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Published On April 06, 2022 , by Aytaj Abbasova
Awesome Facts about WordPress

Awesome Facts about WordPress

WordPress started out of this demand at a time when there was a need for software such as iOS or Android for the operation of smartphones, and content management systems such as WordPress were needed for the preparation of websites ?

With the WordPress system, you can create a blog site, news site, corporate company site, e-commerce site, game site, marketplace site, donation site, social media-like sites, forum site and any site you can think of. WordPress can be opened to many features with the theme and plugin sections it containsʉϬ

The Internet is a vast field. There are millions on millions of websites – business blog or personal resume websites, which you can visit right now and about a quarter or 38% are made and powered by WordPress. This basically means that 4 out of every 1 website must be a WordPress website, which shows how much of the internet is WordPress! ?

In general, if you do not have excellent coding knowledge and want to create your own website, WordPress is the best CMS to support you. By looking at the infographic we have prepared, you can see the statistics that make WordPress one of the best! ?

awesome facts about wordpress

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