin and complete them within a week. If you prefer videos, there are hundreds of videos that you can use and learn.

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What to learn

There are different levels of learning that you can engage in. Most people start by learning how to build a website and then get advanced courses. Learning to build a WordPress website is simple if you have the right information.

Where to get started

The best way to get started is to learn while doing. Since you want your website to be ready within a week, learn by doing. Search for tutorials that will give you an activity to do daily. You need the commitment to make sure you complete the task for each day.

Adding and using WordPress plugins

Getting started

When getting started, the first thing you need to do is choose between and .org. If you want to go for a self-hosted website, choose This choice gives you access to a wide range of features that improve your user experience. Next, choose your preferred domain name and hosting platform. There are a variety of websites that offer hosting services.

You only need to identify the best one to start building your site. To choose a good domain name, consider using keywords that represent your website. You may also use a domain name generator to make it simpler for you. Make sure you have registered your domain name before someone else picks it. You can do all these in one day.

Learning WordPress basics

You now have your domain extension, domain name, and host ready. You can start learning the basics of building your website. The first place to start navigating is the WordPress dashboard. Learn how to create themes, customize your templates, or add images. You can add anything you want, including videos and audio.

You will not understand all the icons in one day. However, you will learn every detail within one week. Open the WordPress glossary and start learning the words and what they mean. This can take you two days to learn in detail.

Adding and using WordPress plugins

WordPress plugins are what make your website functional. You may want to add various forms, build an online store, or improve website speed. All these and many other functions require plugins. You have access to almost 60,000 WordPress plugins. Don’t worry about the huge number but learn about the top best plugins to get you started. This can take you another day to complete.

Adding themes to your website

WordPress themes help make your website unique so that it stands out. You don’t need to be an expert designer or programmer to create themes. WordPress contains a large number of customizable themes that are easy to use. You have a choice from thousands of downloadable themes. Learn how to change colors, appearance, and installation. You only need one day to learn all these details.

Customizing your WordPress

Customization means modifying your WordPress based on the current trends. You don’t want your website to appear old-school and outdated. The way you modify it depends on what you want to use it for. Create attractive contact forms, pages for blogs, and general information.

Polishing your WordPress

You can use day 7 to polish your WordPress and make it user-friendly. Now that you are familiar with all the basics, improve on each. Search for WordPress online communities and join. You will get help from experienced developers and users to make your website work for you.


It is possible to learn WordPress for free in one week. You only need to know where to get the right information to help you get started. Decide what you want to learn and set the day you want to start. Choose between .com and .org extensions, followed by a domain name and a host. Start building your website starting with the basics, themes, and plugins. Customize the website to fit your audience and join an online community to help you learn fast.

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