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Feb 15, 2023

15+ Creative International Women's Day salon marketing ideas [2023]

Emin Alizada Author

International women’s day is right around the corner. As a beauty salon owner, you should prepare for that day.

If you have created a detailed, step-by-step International Women’s Day salon marketing plan, then great for you!

But if you don’t have anything planned out, don’t worry. If you read until the end, you will have more than enough salon marketing ideas for Women’s Day.

Here is what you will learn:

  • What International Women’s Day mean to the salon business?
  • How to come up with salon campaign ideas for International Women's Day?
  • X Best Women's Day marketing campaign ideas for hair and salon businesses
  • Why do you need to generate International Women's Day salon marketing ideas for hair and beauty salons?

But first of all…

What is International Women’s day?

International Women's Day is celebrated annually on the 8th of March to remind us how women have changed and touched our lives.

The value of women is immeasurable and cannot be reduced to a single definition or set of characteristics.

The impact of women shows itself everywhere, including in the salon business and beauty sector. From Martha Matilda Harper who opened the first beauty salon and invented the franchising model to modern beauty YouTubers, the salon business is heavily influenced by women.

What does international women’s day mean to the salon business?

International Women’s Day is an opportunity to increase sales but is also a threat. You can not go all in with your women’s day salon marketing efforts.

Unlike Valentine’s day marketing ideas for salons where you have a blank canvas and no limitations, there are some thresholds for creating a Women’s Day marketing strategy.

A huge number of people don’t want Women’s Day commercialized. Because of that, coming up with International Women’s Day salon marketing campaigns is a lot harder than others.

How to come up with International Women’s Day salon marketing ideas?

When creating Women’s Day marketing ideas for hair and salon businesses, the first thing to do is to draw the limits. Determine the taboo marketing tactics, find out topics to cover and topics to avoid, and create your salon marketing strategy around them.

Women’s Day and the overall status of women in society is a sensitive topic. Because of that, you should never use certain tactics in your Women’s Day salon marketing strategy. Some of them are as follows:

  • Gender stereotypes: Avoid stereotypical comments or slogans in your Women’s Day salon marketing campaigns at all costs.
  • Insensitivity: Do not try to make jokes or sarcasm that could be misunderstood.
  • Focusing only on discounts or sales: This day's underlying cause and importance are promoting gender equality, so your salon marketing ideas for Women’s Day should accomplish something for this purpose.

Now you know what you should not include in your Women’s Day marketing strategy for beauty businesses.

Let’s look at how you can improve your marketing efforts and what ideas you can implement in your Women’s Day marketing ideas for hair and beauty salons.

15+ Best International Women's Day salon marketing ideas

If you have marketing ideas for Women’s Day, make sure to include women. We divided our tips and tricks into three parts: empowering women, making changes, and perfecting the technical side.

Ideas about the technical side of your marketing are not limited to any special event or holiday. You should constantly improve it.

Making changes is exclusive to every holiday and special event. You should have unique Halloween decorations, post creative Hanukka social media posts, or share the life stories of the founding fathers on Independence day.

Empowering women section consists of salon marketing ideas for Women’s Day. We handpicked each to show you are committed to the cause while still marketing your salon.

Technical side in Women’s Day salon marketing ideas:

  • Use local SEO to appear top on search results
  • Improve website experience
  • Add online booking to maximize your salon appointment bookings.
  • Ask for reviews and list them

Making changes in your usual marketing strategy to optimize for Women’s Day:

  • Stand out with Meta ads
  • Use Google Ads to generate more leads
  • Start a social media campaign
  • Send specialized emails
  • Offer discounts for women
  • Print business cards with custom design
  • Create gift cards
  • Start a giveaway
  • Spread it over a month
  • Encourage them to take more photos with decorating

Empowering women in your Women’s Day salon marketing campaigns to show your commitment:

  • Create a banner with a strong message
  • Tell stories of clients
  • Donate to a charity
  • Promote your business by promoting staff
  • Partner with women-owned businesses
  • Use women-made products
  • Show your commitment to gender equality
  • Create an empowering atmosphere

Add online booking to your website

Online booking is the standard of business. According to Zippia, 67% of people prefer online bookings, showing how important it can be. Additionally, 94% of people said they would switch their service provider to another if they offered online booking.

Online booking is essential to prepare for Women’s Day marketing campaigns for hair salon businesses. Add it immediately if you don’t have online booking on your website. Booknetic can help you with this.

Booknetic is a fully customizable WordPress appointment booking plugin. It is straightforward to set up and comes with many features. With its intuitive interface and easy-to-use design, you will activate online booking on your website within minutes.

Booknetic can help you relieve the stress of Women’s Day. The multiple locations feature lets you manage all your venues to minimize problems. With its Telegram and WhatsApp notifications, you can send custom notifications to customers and reduce no-shows.

Appointments increase on the 8th of March, and people get frustrated. With Booknetic’s custom durations and waitlists, you can show each customer the exact wait time. Using its Google Calendar integration, you will manage your time effectively.

Try Booknetic now!

Use Local SEO to appear top on search results

People use Google for everything. You can capitalize on this by using local SEO to get the top results.

It will be tough for you to rank in the “hair salon” keyword. But it is relatively easier to rank top for “hair salons in Jackson, Mississippi” or “hair salons near me.”

If you have never considered local SEO, give it a chance as your next Women’s Day hair salon marketing idea.

Improve website experience

If you don’t have a website, create a WordPress website. If you have a website, optimize it. If you have an optimized website, look for ways to improve user experience.

Look at your website when creating an International Women’s Day salon marketing strategy for this year.

Analyze which parts of your website send negative signals to users, see what you can improve, and how you can create a better user experience.

Ask for reviews and list them

The best way to boost the image of your salon is to have reviews. You can only tell about or show your services on your website, but online reviews connect with people. It creates a sense of trust and is a great marketing tool for Women’s Day.

Set a goal to get more positive reviews in this Women’s Day salon campaign goals. According to brigtlocal’s research, people are getting better at spotting fake reviews and using more trustworthy platforms to know more. Google is the go-to choice, so keep this in mind.

Here are some tips to increase your reviews this Women’s Day:

  • Offer discounts for a review (35% of businesses do this)
  • Create a challenge
  • Ask your partners to write a review
  • Use email marketing to get more reviews

Stand out with Meta ads

Meta combines the two biggest platforms in one place, Facebook and Instagram. You can create a unique Women’s Day salon marketing campaign and advertise it with Meta.

It is not only a great place to advertise your services, but it is also a great place to find new Women’s Day campaign ideas.

Meta gives you access to its massive 7-year-old ads archive. Let's say you want to know the best salon marketing ideas for Women’s Day.

Simply search Women’s Day salon (no need to type marketing ideas) in the ads library. From there you can see tons of new campaign ideas.

After that, study them to create several practical campaign ideas for your salon marketing strategy for Women’s Day.

Use Google Ads to generate more leads

After you set up a working marketing campaign for Women’s Day with Meta Ads, it is time to expand it with Google Ads.

Google has even more users than Meta. And just like Meta, Google also has a tool to help you with salon marketing ideas for Women’s Day.

With its resourceful keyword planner, you simply input the main keyword and get more keywords you can use to start a Women’s Day marketing campaign.

If you combine it with converting Instagram ads, you can capitalize on this event and increase your profit.

Start a social media campaign

Don’t stop with just Meta and Google if you have started. Use other social media platforms to promote your Women’s Day hair salon campaigns.

Create engaging TiktTok ads and take advantage of Twitter influencer marketing. You can even give it a shot to Pinterest ads.

Overall, using social media platforms for promoting Women’s Day salon marketing campaigns is an excellent way to ensure success.

Send specialized emails

Sending a specialized email is the cherry on top of your all-rounded Women’s Day beauty salon marketing campaign.

Personalize your email to show your commitment to women's society and how you want to give back for all their contributions to our society.

Use email marketing best practices and ultimate email marketing tips to get the most out of your email marketing campaign this Women’s Day.

Offer discounts for women

Give special discounts for women to get more out of your Women’s Day hair salon marketing efforts.

As part of this years Women’s Day beauty salon campaign ideas, create a compelling story or a strong message on why you do this, how you want to see women, and why using your service can help women become a better version of themselves.

Be extra careful when offering discounts as part of your campaign ideas for Women’s Day. Show your beauty services empower women and why women have the full support of your establishment.

Print business cards with custom Women’s Day design

Just like a special discount, create a custom business card for the Women’s Day salon marketing campaign.

It is a good way to create value with simple touches and help customers value your business more.

Start a giveaway

Giveaways help you increase brand awareness and get more appointments.

Select a suitable service or gift to start a Women’s Day giveaway in your hair salon.

Here are some hair salon giveaway ideas for Women’s Day:

  • Mystery bag
  • Hair care routine kit
  • Branded products
  • Gift cards

Decorate to encourage taking photos

The impact of paid social media attention can be significant. But it can be even more significant when combined with organic social engagement.

Create a unique design for your Women’s Day marketing campaign. Make it photo-friendly and social-media centric. Add relevant hashtags to promote organic traffic.

Create a store-front banner with a message

It is essential to note the successes of women and their impact on history. Craft a strong message and show it to everyone by placing a store-front banner.

Creating a banner is a great Women’s Day salon marketing idea. If you nail the message, you will grab a lot of attention and boost sales.

Tell stories of clients

Strong women and their stories create a unique chain of reactions. These stories are everywhere.

I am sure you have a single mother who works full-time while caring for her child. And she still has time for studying!

Find such stories and tell them at your salon. A heartfelt and emotional story brings more attention than any Women’s Day salon marketing idea you can think of.

Donate to a charity

Women are still suppressed in many parts of the world. Show your commitment to society by donating to charities that fight for women's rights.

It is not a direct Women’s Day marketing idea, but honesty and commitment to the cause help you form a brand image.

Take care of your staff

Your colleagues and staff know you better than most in your life. A story or a positive word from their mouths is worth more than a million Women’s Day marketing ideas.

Support your staff members, show care, and make them feel comfortable around you. This builds a positive work environment. A Women’s Day marketing campaign focused on this work environment can help you form a positive brand image in your local area.

Partner with women-owned businesses

Actions speak louder than words. Instead of talking take action as a part of your Women’s Day salon marketing ideas.

Find local women-owned businesses and partner with them to create bundles to celebrate this day. Technically, it is not a marketing idea, but if you communicate it well in your local area, it will be more impactful than many hair salon marketing campaigns for Women’s Day.

Use women-made products

Just like the previous example, using products made by women in your services is an excellent campaign idea for Women’s Day.

You might think it is not marketable, but simply having a sign saying “We use organic, women-made products” turns this fact into a great Women’s Day salon marketing idea.

Why do you need to generate international women's day salon marketing ideas?

International Women's Day is a day to celebrate women's social, economic, cultural, and political achievements worldwide. For businesses, it presents an opportunity to honor women and support gender equality.

Using creative Women’s Day salon marketing ideas, you can reach out to your female customers and encourage them to celebrate Women's Day with your business. There are countless salon marketing ideas for Women's Day, from special promotions and events to social media campaigns and empowering messages.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to celebrate Women's Day and connect with your customers on a deeper level. Use the Women’s Day salon marketing ideas and strategies we mentioned to get the most out of this day.

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