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Aug 13, 2020

Compelling Reasons to Set up Online Presence for Your Offline Business

Saritel Abbaszade
Saritel Abbaszade Author
Compelling Reasons to Set up Online Presence for Your Offline Business

Why Your Offline Business Must Have Online Presence in 2020

Online presence promises such great results for business that all the entrepreneurs consider is a vital aspect of doing business in 2020 even if their business is fully offline. Monitoring and enhancing your online presence, you can increase awareness of your brand and considerably boost the sales. Here’s everything you should know to introduce your offline business to an online audience and leverage all the benefits the world wide web can bring.

The Meaning of Online Presence for Business                      

What is online presence? Some entrepreneurs mistakenly associate it with having a site or a social media profile. In fact, the notion is larger than that. Online presence stands for all activities and content that a company has under its name on the internet, including assets, social media accounts, online communication, and mentions of the brand by third parties.             

It is possible to distinguish two types of online presence:

  • owned - this is a content that you create on the internet under the name of your company

  • earned - this is what other people say about your business

Online marketing is not only about managing your own presentation, but also about responding to mentions and encouraging the buzz around the brand. 

Why Online Presence is a Must 

benefits of online presence for business

1. Brand image

In 2020, if customers cannot find you online, you are either the-previous-century or a scam. Having a website and at least one social media profile add credibility to your brand and shows it is not a one-day business. Most clients like visiting websites to check how the brand communicates its value propositions, browse products or book an appointment before visiting an offline location. What they see online eventually determines how eager they are to do it.  

2. Reduced operational costs

Saving the company’s budget is one of the main benefits of online presence for business. This is mainly due to business automation that online tools can bring. For instance, adding an appointment plugin for WordPress to your website will automate the process of scheduling appointments. There is no need to hire a worker who is responsible for answering phone calls and checking email constantly. Clients can do everything on their own just filling out a simple booking form.

3. Great customer support

You can solve many customer’s issues online without wasting your and customers’ time. For example, when a person schedules an appointment at the dental clinic or repair services, you can send a push notification to remind them of the time of the forthcoming meeting or notify them about some changes in the timetable. You will not disturb clients with phone calls while effectively managing the flow of visitors to your location. 

4. 24/7 availability

With the proper online presence, clients will easily reach your company whether it is day or night, a national holiday or a day-off. It is super important, as many people do not have free time to call you during a business day or recall of the need in your services on the go. Some of them prefer solving issues quickly without long routine conversations over the phone or texting. Adding an appointment scheduling plugin for WordPress will make your business available round the clock so that you can start building strong customer relationships even when away from work. 

5. Increasing company responsiveness

Coming to your premises only to find out you cannot provide the service right away is very frustrating. Using online tools, you can make your customers always come at the right time and associate your business with instant delivery. There is no need to wait until the salon employee opens the notebook, checks the free time, and comes up with some offers to you. Some intimidated clients may feel shy to ask for other options again and again and actually leave not voicing their inconveniences. In 2020, users feel more flexible being in charge of appointment booking and managing their own schedules, and you can easily allow them such a luxury. 

How to Take Offline Business Online?

appointment booking plugin wordpress

Now, sites do not act only as a representation of the enterprise: companies are selling services via a website and use online tools to manage employees' workflow. People, too, increasingly expect to see your website not only as some source of information but as a real tool for reaching their goals. If you want to stay competitive, reduce operation costs, attract more clients, and provide better service to them, then setting up an online presence is a sure thing to start with.

Booknetic booking plugin in WordPress is a simple way to add an appointment scheduling form to any place on your online resource. It will automate the booking process and add payment gateway for improving customer service. Check demo to see how appointment scheduling plugin for WordPress works and how it can help you move the offline business to online space.

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